Friday, October 7, 2011

Fridays and the "I Wish I'd Written This" Series

Poets United would like to thank Dan Simmons for his series “I Wish I’d Written This”.  It is now currently on hiatus, when or if it returns remains to be seen.  This series brought us modern published and recognized poets with unique and often amazing writing abilities.  Dan’s intent to show us the poetry world in its current state was well received and enjoyed.  Due to his other commitments and real life he will no longer be able to continue this series.  We are so grateful for his time here at Poets United and wish him well in all his future endeavors.

Currently our plans for this series are up in the air. If you are willing to become a part of Poets United and take over the responsibilities for posting the “I Wish I’d Written This” series please email us and let us know we will gladly consider you. 

As Friday is now wide open here at Poets United we are also willing to consider any other ideas you may have.  Do you want to post a regular column?  Do you have an Idea that may work?  Contact us via email and let us know.  We are open to any ideas.

One of the ideas to possibly kick around is a monthly contest of sorts. Prizes would be minimal of course possibly and Amazon gift card (no more than $10) with either a free copy of our Anthology or even a book from one of our published poets should they be willing to volunteer a copy of it.  Your thoughts and discussions on this would be welcome as this is just in the idea stage.

As Dan moves on in the blogosphere I would like to point out that for many of our contributors behind the scenes here it is often a thankless job.  Every corner of this site is kept going by individuals who volunteer their time to ensure we maintain this wonderful community.  I often ask you to take the time to thank them and I will do so again now.  All the interviews, articles, poem selections, blog selections, social media management, emails and greetings are done by a good group of 6 to 8 people who are the core of Poets United.  Please take the time to thank them.

Again thank you Dan Simmons for your time here at Poets United

Robert Lloyd 


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  2. Thanks, Robb, and thank you, Dan, for the wonderful selections you've presented for our enjoyment. Good luck with your writing - I look forward to reading much more of your work on your site. I'm sure someone will come forward with a wonderful idea for Fridays. Let's put our thinking caps on!

  3. So, is Robb a genuinely nice guy, or what?

  4. Sent you an idea in email, Robb. Dan, I always enjoyed your articles.

  5. I have always enjoyed this section and will miss it, As I discovered some new favourite poets through the poem selections posted. So I would like to thank Dan very much for that, I appreciate the work he put in. :-)

    I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Robb and the rest of the team for all the great work they do to make this such a wonderful place to visit.

    Thank you all!

    Susannah x

  6. Thanks to the gifted Danny! I love your work and appreciate your dedication. Looking forward to what you continue to produce.

  7. I've been slacking in my OWN responsibilities here, but I am still here, friends!
    I liked Dan's series, too... maybe someone could keep it going? Thanks, Dan, for sharing with us and good luck.

  8. Poets United,

    I have always admired the hard work and dedication of all those fellow writers and poets associated with the site and Blog.
    I have been away on holiday to Northern Ireland for a week and therefore, totally disconnected.
    I will resume my support for Poets United, as soon as I am back to normal service.

    Best wishes, Eileen

  9. I have greatly enjoyed reading the poems in this series! They were very well chosen.


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