Sunday, April 29, 2018

Poetry Pantry #401

Waikiki Beach - Diamond Head in the background

Surf boards for rent on Waikiki

Sunset over Waikiki

A night view from where we stayed...showing
fireworks being shot off from a boat offshore
at Waikiki

A view of Honolulu - with Diamond Head
in the background

Another beautiful beach (not Waikiki)

This beach is sometimes used for snorkeling. Sigh.
Unfortunately ALL of the coral is dead, so there
is not much to see.  Coral all around the world is dying,
thanks to humans!

Greetings, Friends.  I hope you have enjoyed the photos above.  I just got back from some time on the island of Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands.  We stayed right at Waikiki Beach, which is absolutely beautiful.

Thanks to Sherry for taking care of the Pantry last week.  And, scroll one post back and see Sherry's I Wish I Had Written This post from Friday.  Just as Rosemary most often features Australian poets, Sherry has featured a Canadian poet who wrote a wonderful poem called "The Language of Birds."  Do take a look.

On Monday Sherry is featuring poetry from three of our male poets.  I think you will enjoy these poems.

Wednesday Susan's Midweek Motif is "Barter / Trade."  Feel free to get a head start on your writing if you feel inspired.

Now with no further delay, let's share poetry.  Link your one poe


  1. Good morning fellow poets. Thank you for sharing yet more glorious pictures. Have a great day all and I'll return later to read.

  2. Big hiatus...ish. Trying to get back to it.

  3. Good morning, friends! Hope you all have a poetic week. See you on the trail today or tomorrow, I hope.

  4. So happy you got away to such a wonderful spot Mary....I am still trying to get spring weather for late April to come back....cold here again with rain/snow. But that gives me time to get around and enjoy some poetry and a cuppa today. Happy Sunday all!!

  5. Migraine.. I might be a little in reading and commenting.. please don't mind. Happy Sunday everyone!💞

  6. Hi again friends, I am enjoying the answers you all gave to the question I asked at the end of my poem. I don't want to respond to each of you there, as the responses would then scroll too long...but wonderful to read. Thank you!

  7. Happy to be greeted by all the wonderful photos. And another opendoor pantry

    Happy Sunday everyone

    much love...

  8. Hello... joining a bit later with an all new poem. Still on a quest for 30 poems in April

  9. I am so happy you had a vacation in such a lovely spot, Mary. A great way to end a long cold winter. Thanks for hosting. I am diving in!

  10. Thanks Mary for the beautiful pictures. See everyone soon.

  11. good day, everyone! will be back to read later.
    Mary, thanks for sharing the lovely photos. :)

  12. It's been a long time ago, a past life experience. It is beautiful there.

  13. I'm suffering a serious case of beach jealousy, Mary. Those photos are glorious! I'm enjoying the spring, but now I want summer, too.

    Happiest Sunday, everyone.

    And welcome back, Mary.

  14. Wow! These pictures are fab, Mary. It sounds like you had a lovely holiday!

  15. warmed myself on these marvellous pictures - thank you from a cold Londoner (just 9C today)- has numbed the creative juices too so am rather late with my contribution - and need time to read others

  16. Good Evening, poets! Wow, Mary, the photos you posted are gorgeous! Thanks for hosting the Pantry! Happy Sunday, all!

  17. Oh, how remiss of me; I realise I have not yet left a comment. At this point, I say not only thanks to Mary for the photos and the encouragement, but also to all who participated for giving me such good reading!


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