Monday, October 24, 2011

Blog Roll Front and Center

As Poets United continues to grow, so does the demand on the volunteers who work hard to ensure we have an active and functional community.  This usually leads to us needing to make a few changes so that we can continue to meet the needs of the community.  If you can believe it, we have more than 500 Facebook fans and more than 400 active members on our current member list--and this does not count our daily growth, Twitter followers and the occasional drive-by. 

As the result of all this goodness, We are announcing one such change today: We will be removing the membership requirement and the list of members from our site.  

Keeping up with the member list has become fairly taxing on us, and we feel we can better use our time maintaining it to better serve the community in other areas.   We will now focus on our blogroll, which is really the vibrant part of our membership. Because the blogroll updates with every refresh, every time any of our members posts a poem, it is the core of Poets United--the living, breathing piece. We hope that the blogroll is valuable to you and drives traffic to your blogs.

We will now only ask poets who have blogs and wish to be read to email us requesting to be added to our blog roll.  We will review their request to ensure they are poetic and active and then add them.  This does not mean we will become lax on our standards! We will continue to work to keep Poets United an up-to-date and active poetry bloggers' community, and we will be even more diligent in keeping our site fresh.  On a monthly basis, we will purge any blogs that are inactive for 3 months or more.  This will make your participation in the community even more important, so that you may be considered for our anthologies, profile articles, contests and whatever else spotlights your work.  So remember to post on your blogs, visit others and please interact. This is what makes Poets United so awesome!

Thank you, and now back to your writing!  Your friendly greeters Robb, Marian and everyone else helping out here at Poets United.


  1. I am not sure what this means for participants, in practice? Will we not receive emails of new posts any more?

  2. Rosemary, it just means that we have eliminated the very long list of Poets United members that used to be a separate page, the one where everyone was listed with the name of your blog listed in groups of four. We are focusing on the fabulous Blogroll instead, to the right of your screen, where everyone's blog shows up. If you are getting emails when something new is posted to the Poets United site, that will continue. Everything else remains the same! It's just that for new folks who want to be added, we'll add them to the blogroll only, not additionally that other long list that was, frankly, a headache to maintain. Onward!

  3. The blogroll is a great tool that I often use to browse and read the work of others. This is smart change!
    Good job, Robb and Marian.


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