Friday, October 18, 2019

Moonlight Musings: the Interactive Edition, #3

Change storms in, grabs life by the ankles, and drops it on its head. When feeling extra spiteful, change steals everything we know and love, and leaves us in an empty room feeling lost (and often screaming).

But there are times, when the change that wrecks the world gives us a reason to rearrange (redecorate?) our living, when finding ourselves holding empty hands pushes us to fill them (with all kinds of wonderful).

For our 3rd, and last, Interactive Moonlight Musings, I invite you to write an article (in 369 words or fewer) inspired by the Positive Side of Change.

Since we’re speaking of change, we should change something. So, if your muse is in no mood for article writing, do feel free to respond to this prompt with a story or poem.

photo by Ramiro Martinez, on Unsplash

a couple of wee notes :

- Starting November 3rd, Sanaa and I (Magaly) will be hosting on Sundays. These features shall remain unprompted, but participants will be able to link poetry or prose (stories, essays, articles).

- As mentioned above, there will be no more interactive musings (aka Friday prompts). However, we will continue to have Friday features. Next week, our Sherry will delight us with another episode of “I Wish I’d Written This”.

Please, add the direct link to your new article, story, or poem. Visit other writers. And react to their positive-change-inspired words.


  1. Love this I quickly wrote something

    1. Fantastic! I am late to my own party *cough*. But I can't wait to delight in it.

  2. It's been a great surprise to me, how much I've enjoyed writing these prose pieces. Given a choice this time, I opted for prose again!

    1. This makes me very happy, Rosemary. I had already written a prose poem for the prompt, but after a rather interesting train ride... I, too, ended up opting for a prose piece.

  3. Hi Magaly! Great prompt. My muse is too tired for an article today- so a poem from me 😊

    1. Whatever pleases (and gives a break) to the muse.


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