Sunday, July 22, 2018

Poetry Pantry #412

McKenzie Avenue at Dusk - Saanich, Canada

Greetings, Poets! Do you realize this is the 412th Poetry Pantry?  Considering that there are 52 weeks a year, and we generally take a short break or two during a year, that turns out to be LOTS of years of Sunday poetry.  Smiles.

The photo today comes from Wikimedia Commons.  I think it is pretty impressive.

Thanks to those of you who stopped by sometime during the previous those of you who read and commented on Sherry's wonderful article on multi-talented Annell Livingston, to those of you who wrote on Susan's "Greatness" prompt for Midweek Motif, to those of you read / commented on Rosemary's I Wish I'd Written This feature of "from the Morning Patio."  Each week is a good one at Poets United.  You never know what you will find.

Monday Sherry is featuring three poems by some wonderfully prolific poets!

Wednesday Sumana's Midweek Motif will be "Wildness."

With no further delay, let's share poetry!  Link your ONE poem below.  (Remember - only one poem for Poetry Pantry.  For Midweek Motif, you can share more than one.) Share a comment with us all.  Visit the poems of other poets who have shared.

Look forward to seeing you on the trail!


  1. Poetry Pantry is always a treat, never grows stale! I love your impressive photo this time, too. My Sunday is winding down now; for others of you it may be just beginning. I hope you all enjoy it! (I did; I went and saw 'Mama Mia: Here We Go Again' with a friend. Lovely fun!)

    1. Nice that you saw this movie, Rosemary. It is playing here now as well well. Had mixed feelings about seeing it.

  2. Thank you for this excellent platform Mary and I hope all have a wonderful Sunday.
    Love the pic!
    Anna :o]

  3. Good Morning have a nice day, Thanks for opening the pantry doors today Mary

    much love...

  4. Have a wonderful day, everyone. I will be visiting your words throughout the day.

  5. Good day, Poets!
    will be back later to read. :)

  6. Hello everyone. Today, I almost decided not to post to the Pantry, as I have been dealing with some negative things in my life. The poem that I have selected describes what a bout of depression is like, for me.

  7. Am glad you came, Therisa. Mary, thank you for hosting the Pantry - and for keeping our little boat afloat - all these years. What a wonderful service in the support of poetry. I am stoked about the prompt Wildness. Maybe Wild Woman will wake up from her long sleep and make an appearance. We live in hope.

  8. You are correct, Mary. That's a lot of poetry-rich Sundays. Thank you for hosting, for offering us a place to share words.

  9. "She'll be coming around the mountain when she comes . . . " I'm travelling again! During the week I'll catch up and visit the Pantry. Love the photo and the remembrance.

  10. Thanks much for this wonderful platform! Have a wonderful week!


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