Sunday, April 22, 2018

Poetry Pantry #400

Sunrise at Gonzales Hill
Victoria, B.C.

Parliament Buildings on the harbour, Victoria
Ryan Kelm Photo

The Empress Hotel

Hatley Castle

Government Street
Anthony M. Easton photo

Chinatown - the Gate of the Harmonious

Butchart Gardens,
55 acres of beauty.
A million visitors a year wander its trails.

Dallas Road
Above the beach, a long walkway follows
this curve of beach along the cliff - 
a popular spot for happy dogs
and their people to walk

Rainy Bastion Nights

Lunar Lamp at Neck Point
Robert Fraser Photo

Most of these photos of Victoria, B.C., 
are from Victoria Buzz

Hello, friends. I thought you might enjoy making a day trip to Victoria, B.C., poised on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, along the ocean. It is a beautiful small city with a distinctly English flavour. You can walk along the harbour and up Government Street, and pretend you are in Olde England, with all the tea shops and the old architecture of its many historic buildings. It is quite lovely. It boasts a very mild climate and is abloom with flowers year-round.

I am pinch-hitting for Mary today. We had another great week at Poets United, with another good one coming up.  On Monday, we are featuring a long-time member of Poets United, who writes the most wonderful poetry. You wont want to miss her, so do stop by. If you want to work ahead,     Sumana's prompt for Midweek Motif will be:  Summer! And Rosemary always has something interesting and thought-provoking on Friday.

Let's dive into reading poetry this Sunday morning. Add your link, and be sure to visit the other poets in the spirit of reciprocity. Thank you for being here and for your participation - we wouldn't be here without you!

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  1. Happy Sunday everyone 💜☕ I'll be around shortly to read and comment.

  2. A wonderful SPRING Sunday morning here.....finally! I will be around throughout the day in between time in the garden....lots to do now that the weather has warmed a bit. Sherry I have always wanted to visit Victoria and still hope to one day so thanks for these photos. Wishing all a fabulous Sunday!

  3. Hi Sanaa! A happy Sunday to you and everyone. Something seems to have happened to the linky...Perhaps it's my browser.I'll keep trying.

  4. Sanaa, there's something wrong with being able to post. I'll pop it here and come back to check.

  5. WOW!!! what gorgeous photos, my favourite is 'Lunar Lamp'
    Happy Sunday everyone

    much love

  6. Sun is shining and so I'll return later this afternoon to enjoy reading some poetry. Peaceful day to all.

  7. The photos are wondrous, Sherry. I'm quite in love with the last one, as if the tree is kissing the moon. Precious.

    Happiest Sunday, everyone!

  8. Good morning,poetry pals. It is six a.m. here and I am still late to the party. Lol. Am looking forward to reading poetry this morning. Thanks for posting and linking, we wouldn't be here without you. Smiles.

  9. good day, poets!
    Sherry, thanks for sharing these lovely photos. :)

  10. using your fabulous Friday prompt which took til now to write Sherry!- thanks for showing us Victoria - so diversely impressive - whilst our little part of London is quite down at heel by comparison. p.s. back later when I have more leisure to read all your poems x

  11. Beautiful pictures of my favorite city, Sherry!

  12. Hello all... joining late with a new poem. Beautiful pictures

  13. Wonderful pictures, see you all soon.

  14. Yes, Victoria is a treasure. If I had to live in a city, which, thankfully, I do not, it is the one city I could happily live in. Who knows? By the time I need a nursing home, I could do no better!

  15. one of my favorite places... some good memories from there

  16. Beautiful pics! I love the Lunar Lamp! Happy Sunday everyone. A gorgeous spring day with pollen everywhere... achoo. I'll be back later to read and comment.

  17. Well I'm submitting late, but I wanted my poem to print on Earth Day.
    I wrote a sad poem, but I am happy on this day and I thank this great earth for it's beauty and hospitality.
    Thanks for hosting today Sherry.

  18. Sorry, late today. Gorgeous photos, Sherry!

  19. Your poem affected life?! Yes, you can share your lovely poem and its great "after story" with the world... Submit now on

  20. beautiful captivating views thanks for sharing


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