Friday, June 22, 2012

I Wish I'd Written This

White Wind
by Lorna Cahall

A strong wind is mothering the trees
nuzzling the dusty leaves,
cleaning their ears. She feels like
a white tiger mother whose lullaby
sweeps deeply into my memory of home.
There is no going back now.
Even the hawk is carried unresisting
to wherever this huge gentleness
wills her to go.

I love this both for what it says and the music of the saying. But there are many other poems by this poet which I might have chosen; I'm a big fan and I'd love to have written practically anything and everything of hers.

You may well know Lorna's work already, as I see she is a member of Poets United. Just in case you haven't discovered her yet, here is her blog.

I first encountered her on facebook during a month when several people wrote 'moon reflections' every night during the cycle from one full moon to the next. Her exquisite work thrilled me. As the above is short, here is one of her moon poems as well:


The full moon's light
we howl with coyote,
go mad with love.
When more and more
is sliced away,
the dance changes.
It is only the darkness
that can speak, like music,
straight through to the soul's
primal shores.

The link at her name, above, takes you to a website about her books, with some of the poems from them. And here is her page at Amazon, with all her books available — not all of them poetry.

Just a little P.S., noting that yesterday's Think Tank was on the subject of labyrinth — Lorna has a great interest in this topic too, as you will find if you explore her website!

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  1. Thank you Rosemary! I have now a new poet to follow. I wish I had written "Archaeology," fantastic piece!

  2. Gracias Rosemary, I echo Delaina's view and appreciation of a wonderful expressionist, Lorna Cahall

  3. Rosemary, thank you for featuring Lorna. I am simply blown away by White Wind - such a loving view of nature. So beautiful. I have come across Lorna through Poets United, but now that you have focused my attention, I will be following her much more closely. Thanks for this weekly appreciation of glorious poets!

  4. Beautiful
    thanks for this wonderful place!!!!

    my ex is an archaeologist :-/

  5. How neat to feature the work of a poet who is a member of Poets United. Pretty cool, in fact. Wonderful poem.

  6. Thank you Rosemary! I love this poet's voice!~ Amazing...


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