Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Think Tank Thursday #98 Honor

In the United States, this weekend will mark the holiday, Memorial Day.  It is a day to honor and remember those who fought, gave their lives in the duty of battle.  Where I grew up, there was a parade and we placed flowers on our all of our loved ones grave stones.   

Today,  it seems to be the weekend, that marks the beginning of Summer.  There are lots of cookouts, picnics, and gatherings. I still think of it as a day of remembering our loves ones, who have died.  I found this interesting tidbit, about how the holiday use to be celebrated:

"In cases involving a family graveyard where remote ancestors as well as those who were deceased more recently are buried, this may take on the character of an extended family reunion to which some people travel hundreds of miles. People gather on the designated day and put flowers on graves and renew contacts with kinfolk and others. There often is a religious service and a "dinner on the ground," the traditional term for a potluck meal in which people used to spread the dishes out on sheets or tablecloths on the grass. It is believed that this practice began before the American Civil War and thus may reflect the real origin of the "memorial day" idea."  via Wikipedia 


the dirt pathby ~1000ships


Grave Stone Handsby ~seiyastock

I want you to pen a poem in regards to honor. It doesn't have to have to be war, military related. It can a poem about a loved one, who is living.  It could be a poem to honor someone's memory, you have lost.  I want you to reflect your admiration of this person in your poem.  Our #98 prompt is Honor.  I know for me, the word conjures up military, marriage, and my neighbors. What do you think of when you hear the word.  You can pen a poem, about the general feeling or a specific person. The choice is yours. It will be a honor to read these poems~

"Life every man holds dear; but the dear man holds honor far more precious dear than life. "
William Shakespeare

" You will never do anything in this world without courage. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honor. "

"Confidence... thrives on honesty, on honor, on the sacredness of obligations, on faithful protection and on unselfish performance. Without them it cannot live. "
Franklin D. Roosevelt 

If you have a prompt idea (even a Music or Film inspired one) that you would like to suggest or share with us please send it to . We keep a folder set aside with all your suggestions and just might use it one day.

There 3 simple rules:

1. Don’t link to more than 3 poems per week.

2. Please visit some of the other poems linked here when you link to yours.

3. Leave a comment after you have posted your link


  1. Such a fantastic prompt, Ellie. I will be back after work with something.

  2. Nice, beautiful prompt...took advantage of the little I know of her yet have always admired; St. Joan of Arc. Feeling it Honorable to bring about the courage of 'woman,' I felt it imperative to include Joan; also know as, Jeanne d'Arc. Thanks for the privilege Ella.

  3. Ella,

    This was a most wonderful prompt. I composed two poems with very different themes.

    Thank you for keeping Poets United alive :)

  4. Wonderful prompt and I knew immediately, I would choose my dad.

  5. My thoughts went to a news story that has been horrifying us across Canada this year.

  6. I penned a handful of instant; "right from the heart."

  7. I was surprised at the way I wrote to this prompt. The poem just wanted to be written. Haven't been here in a while...glad to be back!

  8. I actually wrote this unprompted, other than by my son, I really feel it fits this theme. Thank you, Ella! I look forward to reading you all in the morning! :)

  9. Great prompt Ella, thanks. Mine's up :)

  10. I was a bit late with mine, but it's up now! Happy Memorial Day to all who are celebrating this weekend.

    1. Looked for your poem, Mary, but I could not find it. Let me know the blog name. Thanks, Sara

  11. Happy Memorial Day to those that honor it and a great weekend to the rest.

  12. Honoring is what my Memorial Day poem is all about, so I linked up for the first time today. Thanks!


  13. Sorry I am soooooo late....but better late than never....right?


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