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We are featuring an emerging poet this week, my friends, as we fly down to Houston to chat with Vicki Rogers, who writes at MY SENTENCE! “I’m guilty of writing and loving it.” As with every poet, Vicki leads a most interesting  life. Let's dive right in.

Sherry: Vicki, you are an emerging writer, at the beginning of an amazing poetic journey that will carry you far. Would you tell us the story of when and how you began writing? What started you on the path of expressing yourself through poetry?

Vicki: Hello, Sherry. My poetic journey began in August of this year after talking with a friend known here at Poet’s United. Carrie Van Horn introduced me to blogging and the poetry sites. I’d never really concentrated my thoughts toward poetry,  although I’ve always enjoyed writing my thoughts, feelings, and emotions down in notebooks off and on over the years.

Sherry: Carrie was one of Poets United's very first members. Thank you, Carrie, for steering Vicki our way! Vicki, your poem “My Poetic Season” explains a bit of the “why” you began writing. I would love to include it here:

Over the years I have learned to be strong.
My children— Like birds could nest on my branches.
I’d listen… lessen their burdens from life going wrong.

Several months ago, my branches felt bare.
More like a young sapling in need of support.
I found strength for others hard… while in despair.

A dear friend helped me escape to the poetry world.
The more I read and wrote the less I felt broken.
We became closer… because of our grief for a girl.

One poem at a time my strength is returning.
Praying— I’ll stay deep in the genre of poetry.
Forever keeping my heart and mind churning.

I pray… one day I’ll find someone in need,
Wanting to express their feelings some way.
And, like my friend… plant the poetic seed.

This year we’ll have the tree, gifts, and feasts.
However, this year is just my poetic season.
Thank you, my friend… It’s helped me have peace.

Sherry: This tells a story of moving forward through grief. Would you like to say anything more about this?

Vicki: Thank you, Sherry. I’m happy you’re including “My Poetic Season” here. This poem poured out onto the page straight from my heart the day I wrote it. I wrote song lyrics for about two years, back in 2000 – 2002. I was so involved in songwriting groups and collaborating with other songwriters, enjoying every minute of it.

In February of 2002, my mom passed away suddenly from a heart attack. I lost all interest in it and never returned to writing. I find it interesting that the death of my mom left me not wanting to write any longer, and losing my granddaughter led me to let life pull me forward and write in a different form.

Sherry: Oh, Vicki, two terrible losses. I am so sorry. I am glad writing came to your aid, so you can write your way through. We hope your family is coping with such grievous losses as well as is possible. 

Would you tell us a bit about where you live, and who you share your life with?

Vicki: Sherry, I live in Splendora, a small town about thirty miles north of Houston,Texas, with my husband of forty-three years. We are a very close family; our three children and grandchildren share a total of six acres next to our three acres. We also have two grand cats and a grand dog, which lives with us right now. I was fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom for most of my children’s childhood. I had a handful of odd jobs over the years and I took a dental assistant class and was a dental assistant for a little over a year (which I hated), but home is where I felt most needed and comfortable.

Sherry: How wonderful that your family are all around you. You must be very needed at home, for sure, especially by the grandchildren.

Did you grow up in Houston? Were you, like most poets, a great reader as a child? Did you always like poetry, or did you come to appreciate it more recently?

Vicki: Sherry, I grew up in Houston and lived there, or not very far from there, all my life except for a brief time of seven months when I and my husband lived in Okpo, South Korea, for his job. 

I have always loved reading. I remember reading our encyclopedias that were sold door to door when I was a child. I love discovering and reading about something I never knew before. I love history and reading about it when I can. I really don’t remember ever being absorbed in poetry, although I never disliked it. I think maybe I’m at the time in my journey where I can love it and give it the appreciation it deserves.

Sherry: What do you love about poetry?

Vicki: Well, this is a tough question because I’m still learning why I’ve come to love poetry. I think I love how unpredictable it can be, and how imagination plays such a role, and how thought-provoking poems can be. I know I enjoy writing them, because unlike song lyrics needing to be written to appeal to the masses, I get to write just for me, and if others enjoy what I write it’s an added blessing.

Sherry: What does blogging contribute to your satisfaction in expressing yourself poetically? Does the sharing with other poets, the feedback etc. encourage you to keep writing? 

Vicki: Oh, yes! I have enjoyed blogging very much, and the sharing with others has encouraged me to keep writing. I enjoy the poem challenges, and it is fun to read the poems everyone writes.

Sherry: Do you have an all-time favourite poet? 

Vicki: I really don’t have a favorite poet, I’ve been trying to educate myself with the greats, there are so many! I wonder if they knew they were geniuses? I really Love Derek Walcott’s Love After Love,” it resonates deeply with me and leaves me with a lump in my throat.
Sherry: Oh, it is a beauty! The story of our lives. What other activities do you enjoy when you aren’t writing?

Vicki: We love to travel and, now retired, we take off with our small travel trailer for several weeks at a time. We still have several states to see, but we are narrowing them down. 

There is so much beauty in every state, and after traveling to other countries over the years, we thought it was time to see what we’ve missed so close to home. 

Sherry: What place in the world is at the top of your Bucket List, and why?

Vicki: The place at the top of my bucket list is Alaska, to see the Aurora Borealis. I’ve always wanted to view it.

Sherry: I hope you make it, and am sure you will. Is there anything you’d like us to know that I don’t know you well enough to ask?

