Sunday, August 25, 2019


Happy Sunday, poet friends. We hope you had a good week. We certainly did at Poets United, with another great one coming up. On Friday, I featured the Canadian poet Marilyn Dumont, and her poem about her love of the land. It is worth scrolling back if you missed it.

Tomorrow, we will enjoy poems by Michael (grapeling), Eric Erb and Scott Hastie. It is always lovely to hear from the menfolk. We are sure you'll enjoy the poems they share. On Wednesday, Sumana's Midweek Motif prompt will be Glory. That gives us a lot of scope. We hope you'll join us. And Rosemary will finish our week off with one of her interesting features.

Next Sunday, Magaly has an intriguing theme for her next Pantry of Prose : "Gothic Fiction". That sounds like a LOT of fun! Magaly provided us with a sneak peek: the following link, so participants can think or write ahead, if you wish: 

The weeks do fly by. It is amazing to think summer is coming to an end. Today, let's read some poetry, and then get out into the sunshine. Thank you all for being here. We couldn't do this without you!


  1. Good morning, friends! Sorry about the lateness of the Pantry today. There was a technical glitch. Sigh. But all is well now, and we look forward to reading your poetry today.

    1. Good morning, Mary. So glad the technical difficulty wasn't serious.

  2. Oh, Mary. Thanks for catching it. It is 6:30 a.m. here and the Pantry is packed with goodies already. Lovely to see everyone!

  3. Good day, folks!
    will be around to read later. :)

  4. Hello hello... now sitting down in the sun for some poetry readyin.

  5. It may be amazing to think that summer is coming to an end, but this desert dweller is grateful, and can hardly wait for cooler days and longer nights. Happy Sunday, all!

  6. What an amazing image. Enchanted indeed! Good morning to all. I look forward to reading!

  7. Good afternoon. We have a precursor to autumn today - the temp is 79 F. The first time since April we have had temps this cool!

  8. Lovely to see you all, folks. It is sunny here but somewhat cooler. I love the touch of fall and so look forward to winter - storms and waves!!!!!!!!

  9. Well, I'm a little late but I'm here. I love the picture you posted Sherry. We need some enchantment now.
    Happy Sunday to all.

  10. Here in Australia we are farewelling Winter – which is leaving with a series of very cold snaps between the sunnier days. So looking forward to Spring, around the corner.

  11. Greetings dear poets and storytellers, im experiencing a bit of internet woes. So i could not post my sumie Sunday. Hopefully next Sunday. (This is a mobile phone comment)


  12. I totally spaced adding my poem from yesterday here- LOL. I hope everyone is doing well!


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