Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wonder Wednesday #15 Chicken Soup for the Soul

Wow, a whole new year, a fresh clean slate! Happy New Year Posts~  I love new beginnings, don't you?!   January is a bittersweet month for me.  I love the fresh start, but I have had a lot of bad things happen in this month.  I won't bore you with these details, but I will share that I look for comfort in this month, more than most.  This is why I wanted to start our New Year off with Chicken soup, but not the ordinary kind.  I am talking the Jack Canfield's variety, the kind that warms our soul.  If you aren't familiar with this type, you can view more here.

I thought we could write poems that inspire us, give our spirit a warm feeling,  like we were enjoying soup on a cold day. Write poems that touch others in ways that only words can do.   If you are uncomfortable with this form, then write about soup or cocoa on a cold day; that is fine too.  Let's share some comfort and kindness.  I think the world could use more of this, don't you?!    

What do you think, poets?  Are you ready to share the warmth of a memory or something profound that has happened to you?   Maybe a kindness you performed for someone else or was given to you?

Funny, I had no idea what I was going to write about till just now.  A woman, a total stranger, helped me when I was flying from Alaska to Maine. I was frail and had problems seeing, my vision was not quite restored to normal.  I should not have been flying alone, but I was.  I asked for her address and then lost it.  Maybe if I am lucky she will see my poem, but either way I hope 'n pray she knows how much her kindness helped me and what it meant on that day.   I will never forget her and I'm sorry I didn't get to write her a sincere, heart felt thank you!  I did thank her over and over again and I think she knew how grateful I was, for all she done for me.  She was my guardian angel...

I look forward to your poems!  The theme is kindness; it is simple and must come from the heart.  Please do not feel overwhelmed by the the prompt or what I have shared.  YOUR feelings will come through your words ;D  They always do...

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  1. Yes, Ellie, this world can use all the kindness it can get. I love this prompt. What a great way to start the new year.

  2. Thanks so much for the inspiration ... to write inspirationally. :) Here's my result:

    Inspirational? Moi??? (Limerick)

  3. Ella,

    Happy New Year to you and yours. I hope that life will become much brighter for you:)

    I have chosen to look at the prompt in a slightly different way. A kind of 'Home Sweet Home.'

    Best Wishes for 2013,

  4. Dear Ella, Where have you been? I miss you, and hope you are being good to yourself . . . I hope I have been inspiring though I found myself lost in a personal memory.

  5. Hi Susan-I have missed you, too! School is back in session tomorrow~
    I had a house full and couldn't write. LOUD doesn't work for me, nor do crowds! ;D I know you will be Susan :D You always do!
    Happy New Year! I'm now officially in need of a vacation, lol

    Eileen-Happy New Year to you, too and yours :D Thank you! Life is good~ I wish the same for you :D This sounds wonderful~

    Mad Kane-Your is fun :D Humor and kindness I can't get enough of~
    Happy New Year!

    Sherry-Thank you! I thought we could use some comfort! The holidays do inspire. Then we are back to a fresh, clean slate :D
    Happy New Year to you!

    Mine poem was hard to write! Hubby decided to work half a day and my plans changed. I look forward to your wonderful poems~ :D

  6. Just remembering someone's name is a great kindness.

  7. I wish I could comment on 1pauses, but I have no Facebook, if you are reading this I would say "What a sweet poem".

  8. Hey all, happy new year, I will be around after work to sample your offerings, take care.

  9. poems on kindness, what could be nicer

  10. Emma-Thank you! It is a great way to start off another year :D
    We sure could use more of it in our world~ :D

    Rch-Happy New Year! Join in if inspiration strikes! :D

    Listening Daisy-Awe! I will be by :D Happy New Year~

    Libby-Yes, you are right! A gracious beginning :D

  11. Thank you Ella for giving me a chance to pay tribute to the everlasting kindness of my husband.
    There are times when it makes me feel so undeserving that I can hardly bear it. Do we say 'Thank you' enough? I sometimes wonder.

  12. Kim-I am happy you joined in :D

    Aprille-You are so lucky and deserving :D

  13. I loved this prompt, Ella...just edited the last part of a poem I wrote for three words challenge last night.
    I took care of my father-in-law who had severe stage of Alzheimer's. As a caregiver I have seen the helplessness of the mind; so it was easy to write.
    Happy 2013 to all the members of Poet's United!:)

    1. Ma'am.. my comment is a little a off beat,just want to say that I really like your name..

  14. Hey Happy Year Everybody!! I am sorry that I was missing in action for some time.. The end of last year was just not treating me that well.. but with the dawn of this year, I hope we all find our chicken soup.. too bad that I missed the prompt on time.. though I still wrote a poem, and would share it on poetry pantry next time.. till then,, have a nice week.. :*


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