Sunday, August 19, 2012

Poetry Pantry - #111

The Poetry Pantry
2nd Chance Poems or 1st time shares

Anything goes!! All Poems, all Poets, All Week!!

Do you have a poem you would like to share? Something that you just felt inspired to write and want others to read. Perhaps it’s a poem that didn’t get as much exposure on your blog as you would have liked. Maybe it’s a poem that you wrote a long time ago that you would like people to revisit. That’s what this section of Poets United is for.

Each Sunday we start a new post with a New Mr. Linky for you. This is so that you can post a link to anything you want us to read, anything at all related to poetry or prose found on your own poetry blogs.  Please, however, do not link a 'meme.'  Link a specific POEM.

There 3 simple rules:

1. Don’t link to more than 1 poem per week.  If you link more than one, anything after #1 will be removed.

2. Please visit several other poems linked here when you link to yours. Please
don't just link and run, waiting for others to visit you.  I noticed last week a lot of link and run people....those who never visited anyone else's blog.  What if everyone did that???

3. Leave a comment after you have posted
your link.  I find that people who leave comments tend to be more participatory.  They wish to be part of the community.  A little of this goes a long way.  It feels good for all.


  1. Popped in an older one from my blog (I say older but my blog is only 3 months old -ha!) Happy day everyone :)

  2. So happy to be here again for a great day of reading!

  3. My most recent. Hello again.

  4. My most recent. Hello again.

  5. Good morning Mary,
    My tansy went under the radar.
    I read that you grow hostas. How do you keep the slugs at bay?
    Enjoy your Sunday.

  6. hey, please check out my poems on and feel free to follow:D
    Good day:)

  7. Mins is a bit of a lengthy prose piece today, but it reads quite quickly, for those who have the time. I'd love some feedback on the style.

  8. Hello friends! Love some great feedback and friends, and thank all in advance!!

  9. Nice to see so many here already today. And I also have noticed that very many have paid 'visits' and given feedback to others. Reciprocity is key in the blogosphere. Smiles.

  10. Thank for the prompt Mary. Yes, lots here already today :)

  11. Hi,
    I would love feedback on my post under the name Nitin Sharma.

  12. i hope everyone has a wonderful week!

    i'll be back to visit others asap, i promise!!! it's almost noon and i haven't slept yet so i'm sure any comments i left now would be goofy!

  13. I use "quotidian" as a noun, but I still mean "the everyday." I could have called my entry "Quotidian Joy" I suppose, but please let the grammatical uncertainty pass and enjoy the poem.

  14. I'm off to have a look ....thank you in advance for any comments and reads!!

  15. Oops, sorry about posting wrong link first.

  16. It is so nice to see all the postings in here tonight. I was too busy with Sebastian today to post, but am clicking my way around and will try to get to most of yours if not today, then tomorrow.......the blogosphere keeps marching forward, and it is so darned easy to get behind.

  17. Busy church weekend for pastor's wife, but I read a touching story from JOSEPH HARKER (get over to Naming Constellations; he needs to hear from people), along with a most unusual prompt. I found myself typing these directly to the computer with my eyes closed and my spirit open to whatever was given. Thanks, Mary, for hosting. Love to all, Amy

  18. Looking forwards to getting back into the habit of reading some stunning poetry.

  19. Mary, quite a few people forget to link at the bottom of their post. This means I have trouble finding my way back here :-) Maybe they could be reminded?

    1. Suggestion: Perhaps put Poets United in your 'favorites.' That way you can always find a quick way back. Or look back a bit in your browser history - it will be there. Or just use the 'back arrow.' Those are a few ideas for you, as for Open Link (which this is) sometimes people do not link back Poetry Pantry.

  20. Happy Monday! :) I hope everyone has a great week!

  21. i hope everyone is an inspired today as i am. getting back to myself. have a lovely Monday, so looking forward to having time to read your posts at last. x

  22. Mary,

    I have just made it before The Pantry closed!!
    My absence was due to a most wonderful weekend spent in Ghent Belgium, attending a Leonard Cohen concert. Absolute bliss:)

    I shall endeavour to visit the blogs of those kind writers, who have made recent visits to read my poems.



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