Friday, September 28, 2018

I Wish I'd Written This

I have just belatedly come across the wonderful work of Shane Koyczan, a talented Spoken Word poet who lives in Penticton, B.C.  The documentary film on his life, "Shut Up and Say Something," was the 2017 official selection at the Vancouver International Film Festival. 

He is amazing. I included the video above to give you a little glimpse of the beautiful area where I am fortunate to live, which he extols in his poem. I have also added the video below, to demonstrate his warm, compelling, and very moving presentation on sensitive topics. He draws on his own life experiences to talk about childhood, bullying, being different, and being oneself,  often drawing tears from his audiences. He touches hearts. He has certainly touched mine. 

Shane grew up without his parents, but with a grandma who adores him. He knew what it was to be bullied as a child. He said his grandma woke him every morning with the greeting "Rise and Shine". I would say he  certainly does just that - he shines. I love his big, warm, inclusive heart. He quips, "My dreams were shy because I'm Canadian." Smiles.

He has several books of poetry out, and a novel in verse. His books, To This Day: For the Bullied and Beautiful and A Bruise On Light Visiting Hours, were selected by both the Guardian and the Globe and Mail as the Best Books of 2005. He and his band Short Story Long recently released a full length digital album titled Remembrance, where he tackles the sensitive topic of abuse.

He is doing such good work in the world; he speaks to all ages, especially to the young, who know he totally "gets" their painful struggles. I just love him. Here is his wonderful presentation of  "Remember How We Forgot".

For another wonderful presentation, here is a link to "When I Was a Kid", perhaps my favourite, for your enjoyment. His website is here

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  1. Really really brilliant, Sherry! What a sensitive and talented man! Would enjoy seeing that documentary film on his life.

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  3. Oh my goodness, my dizzy head has me so distracted somehow I forgot it was my day in here. LOL. I only recently came across this very feeling man and just love the way he performs his work. So happy you enjoy him, too. I thought you would. I watched the documentary online and it is VERY moving, about his mother's death and meeting his father after so many years. Wow.

  4. What a treat this is. Both the film clps were a delight and I am pleased that he works with the young. Must say I loved the violinist too!

  5. Yes, he's wonderful! In fact I had a notion I'd featured his piece on Bullying here in the past, but apparently not; so I'm all the gladder that you have presented his work now. I love the ones you chose, the British Columbia one best of all. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for this absolute treat.

  6. It is my pleasure, my friends. I am happy you enjoyed it.

  7. Thank you Sherry. He Deserves to be loved. Such a light-filled soul!

  8. Thank you for this treat, Sherry!
    the power of the spoken word! :)

  9. these were most wonderful - what pleasures to listen and hear the words - to really feel the depth of passion, whether quieter or more passionate .... it certainly added a reflective quality to my morning and then fired me up ... better than coffee! thanks Sherry :)

  10. Oh my this had me in tears and laughing and feeling so deeply...thanks for sharing this treasured poet!

  11. He definitely touches hearts. I cried too! Smiles. Especially the poem where he tells his mother "stay" and she says "Gotta go." Yikes.

  12. This is fantastic, Sherry and Shane. I was so blown away, I shared it with Michael (equally blown away) and was just about to comment, when we had a family invasion. So - belatedly - I have returned (which gave me the opportunity for another listen. Wonderful work! Thanks so much for this!

  13. until the world feels massive again, until its just you"
    I too wish I had written that

    Sherry, Thanks for sharing Shane Koyczan

    much love...


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