Sunday, August 11, 2019

Poetry Pantry #489

Summer is buzzing by as quickly as these busy bees.........I hope you are enjoying its pleasures. It is hard to believe we are this far into August already. 

Things are hopping at Poets United, too. You may notice that Sanaa and Magaly will now be joining Rosemary and I taking turns to bring you our Friday features. We think this will make Friday a very interesting day of the week at Poets United and hope you enjoy the variety. This past Friday, Sanaa featured Rudyard Kipling. Do scroll back and see what she put together, if you happened to miss it.

Next Friday looks like it will be a lively feature. Magaly will make every third Friday of the month an interactive Moonlight Musings. Well, that definitely intrigues me. Do stop by for that. I think Fridays are going to get really interesting!

On Monday, we will feature beautiful poems by Kim Russell, Linda Lyberg and Colleen Redman. And on Wednesday,  Sumana's prompt at Midweek Motif will be: Televised. Cool.  
Meanwhile, today is Sunday, and you know the drill. Link your poem, leave us a few words, and do visit your fellow poets. We are so glad you show up here so faithfully to stock the Pantry with your poems. I think it is my favourite day of the week online.


  1. Lovely to see all the bees!

    I have some Summer haiku to share with you – even though it is Winter here and we are having one of our severest cold spells at present. But Spring is around the corner, so Summer must be coming.

  2. Good morning, lovely poets. It is 1 a.m. here. I am having a titch of insomnia. Am at the farm, and my sister and I are making a short road trip to take in a movie midday. So I may be late getting around to some of you. Never fear, I will be sure to visit. I wouldn't want to miss a single poem! Stay tuned for a report, as the Dog Sisters go to the movies. Smiles.

  3. Sherry, thank you so much for the bees. I just finished listening to an article about banning plastic bags in Pakistan. And some of the details--how some people all over the world keep on ignoring what we are doing to our planet, or try blaming the problems on something else--really got to me. So, seeing these bees doing things for life brightened my day.

    Also, thank you for letting people know about Moonlight Musings, the Interactive Edition this coming Friday. I'm extremely excited about a prompt where we share our thoughts and feelings about words and writing and writing and such.

    Happiest Sunday, everyone.

  4. Happy Sunday to all! Sherry have a fun time at the movies.

    1. Thanks, kiddo. The theatre has reclining seats.i am agog. I think getting OUT of one might involve some hilarity!

  5. Happy Sunday everyone! It's good to be back. I'll try and visit everyone's poem! Love and blessings!

  6. JAMES! Welcome back. It is so lovely to see you!

  7. Colleen, your site is not accepting my comments. I wanted to say that I love the idea of planting blooms that will turn into poems. Smiles.

  8. Happy Sunday, today i'm one day away from the date I was married in 1971. Some things just fit like skin and you know its just right, that's how I still feel about that event

    much love
    gllena cox

  9. Good day folks!
    had a most busy week, and glad the Pantry is open.

  10. Hi guys! Happy sunday to everyone. So I quit my job this month and taking a small break before taking my next step. So you can expect more output and participation from me :D

  11. Good Morning all and Happy Sunday! Thanks for hosting Sherry. Will be around to read shortly.

  12. Kids, I highly recommend the movie The Art of Racing in the Rain. Of course, i cried. The dog was a golden, like our late Lukey and Jasmine. It shows how deeply dogs understand and feel what is going on, and how much they love. It was awesome.

  13. Kids, for reasons known only to blogger and wordpress, people are finding my comments in spam. If you havent heard from me,please check your spam folders and mark me Not Spam? I will try again tomorrow.


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