Friday, February 22, 2019


Anna Marie Sewell


they say, star woman fell
down here because
she was curious

they say, the star sisters
still watch us

they say, when star woman fell
it was a humble one
who gave all he had to reach
enough earth for her landing

they say, the humble ones
still watch us

they say, the turtle carries
on her shell the sacred
geometries, the formula
for moon and time

they say, this is still
turtle island

they say, if you listen
the song goes on

sing, they say.

-      Anna Marie Sewell

“The song goes on. Sing, they say.” I love this poem so much!

The Canadian poet Anna Marie Sewell has been described as “a peace-seeking Indigenous warrior” and a multi-disciplinary artist. Her work is designed to be collaborative. She employs poetry, song, theatre and community art in her work. She is a founding member of Edmonton’s Stroll of Poets Society, promoting poetry through performances and festivals. And she was Edmonton’s Poet Laureate from 2011 to 2013.

The metre of her poems lends itself to Spoken Word and chant. The poet invites us: “Come, lovers of language, seekers of change, moon-mad prophets, come. Read and share these poems and songs, and answer them back with your own.”

The poet is of Mi’kmaq, Anishinaabe and Polish descent, but grew up in Alberta, in the land of the Cree and Beaver people.

Anna Marie Sewell has two books of poetry: Fifth World Drum, (2009), and For the Changing Moon: Poems and Songs (2018).

Another beautiful poem, too long to include here is “Washing the World”. It is about the grandmothers, washing the world with their tears, waiting for their lost ones to come home. It is very moving.

I love this poet’s voice. Goodreads tells us “She writes from the intersection of two cultures, and the silence between two rivers.” From that silence, her voice arises, clear and true, with love for her people and Mother Earth.

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  1. Hi friends, we hope you are enjoying a beautiful day on Turtle Island......may the sun shine on you and yours!

  2. I really liked this poem, Rosemary. It has power to it, and I can definitely hear it being spoken aloud. I like her voice very much as well, and I feel her spirit in her words!

    1. Sherry, not me, this time. (Smile.) And I so agree with what you say about the poem.

    2. Sigh, I did know that really. It was just an auto response.. wish I could have edited it later. Grrrrrh.

  3. "they say, if you listen / the song goes on"...Few fortunate ones hear them. This is a lovely poem, Sherry. Thanks for the share.

  4. Sherry, I can see why you love this poem so much. It's very special, and the poet's voice beautiful and unique in this and Washing the World, which I went and read too. I'll be hunting up her books!

  5. Yay! Yes, i am most impressed by Washing the World. Grandmothers have much wisdom and, thus, many tears.

  6. I really love the thought of a song that goes on and on and on... because is being listened to.

  7. What a wonderful share! A beautiful poetic voice. I love it, too. Thanks for this, Sherry.

  8. You are welcome, friends. My pleasure!

  9. I wonder if we listen, really listen, we can hear this song and sing along. I love this poem and the image and thoughts it provoked in me. Thank you Sherry.


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