Friday, March 4, 2011

What are you doing today?

If you don't really feel like writing today then just dig up an old poem you have not shared in a while and head on over to The Friday Forgotten.  Any poem collecting dust or cobwebs can be shared here as long as it wasn't written in 2011.  Dusktraveler has set up and old poem gathering project of sorts.  It's a way to get into the deep and dark parts of your blog that are justsitting there and insert some life into.  Find that poem that has not ever been read or commented on and share it here.

The Friday Forgotten - This one is for all of your old writings and art.  If you have an oldie but goodie that needs another look put it there.  Only old posts should be linked any work from 2011 will be removed. The link goes up on Friday and comes down on Monday.  This is a new one so lets see how it fairs. 

Maybe you do want to write but just not all that much.  G-Man has the solution for you.  His themes are classic and fun.  Stop on over and see what he has posted today.  See what it inspires you to write.  Be careful though the trick is 55 words.  Thats all you get to use.  Don't bother with 54, 33, or a whole lot more.  You gotta hit it on the nose. Thats a pretty tough challenge.  Are you up to it?

G-Mans Friday Flash 55 - Here you get 55 words.  No More, No Less.  The Gman posts a photo or two as a prompt and you write the story or poem.  It's a pretty fun challenge hope to see you there.

Magic in the Backyard (Free Write Friday) - A thoughtful and inspiring prompt is put up each Friday by Kellie Elmore.  The object is to write without boundaries.  Your challenge is to be uncut and raw, a ranting prose or poem of sorts.  You can go back later and perfect your words but for this prompt share your original and gritty creativity.

Remember at Poets United we are about the community so if you stumble across a great site that should be included in our Prompt/Meme Directory or posts please feel free to email us about it so we can share it with everyone!

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