Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Vice Versa #3

Every Tuesday for a time you will find either Vice/Versa or Midnight Snack posted here at 12:01 a.m.  These were features that had been part of Poets United for a short time in the past.  We are reinistating them to see if there is any interest

.  For “Vice/Versa” two random words will be posted along with their polar opposites (Otherwise known as antonyms). Write something using all four words. It can be any form of writing; poetry, prose, short stories or whatever else.

For “Midnight Snack” a simple photo prompt will be posted.  We will guide you in no direction. It is just you and the photo or you and the words.  If you are inspired, then write about it; if it doesn't inspire, then go back to bed.

 Be sure to visit the others who post here and see how creative others can be.  We expect this initially to be a small group, but that's okay! It will be easy to visit all other responders that way.

This week it is time for:
Vice Versa
Write poetry or prose using all four words.  It can be any form of poetry or prose.  Post your related scribbling and leave a comment.  Be sure to visit the others who post here and see how they differ from you.

Lack /Abundance
               Simple Rules
  • Post any time; it's just the night owls who get first crack.
  • Make sure to visit other late  scribes.
  • Leave us a comment about the photo before you  nod off.
  • Most of all, enjoy!


    1. Looking forward to reading what others write.

    2. Awesome, Mary. I am heading out but will give it a whirl when I get back:) Thanks for the opportunity.

    3. It's a challenge and I'm trying it out. The revival is welcomed!


    4. I really enjoyed this challenge. So many different responses.

    5. Nice responses so far. Please visit others who post as well. Each of us enjoys visits!! Thanks.

    6. Hope this takes off again for you all at PU :)

      1. Thank you, Bren! It was a short-lived feature in the past; so we are giving it a try again to see what happens.

    7. Was stuck this morning, and this simple, profound prompt helped BIG. Thank you so much, Mary!

    8. Oh, I'm gald to see these back!


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