Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Poem of the Week - Inside Alzheimer's Disease

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Inside Alzheimer's Disease


It is lonely in here
there are two of us
who travel together
we seem separate
as trains on different
tracks we pass
not caressing or

It is lonely in here
he is on a track
going in a straight
line to nowhere
he can't get off
he can't turn around
I am his

~ Willow (Diane Belleville)

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  1. Thank you for sharing the wonderful piece written by a consistently good writer.
    I, too, wrote a poem about Alzheimer's some time back. It will be in my upcoming chapbook.
    Here's an excerpt:

    She is in there, still.
    Although sometimes
    Gone back to childhood.
    Memories and moments
    Now dance together,
    Creating new realities
    For her,
    For us.
    I am you – and you are me – and we are she -
    Connected by love, ...

  2. I love how you compared the reflection of memory and loss as trains. It was hauntingly beautiful n' sad~ Well Done!

  3. This is poignant and so beautifully written. Two lonely voyagers, traveling together, yet separately. I also love Kim's comment. Yes, they are still "in there" - as is my son, who was stricken with schizophrenia at seventeen - still "in there". Love crosses all boundaries:)

  4. Very hard hitting poem. I can't imagine what it would be like to lose fragments of your memory day by day and to have a future that looks foggy. But I really liked the way Willow has used a train as a metaphor for Alzheimer's. A train just carrying a passenger somewhere; the passenger knows that the somewhere isn't good for him and he can't help it.
    Excellent poem.

  5. Wow, what an incredible, insightful poem. Your way of writing about this horrendous disease gives such a clear picture of what it might be like to have this happen and to witness it. Wonderfully written.

  6. Willow, that is such a profound description of a person in relationship to someone with Alzheimers. I agree with madhumakhi that it is 'hard hitting.' I am so glad Robb selected your poem. You are a consistently good poet whose works merit an audience.

  7. Congratulations, Willow! You already know what a huge fan I am of your poetry. I'm glad that Robb recognized your work here. It's gutwrenching, heartbreaking, but also ever so honest as is everything you write.

  8. How I love your work Willow. You are so gifted with words. This one reads so smoothly and is so very profound. I like the image of you as his passenger--such a good way to describe being in a relationship with someone with Alzheimer's. Bravo.

  9. Robb, thank you for selecting my poem for "poem of the week." Thank you everyone for your wonderful, supportive comments. Kim, your poem knows the road he travels, I travel. I must give credit to him for the metaphor. He shared that he feels like he's on a train without stops. Also, I have to thank my wonderful group, The Skywriters, for their critique suggestions.

  10. PS, Sherrie, you too know this road.


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