Sunday, January 13, 2013

Poets United Blog Roll

Good evening Poets,

If you are looking for the Poetry Pantry, just click back to the previous post.  It is still there!

I am going to begin next weekend going through the Poets United Blog Roll.  We want this blog roll to reflect CURRENT participants of Poets United.  Current means people who have participated in the last 6 weeks on either the Wednesday prompt or in the Poetry Pantry.

If you have not participated in this length of time, your blog will be dropped from the blog it is meant to reflect those who are active here.  And truly, it is quite easy to participate in Poetry Pantry which is an open link!

If you are a person who has not been active, I encourage you to participate in today's Poetry Pantry (still open) and / or this next Wednesday's prompt.  Some of you have had your blog roll listed for quite a while with no indication of current interest, so I can only assume you have moved on; and your blog will be taken off the roll.

If you are a new participant in Poets United and would like your blog added, do indicate this by clicking on the 'add blog' link in the upper right hand corner of Poets United!  If you are an active and participatory poet, we are looking for YOU!



  1. Thanks, Mary. For everything you do to keep this ship afloat!

  2. Replies
    1. Well, I do think that a Poets' United Blogroll should MEAN something. It should mean participation in Poets United. Right now it seems to me that there are people on the list that haven't been active HERE in a long time.

  3. Thanks Mary for letting me know I'm back on the blogroll.


  4. Thanks Mary, I have not been writing as much recently - but I am off to look at some of the prompts in the hope it will kick start my inspiration! :-)

    1. Great, Susannah. It has been a while. There is a Wednesday prompt on the horizon as well.


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