Friday, March 4, 2011

Its Ready!! Are you? Download your FREE copy today!

We are happy to announce that The Poetry Pantry: Thoughts That Breathe is ready to go!  We are a bit later than expected on this project but it was well worth the wait.  There are over 55 Poets and Artists of the Poets United community represented in this, our first ever printed book. I wanted a copy in my hand so that I could ensure it was worth your time, money and talent. I didn’t want a book that was garbage. I must say I was fairly impressed by the quality of book Lulu allowed us to produce. I have to thank Mary Kling for turning me on to them and showing me what could be done through their services. It will be exciting to see what we do with our future editions, the next that will possibly be coming out before Christmas this year.

The success of this book is due in large to the wonderful support of you, the members of Poets United, and many others that support this wonderful community for poets. We are extremely grateful for all of you and your contributions.

You do not need to purchase a copy of the anthology. You can download the book in its entirety for free by going to the link below.  It will open up Lulu in a new window by simply clicking on it.

If you want please feel free to leave a rating or review of our book. By doing so it will help to draw attention to our wonderful commuity. Do not feel obligated in any way to purchase a copy. We don't care about sales, all we wanted to do is create something memorable and that has already been accomplished.

If you would like purchase an actual copy for your very own you can do so by going to the link provided below.  Lulu is uafilliated with Poets United so all transactions and orders are done through them. They are a third party publishing company outside of our community.

Do not spend money on a rush copy!
It’s not worth it I still had to wait.

Shipping varies depending on location

If you want please feel free to leave a rating or review of our book.  By doing so it will help to draw attention to our wonderful commuity.  Do not feel obligated in any way to purchase a copy.  We don't care about sales, all we wanted to do is create something memorable and that has already been accomplished.

Currently as it stands Lulu set a minimum of $7.20 as a purchase price. I chose to round it to an even $7.50. For each book sold Poets United will actually receive 71 cents. It is our intent to use that for the benefit of Poets United. Our current thought is that the money will be used to purchase extra copies of Thoughts That Breathe to give away in future contests or to be donated to local libraries and book drives. For every 10 books sold we will be able to buy an extra book. One way or another, this will be put use for the betterment of Poets United.


  1. Found a Coupon code for 20% good till the 7th. The code is GIANT305. Look around teh net before you buy because Lulu always has some sort of code out there for discounts!!

  2. Great news Robb! Two copies just ordered and I have posted about the free download on twitter. Well done for all your hard work. :-)

  3. Wonderful. I look forward to reading it.

  4. Aw, the idea behind it is so lovely :)

  5. Wonderful..I am ordering mine this weekend...bkm

  6. Robb, nice work and I will be ordering mine soon.


  7. Robb,Wonderful....... I appreciate all of you who worked behind this book to make this possible...
    Ordering one soon....

  8. how exciting. the free download is a nice surprise, however, I will also be ordering one so thank you for the coupon code. Most of all, thank you for all of the work that went into putting this together.

    I would like to humbly offer my services, if needed, with the next Poet's United Anthology. I am so grateful that I would love to give back. I will also tweet this and post it on facebook and on both of my blogs.

    Robb, I also appreciate your transparency and honesty about the profits and the possible ways to use them for the good of Poet's United. Give-a-ways and donations are great ideas!

    Great job, everyone! I am extremely proud to be a part of this community.

  9. This is just amazing. I am really looking forward to holding our book in my hands. I love Poets United!

  10. Great news and Great Job Robb! Thanks to all that helped make it a reality. Congratulations to all the poets presented.

  11. Thanks Robb for all the work you do,


  12. The PDF of the book is a real treasure, but I will be ordering my own copy to hold in my hands. You can't hold a PDF file. LOL. It was a pleasure to work on this project, but Robb, you definitely deserve the lion's share of the credit for the book.

  13. I will also buy a copy. Poetry is almost all that I buy now, downloading everything else to my Kindle. I need to buy poetry bookshelves...I have books of poetry tucked everywhere. Off to buy...

  14. Robb, I know how hard you worked to make this a reality. You totally rock! Thank you for all you do for this community. I'll place my order soon.

  15. Thank you Robb and those involved to make this happen~ I just ordered mine; I can't wait to hold it in my hands. Free PDF file is a great way, for us to get ourselves out there! Thanks Robb for
    telling us, your plans~ It looks fab!

  16. My copies arrived this morning! Less than 4 days from ordering they are in my home in England, what a good service and they look brilliant! Even better than I expected, Wonderful!

    (I am now thinking of publishing a book of my own poems through LuLu.)

  17. Susannah,

    Just curious. Did you pay for any rush shipping? I know some places are charging a lot but didnt know who was getting charged what where. Seems Canada gets charged heavily for shipping and they wont even send it to South Africa. As for doing the book I am too!! I liked it so much that I want some of my own work. Thats currently what I am working on.

  18. Robb, No, just the cheapest standard shipping. I ordered two copies one for me and one for my sister (the caterpillar uprising) and used the discount code you mentioned. All in all it came to about 12 uk pounds for everything (I paid by paypal) - I was amazed how quickly it came. :-)

    That is great that you are doing a book too! Are you going for the same size book as the anthology? How many pages do you reckon you will have in yours? The possibilities are very exciting aren't they!

  19. @ Susannah Wow really? I wonder if they have a local press near you or if they are based out of the UK. Maybe since mine was printed first it took longer? I have two more on the way.

    As for my book. I am thinking no more than 50 poems. I plan to also include photos of mine photoshopped and that match the theme or poem. It will take me a while. I figure the same size as the Poets United book. I liked the size. If you have any questions at all feel free to ask becuase I may know the answer it took me a long time to get it just right!

  20. Robb, thanks very much for the offer of help, I am sure you will hear from me! I haven't even looked at templates or what is involved yet. It will take me ages to decide what I want to include. I was thinking about the same amount as yours, and same size too. I may include images, I haven't really thought that far ahead! :-)

    I like the sound of yours with the images, that always worked so well on your blog. I look forward to it being finished, I will buy a copy!

    Thanks again Robb.

  21. Robb,
    The anthology turned out beautifully. Thank you for compiling it and for the chance for us all to publish our work.

  22. Hello all, this is an accomplishment, Congrads.
    I haven't read the book yet, I plan on it, thanks, WS

    P.S. Robert thanks, for everything...


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