Sunday, September 16, 2018

Poetry Pantry #420

City Sunset

Greetings, Friends!  It is time once again for us to share poetry in the Poetry Pantry.  It can be a current poem or an older one that you would enjoy getting feedback on.   I am looking forward to reading whatever it is you want to share; but then again I also enjoy it when people comment on my poetry.  Smiles.

Rosemary did some very interesting musing on poetry in her feature this week.  In it she talks about what she calls "the medium and the message," and the parts that struck me most were the parts that dealt with poetry reading and poetry commenting.  See what you think. Take a look back if you haven't read it, and add your own thoughts.

Sumana presented a beautiful Midweek Motif prompt this past Wednesday.  Thanks to those of you who took part and shared poetry on "Sunset." This coming week Susan's Midweek Motif will be "Evidence / Clues."

Monday Sherry is sharing the poems of two poets who wrote poems on subjects we will all be able to relate to.  Remember  to check back with Poets United every few days.  You never know what you will find.

Now with no delay, let's share poetry. Link your ONE poem below.  Stop into the comments to say hello.  Then visit the poems of others who have linked.  Come back a few times, as there will always be someone new.


  1. Thanks, Mary, for hosting the Pantry for us. I hope everyone is having a good weekend!

  2. Here's wishing everyone a pleasant Sunday. A new week starts tomorrow!

  3. Celebrating over 4 years since all the lovely poets in the pantry welcomed and encouraged me - thank you for hosting Mary - it is a treat for Sundays

    1. Where does the time go, Laura! A treat indeed.

  4. Morning Mary and All, Great to be back here today with a new poem to share with you all and look forward to reading some of your beauties myself, when I have had my breakfast! What a summer we've had here in the UK and I do love a sunset too...

  5. Happy Sunday everyone💞 I'll be around later to read and comment 😊

  6. Hope everyone is having a glorious Sunday. Thanks so much for hosting, Mary.

  7. A good Sunday to all. Thanks Mary for opened pantry doors

    much love...

  8. Happy Sunday, fellow poets. I am looking forward to raiding the Pantry. Smiles.

  9. Good day everyone!
    it's ten minutes to midnight here, and i guess i will have to come around later to read. :)

  10. Looking forward to reading and commenting tonight and this week after family birthday celebrations.

  11. Hello all... I'm ready to hit the trail... not quite sunset here yet.

  12. Sorry for my absence... missed everyone. I will do my best to read as much as I can today and tomorrow.


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