Friday, October 25, 2019


I wanted my last Friday feature to be awesome, so I chose Shane Koyczan, Penticton Spoken Word maestro, whom I have featured before. Rosemary also featured this wonderful human in 2013

Shane speaks from his heart; he reaches right into the chests of his listeners, stirring the memories, the emotions, the humanness of being a person in this world.

He is an extremely successful artist, often on tour to packed, appreciative audiences. His personal story is moving: a small boy raised by his grandparents, who, as an adult, goes in search of the father he did not know.  This journey is told in the documentary about his life, Shut Up and Say Something (trailer above). 

In any of his performances, what strikes me is the connection Shane makes with his audience. He makes his listeners feel all he feels; they resonate with the many times they have felt the same way too.

Here is just one of his amazing performances, perhaps his most famous. It is a bit long. But just maybe it will make you laugh and cry, as it did me.

There are many other of his performances on youtube. 

Shane has a new book out, titled Inconvenient Skin / nayêhtâwan wasakay Illustrations are by Joseph Sanchez, Jim Logan and Nadya Kwandibens. This book addresses Canada's dark colonial history, wounds from which are still in need of healing. 

Shane has thirteen books out on Goodreads

Shane is unafraid to address painful topics. He goes there, and by being his compassionate, feeling self, helps us go there, too. 

Once you read, or, especially, hear him, you will be hooked. One can never get enough of this rich, warm embodiment of what it is to be a full-hearted human, Being. 

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  1. Wonderful, Sherry! I can't believe this is your last Friday feature! I have a tear...

  2. Thank you! (And hope to see you here reading, writing, presenting! Maybe even with recorded poems?

    1. I have so far avoided recording poems. I am finally comfortable reading at spoken word, but technical stuff is always daunting.

  3. My heart is filled with tears, Sherry. Thank you for sharing this. I’ll have a read of one of Shane’s books.

  4. I think Shane is absolutely fabulous. The way he draws connections is amazing and really reaches in and grabs you by the heart. His pieces always leave me thinking.

  5. Yes, because his heart feels so much, we really connect with him. What amazing talent - and openness. I love him. His journey to meet his father can be seen on youtube and is very moving.

  6. You have shared an amazing experience here, Sherry. I deeply felt the impact of Shane's words. I have never heard these feelings expressed with such intense authenticity, and I think that EVERY student, would benefit (in a myriad of ways) from Shane's work. I will remember this and can see myself returning to it.

  7. I wish Shane could speak in every school. Or, at least, his vidoes be played in every classroom. The pain children feel impacts their adult lives for a long time. And each child - bully and bullied - is full of pain.

  8. A wonderful choice indeed! And thank you too for alerting us to the books, and to the YouTube of his reconnection with his father, which I'll definitely be watching asap. He's an inspiration to us all in so many ways!

  9. You will find the film so moving, Rosemary. I must watch it again.

  10. I listened to the TED talk. Brilliant. I was very moved by it. I am wondering if I can find his "To This Day" video somewhere. He sounds like someone who was given a rough beginning in life, but who rose up... Thank you, Sherry, for this feature. And for all of the features you have done!

  11. OH, my goodness, Sherry. That was so moving and amazing. I've never heard of him before and am so glad I listened.

  12. Wow - had to share this to FB - I hope he keeps on touching people. Thanks, Sherry.

  13. Wow, such moving and powerful work! I too wish he could speak in every school. Thank you so much the introduction, Sherry.


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