Vicki: Oh, creating! I have a constant craving for creating, whether it’s writing, art, (which I’m not very good at), crafts, repurposing, you name it, I’ll give it a try. I love to write murder mystery parties for family and friends, complete with plot, clues, and character dossiers. We pick a theme and dress in costumes and have a blast. We’ve had a few over the years, and it’s time for another soon.

Sherry: That sounds like a lot of fun! A total hoot.

Is there anything you’d like to say to Poets United?

Vicki: I would like to thank you, Sherry and everyone at Poets United, for welcoming me into your community of poets. I’ve enjoyed my journey here and look forward to being here for many years to come. Although I don’t think of myself as a poet, everyone here has made me feel as if I am one. I’ve really enjoyed being a part of the blogging community and sharing my writings with kind people.

Sherry: It is a kind community, isn't it? Thank you, Vicki, for allowing us to get to know you better. Keep writing your journey, and we hope you continue to share it with us.

Well, my friends, wasn't this a lovely visit? Each poet's life is so amazing, it keeps me coming back, week after week, and we hope it does you, too. Smiles. Come back and see who we talk to next. Who knows? It might be you!


  1. I enjoyed this interview and getting to know Vicki better. I was interested to see that she used to write song lyrics and sad to read about the losses in her life. I’m glad that she has taken to writing again and has her family close by. I too really Love Derek Walcott’s ‘Love After Love’ – it’s lovely to find out about things that we share.

  2. Thank you, Sherry! After a doctor appointment and errands this morning I'm finally getting to hop on here and read this. This was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it so much. :-)

  3. What a wonderful interview, Vicki and Sherry. (Sherry wanted it known that she is 'on the road' right now and will be checking in tonight.) It is interesting, Carrie, that you came to Poets United through Carrie Van Horn - a long-time friend of PU.

    I do like the poem "My Poetic Season" which explains a bit about your poetic journey, Vicki. I like your honesty and the down-to-earth quality of your poetry and life. It sounds like you have had a full life with many interests and surrounded by a close family. It doesn't get better than that! I am glad that your interest in creativity has brought you to poetry. And as far as poets, if you are looking for a favorite poet, I hope you will check out Mary Oliver, my favorite poet of the moment. Enjoy your travels, and I do hope you get to see Alaska. Smiles.

    Glad to get to know you at Poets United, Vicki! Always fun to 'meet' someone new.

    1. Thanks, Mary. Try to get Mary Oliver's Dog Songs.....really wonderful.

  4. Hello Vicky and Sherri... when I read this it's so nice to hear how you decided to go blogging after being introduced to it by a friend... good luck on your poetic journey... for me it's been such a great trip... and many countries of word still to visit.

  5. It has been such a blessing to have you be a part of Poets United and our local Word Crafters in Humble Vicki. You are so talented, and I dearly love your poem, "My Poetic Season", and so many others. You are so creative in so many ways, and it was lovely reading about it here. I to look forward to reading your poetry here for years and years to come.

  6. I have been reading Vicki's poetry for a while now, and enjoy, very much, the unique - linger worthy - direction she often takes with her pieces. As always, it is so nice to read a little of 'the story' behind our poets. "My Poetic Season" complimented the post's narrative beautifully.

    Thank you so much for this Sherry and Vicki.

  7. Kids, i have arrived at my daughter's, but am having internet problems, will be here as i am able. Major drag. Vicki, thank you so much for letting us get to know you better. Yay!

  8. Oh, what a lovely interview! Nice to get to know you better, Vicki

  9. It is always nice to read your cheerful comments on my blog Vicki and I do envy you your trailer expedition holidays...Welcome to poetry !

  10. Hey Vicki, I've been enjoying your poetry, so it's a joy to get to know more about you. I'm in awe that you can write Murder Mystery Parties, handling so many details and possibilities! Surely some of those will be books in time! And I, too, like Derek Walcott’s ‘Love After Love.’ In the poem you include here, I particularly enjoy the narrator's wish to pay forward "the Poetic seed." Surely you already plant it, maybe without knowing it.

  11. A great interview and poem especially the line "My children— Like birds could nest on my branches" How much fun to travel around in that trailer and visit all these beautiful places. The Aurora is on bucket list as well. I might see the Aurora Australis one day (fingers crossed) as it is visible in New Zealand. Look forward reading more of your poetry

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  13. Dear Sherry and Vicki, loved the chat and loved learning more about Vicki. I have been reading her poetry and loved each word! Thanks again.

  14. Hello Sherry and Vicki- It's wonderful to get to know more about you Vicki. Great loss changes us in so many ways. I am happy to hear you are now writing again. I am a native Houstonian as well, but I have lived in Arizona for the last 21 years. Thank you Sherry for another insightful interview.

  15. I am pleased you enjoyed it, my friends.......yes, grief changes and deepens us.....we emerged transformed. I, too, love the lines about children nesting on the branches. So beautiful.

    So far so good with the internet, kids. Whew!

  16. Vicki, welcome, what a pleasure to meet you here....I look forward to reading more of your poetry in the future. And thank you Sherry for another wonderful profile. Since I have been gone for a couple of months, I hope to be back checking out Vicki and her amazing work soon.

  17. Thanks so much to everyone! I really enjoy reading everyone's poetry here and everyone is so talented. I'm sure I will continue to learn so much from all you kind folks. :-)

  18. Hi Vicki, so wonderful getting to know you better. I always enjoy reading your lines. My Poetic Season is a beautiful read with all the smiles and tears of a soul. Thank you Sherry for the wonderful post.

  19. So lovely...wish you a great poetic journey, Vicki. Thanks for the interview Sherry, as always!


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