Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Poets United Midweek Motif ~ not-so-old-fashioned “Hobbies”

Greetings! and welcome to Poets United Midweek Motif. Susan took a wee break, so I’m filling in today. She sends you her love and promises to be back (to tempt our muses) on the first week of August.

Today’s prompt, not-so-old-fashioned “Hobbies”, was inspired by my reaction to a pamphlet (from an organization that shan’t be named). The document in question calls gardening, baking, sewing, dancing and poetry writing “old-fashioned hobbies”. After I was done being outraged (gardening and poetry writing aren’t hobbies, thanks very much!), I thought that it might be nice to write poems about hobbies or life-giving activities, which some might consider old-fashioned *cough*. 

So, dear poets, I invite you to write a new poem using not-so-old-fashioned hobbies, such as gardening or baking or sewing or dancing or candle making or poetry writing… or, well, pretty much any activity you do regularly (which brings you pleasure) as a foundation.
Three glimpses from poems around the web:

from “The Song of the Shirt”, by Thomas Hood (this version appears at the beginning of The Poison Thread: A Novel, by Laura Purcell).

Oh, Men, with Sisters dear!
Oh, Men, with Mothers and Wives!
It is not the linen you’re wearing out,
But the human creatures’ lives!
Stitch – stitch – stitch,
In poverty, hunger and dirt,
Sewing at once, with a double thread,
A Shroud as well as a Shirt.

But why do I talk of Death?
That Phantom of grisly bone,
I hardly fear its terrible shape,
It seems so like my own –

from “Digging Potatoes, Sebago, Maine”, by Amy E. King

Your blade emerges
     with a mob of them, tawny freckled knobs,
     an earthworm curling over one like a tentacle.
     I always want to clean them with my tongue,
     to taste in this dark mud, in its sparkled scatter
     of mica and stone chips, its soft genealogy
     of birch bark and fiddleheads …

from “Embroidery”, Louise Hayley

Over and under
The white disappears
The lines take shape and
A picture appears

Add the direct link to your new poem to Mr. Linky. Enjoy yourselves. Delight in the poetry of others (and tell them about it).

When Susan returns (August 7th!), her Midweek Motif will be: Safety.



  1. I hope everyone has fun writing and sharing and reading a bit (or a lot) of not-so-old-fashioned “Hobbies” fed poetry.

  2. Wonderful prompt Magally! It gives us all a chance to shine.

    1. Thank you, Toni. I thought the time was right for sharing things that make us happy (if we want).

      Hm... for some strange reason, I find myself craving an omelet for lunch. Tomatoes, too. Fresh tomatoes, from my garden.

  3. Hi poetry people.....looking forward to reading about some cool hobbies. Thanks, Magaly.

  4. Wishing all a happy Wednesday

    much love...

  5. Not sure why it took me so long to figure out what to write about. When it finally came it was like a song. 🎶

    1. We were on the same boat, but I know my it happened to me--I couldn't decide what activity I wanted to write about.

  6. Good Morning Magaly and fellow Poets! Wonderful prompt Magaly, putting the finishing touches on mine now. I had a difficult time deciding what to write about, but my muse sent me on a wonderful journey.

  7. Hello everyone!❤️ My sincere apologies for coming so late to the party, I was absolutely swamped yesterday with work but am here now. See you on the poetry trail! Thank you for the amazing prompt, Magaly dearest ❤️

  8. Sorry I'm late, Magaly. Thank you for this wonderful prompt, and for covering during my absence.

  9. I'm new around here, but had a blast :)

    1. Welcome to Poets United, Phillip. I am so glad you enjoyed yourself. After reading your poem, I feel like I need to clean my typewriter (just so that I can listen to that carriage return home).


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