Saturday, August 18, 2012

Classic Poetry - "An Argument" by Thomas Moore

Thomas Moore, 1779 - 1852

An Argument

I've oft been told by learned friars,
That wishing and the crime are one,
And Heaven punishes desires
As much as if the deed were done.

If wishing damns us, you and I
Are damned to all our heart's content;
Come, then, at least we may enjoy
Some pleasure for our punishment!

Based on this short verse, an anomaly for Thomas Moore, a London-trained lawyer better known as poet, singer, songwriter and entertainer, one can assume he subscribed to the "eat, drink and be merry" philosophy.

Seems to have worked for him. During an era when the average life expectancy for a white male was just under 50, this prolific producer lived to be 72 and is considered Ireland's National Bard.

Raise your glass!


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