Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Think Tank Thursday #103 Fractured Fairy Tales

First, I want to apologize for being behind in reading last week's poems. I read everyone's
 and was amazed on the insight and the journeys.  I found so many interesting perspectives in your words, your poems!  Impressive...

 I do hope though that when you post your poems today, you will try to visit at least seven poets and leave comments.  I found a lot of sites, with no comments at all.

When I was a kid, early Sunday mornings before we left for church. My brother n' I would watch this cartoon called  The Rocky and Bullwinkle Hour.  Rocky was a squirrel and Bullwinkle a moose...for those of you who don't know.  My favorite part of this show was this cartoon segment called Fractured Fairy Tales.   Here is a clip:


Papercut - Hansel and Gretelby ~IsabellasArt




SNOW WHITEby =DonatellaDrago


You could pen a poem inspired by a fable, instead.  If you up for a challenge, pen both!  


The Tortoise and the Hareby =splgum

I find it fascinating what movies are made, that surround our world events.  We are using fantasy, fairy tales and comics, these days. You do not have to go dark. Comedy, for the most part is the charm of the cartoon mentioned.  Maybe you will blend all three facets?

If you aren't into fairy tales, perhaps you would like to fracture a fable. The choice is yours...


  1. Hee hee, the film made me chuckle.....great prompt, kiddo. Will see what I can do. It should be easy, with my fractured mind, to manage a fractured fairy tale. At my age, there are no other kinds!!!!

  2. After a while I felt sorry for the fox, poor guy

  3. Ella,

    I love this prompt.It set my mind in many directions. I have posted one poem, but I hope to be back with a second.
    Thank you Ella for your great imagination and for keeping this Thursday Prompt alive:)


  4. Not sure if mine is a poem that reads like a story or a story that reads like a poem... Either way, it's pretty 'fractured'. :)

  5. I look forward to your fractured contributions ;D

  6. Mine is about dragons and fairies, castles and kings, not sure how fractured it is mind you Ella. LOL
    Great prompt, thanks. I also felt sorry for the poor fox! It reminded me of the Wolf in The Road Runner cartoons...'Beep beep'

  7. Thank you so much for this prompt, especially Rocky and Bullwinkle. I loved Fractured Fairytales,
    and mine is posted!

  8. Mine is up! If you post after me and would like visit from me, please visit mine....and I'll return the visit!

  9. I love Rocky and Bullwinkle! Fractured Fairy Tales was great! I also loved it when Bullwinkle read poetry!

  10. Excellent prompt for which much thanks.

  11. I just got done reading everyone's posts so far... The talent on this site absolutely blows me away! You are all amazing writers!

  12. Ella and Fellow Poets,

    Thank you for your comments and visits to my Blogs. There is a sense of great spirit this week:)


  13. Ooohhhh, this was certainly made for me, wasn't it? Let me see what I can come up with. The question is - fable from which continent?

  14. I love fractured fairy tales!!! Thank you for this fantastic prompt :-)

  15. I will be back soon to post mine and finish reading yours ;D

    I am glad you guys n' gals like it :D I want to do something different~

  16. Sorry my link was fractured :-) had to re-post


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