Monday, March 7, 2011

Poetry Blog of the Week - Poesia Torta (7 Mar 2011)

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This week our blog of the week is:

Kenia Cris @ Poesia Torta

An interesting tid bit about this blog and Kenia is all her poems are written in Portuguese and English.  She possesses a wonderful talent that can be discovered in two worlds.
We Suggest the following poems for your reading pleasure:

Untitled #156 (4 Spetember 2009)

Untitled #437 (31 January 2010)

Every week at Poets United we try to introduce our members and readers to a poet and poetry blog found here in our community. Poets United is about reading, writing and enjoying one another’s poetry and this just one more way to show our support for one another.We would love to hear your comments on this poet’s blog and poetry so please come back after visiting the blog of the week and let us know your thoughts.

We hope you enjoy visiting the highlighted blogs. Thank you for supporting your fellow poets and I am sure we will soon see your blog highlighted here.

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  1. You have a great blog - just stopping by to have a look around and say hi. I'd be chuffed if you pop by mine and let me know what you think of my poem.


  2. I love Kenia's beautiful words, she begins that beautiful Brazilian magic with every write... lovely writing style....bkm

  3. I love this blog! Kenia's work is astounding and I often peak in. I think it would be amazing to write in two languages, both so beautiful. Congratulations Kenia, for a well deserved recognition!

  4. Wow! That's a big surprise that brought a gigantic smile to my face, thank you muchly guys, I'm honored and very much happy.

    A correction: my mother tongue is actually Portuguese, very close to Spanish, many will say. =)

    Thanks for all the love and for sharing my words.

    Kiss you all! =***

  5. Hey! It's good to see Poesia Torta as blog of the week.

  6. The blog is very inspiring. It is encouraging to note that a poet somewhere will strive to make herself even more clear through bilingual option, a no-mean-task if you ask me.

    Congratulations Kenia cris.

  7. This is a cool blog - the bilingual aspect is impressive. KC - is also a very supportive poet!

  8. One and the Same
    What was it like for you,
    to take the only thing of value I possessed?
    Was it a feel good thing?
    Is that the reason you claimed what was my best?

    Did i do something to draw your attentions?
    or to catch your eye?
    Did I unknowingly smile your way
    as i was passing by?

    Was I too happy
    too innocent, too sweet?
    Was my life too perfect and uncomplicated,
    not wanting to grow up so fast, did I drag my feet?

    If I did I'm sorry.
    I had no intentions of bringing myself shame.
    And i refuse to apologize for you
    because the one who took my innocence
    and the one who denies it all
    are one and the same.


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