Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Poet At Work

Hi kids, I had an interview ready for today, but the poet has asked me to delay it while he works on the publication of his first book of poetry. Then Poets United will have the honor and privilege of announcing its release. I have some other people in the wings, writing furiously. But lash them as I might with wet noodles, they weren't ready in time either.

So today we will take a little break from interviews. So sorry, kids. But do come back, as we have some great ones coming up! I can hardly wait!

Have a great week, one and all! See you at the Think Tank!



  1. Life happens like that! When I saw Bullwinkle I thought you were going to share a Fractured Fairytale, lol

    Happy Wacky Wednesday! :D

  2. An exciting time, when one hears of a new publication. I look forward to this interview...


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