Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Think Tank Thursday #95 Wish

I must say, your wonder poems were truly amazing!  You thought I was going to say wonderful! lol
I read all of them. Sorry, it took me so long. Life has been kind of busy, lately.  I am in awe of all the wonders you shared, the views and insight. I was kind of surprised to see some poems had not been read at all.  C'mon we need to visit and comment!  Yes, it is so easy, to remain loyal to our regular blogging friends, but we need to extend our poetic view.  Gentle reminder:  it is a two way street. If you want people to read your poems, you need to go visit and comment, too.  Make the rounds and you'll be in awe!

May is a busy month in my family, in regards to birthdays. Doesn't someone always yell, "make a wish? What did you wish for?"  when we blow out the candles on our cake.  Why not wish for our prompt.   When I think of wish, I think of childhood daydreams, tossing coins in a fountain, the genie in the Lantern granting us 3 wishes, wishing on a falling star, and  making a birthday cake wish. As a grown up, I think of bigger wishes, for our world to be in a better place, for us to take better care of our planet, I wish we would be more considerate of each other and for diseases to be cured. Whatever you wish, I would like you to pen a poem with the word wish in mind. It doesn't have to be your personal wish, but it could be!  Have you ever had a wish come true?  I look forward to your wishes, I mean poems!


Light the Cakeby ~avondaleklr

                                        “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
                                                                                                                ― Mahatma Gandhi

 There is no beautifier of complexion or form of behavior like the wish to scatter joy, and not pain, around us.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Between the wish and the thing life lies waiting." ~Proverb

If you have a prompt idea (even a Music or Film inspired one) that you would like to suggest or share with us please send it to . We keep a folder set aside with all your suggestions and just might use it one day.

There 3 simple rules:

1. Don’t link to more than 3 poems per week.

2. Please visit some of the other poems linked here when you link to yours.

3. Leave a comment after you have posted your link.



  1. Good prompt, Ella, and timely.....will be back!

  2. Ah...make a wish! Great prompt!

  3. wonderful prompt, Ella!

  4. Great prompt Ella. Thank you and, thanks to PU :)

  5. Ooooh Ella... you are balm to my fried spirit.... wrote on average 8 poems a day for a challenge... saved none... now going through the posts day by day ... cut and pasting my poems and trying not to rip my hair out of my head... or have my eyeballs fall out and roll across the desk... and then... I remembered it is Thursday... it is Ella .. It is Think Tank... sweet reprieve and a dandelion wish... doesn't get better. THANK YOU Back to read and comment :)

  6. Oh, this was the most fun I've had being silly in a while. Great prompt, Ella.

  7. Couldn't resist sharing one written in March, because it's a perfect fit. Back soon with a new one. LOVE this prompt.

  8. De-I'm delighted you like it! :D I can't wait to read a perfect fit~
    I believe you, sometimes things happen that way! @>----

    Sara-lol, how fun! Now, I'm excited to read yours :D

    Pearl-Awe, glad I could brighten your week! Really 8 poems...whoa!
    Yes, dandelion wishes do take us back, don't they! I think I still might make a wish when I blow a dandelion ;D Thank you, you brightened my week~

    Hi Bren-Thank you for playing along! Thanks to all of you! It is a group effort that makes us united! oooh, that would be a good prompt, lol I know everyone's eyeballs are now rolling like Pearl's.

    Ruth-Thank you :D Can't wait to read yours~

    Karen-I look forward to your wish :D

    Sherry-Who can't use a wish, right?! ;D Who needs cake and candles to make one ;D ?! Not us...

  9. Ella,

    Just love the freshness of your prompt ideas:)

    Also, thank you for mentioning the subject of comments and visiting other Blogs. I find it quite disappointing at times, when I make the effort to visit new poets, or even those whose names look familiar, reading their poems and leaving comments. Time well spent, but very often unreciprocated.
    Poets United is a community and it relies on input from everyone to keep it viable.
    I have been a member of Poets United from its early days and I enjoy my involvement.

    Thank you Ella for your time and commitment, which helps so much to keep this Blog active.

    Eileen :)

  10. I'm always inspired by your colorful,bursts of inspiration, Ella! Thank you and smiles!

  11. Thank you Hannah! I look forward to your poem :D

    Eileen-I think we can all tie our emotions to a prompt like wish. Everyone has their own personal take and then there is a universal wish, too. It is sad we are suppose to be united. I don't expect everyone to read all the poems. I sometimes do and sometimes can't. I hope to play catch up today, between husband on vacation and daughter and Prom, life has been busy. Well said, Eileen! We are a community and that means getting involved, besides writing a poem. Thank you Eileen~

    De-I'll be by :D

  12. Uh oh. I didn't read the prompt. Sorry! Not sure how to delete what I posted. :(


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