Monday, April 22, 2013

Blog of the Week ~ Magical Mystical Teacher

Kids, this week we're featuring Magical Mystical Teacher, a regular participant at Poets United. This poet writes sets of wonderful haiku, normally offering several per post. Beautiful landscape photos accompany many of the offerings, so the blog is also a visual feast.

This blog might also be named Magical Mystery Teacher, because the About page says the poet "is a teacher living in the USA". Now, I have a "nose for news" from my newspaper days, so I pored through the site trying to determine whether this is a man or woman poet. I  happened upon some haiku talking about an Old Poet putting down her pen, so I might venture a guess in that direction. Perhaps the Mystery Poet will let us know? Or perhaps the mystery is enjoyable for all concerned and should be maintained?

Either way, we love the haiku produced on this blog. Here are some wonderful samples:

                                                       Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

Rising Sun

From beneath a tree

Buddha rises with the sun—
sparrows call his name.
Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Sizzling Desert Sun

Sizzling desert sun—
I dream of plum trees blooming
three days to the north.

And, the haiku where I found a Clue:

old poet hobbling

near the pond’s edge at midnight

ripple of water

     ~~ ~~ ~~

tea kettle whistles
old poet puts down her pen

  ~~  ~~  ~~

More beauty, through vision, lens and words......


Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

imagine swallows

darting through a desert sky
sunrise to sunset

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher


                                                     Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

morning and evening
breathing for the universe
blessed Buddha tree

Text and photo © 2013 by Magical Mystical Teacher

It is always magical indeed, the feelings I take away from this poet's site. We wish to thank you, kind mystical poet, for your wonderful poetry, beautiful photo-art, your worldview, and participation at Poets United. We look forward to enjoying many more of your offerings.


  1. Congratulations Magical Mystery Teacher for being selected for this honor. It's well deserved. In the short time I've been blogging here I've already come to know and love your participation and the quality/depth of your works. Many times I'm simply at a loss for words when confronted with your insight. Ciao Stormcat

  2. I always enjoy Magical Mystical Teacher's participation in Poets United Poetry Pantry on Sundays. She writes such depthful haiku. Good choice, Sherry.

  3. Super, super, super! Congratulations, MMT! I saw Sherry's post on Facebook with your name, and HAD to come out here to see your spot in the sun. It's been far too long since I've read your fine work.

    Thank you, Sherry!

    Marie Elena of Poetic Bloomings

  4. I too am a fan of MMT! I always enjoy my visits there, and appreciate the kind comments left by MMT on my blog and on others'. Magical and Mysterious, this teacher is a great community poet.

  5. Congratulations MMT -- your stunning photography and poetry are a hit for all. Love visiting and reading. Thank you, Sherry, for spotlighting for more to enjoy!!

  6. hooray for featuring one of my favorite blog artist (through and through) teachers!

  7. I loved MMT ever since the first day I visited. Haiku with such depth and insight - and ALWAYS on form.

    To create haiku out of an environment so far removed from its original Japan too - the desert offers such surprising beauty.

    Congratulations MMT and thanks Sherry for the tireless work you do highlighting the best among such distinguished company. Especially when we know you are a bit tired by all the recent events around the world and at home. Take care...

  8. And the mystery remains! MMT, your photos and haiku are always top notch!

  9. I too always find this blog very beautiful and rewarding. (And for some reason have always assumed the writer is a woman.)

  10. Am so happy you all enjoyed the highlighting of this amazing poet. It is pure delight for me to feature someone every week - there are so many fantastic people in this community. I swoop around like an owl and pluck one, and thankfully there are always more and more......

  11. You picked a winner, a poet whose writings and artwork are truly inspiring.

  12. I have been reading MMT's Haiku regularly---and find his poetic skills absolutely fantastic. Thanks Sherry for introducing this amazing poet...:))

  13. Thank you for highlighting Magical Mystical Teacher!
    Magical? Yes. S(he) turns the desert into a garden EVERY DAY!
    Mystical? Definitely! There is so much nourishment in his/her poetry. I think of it as food for my soul!
    Teacher? Of course! I became interested in haiku when I came across MMT's website many months ago. I feel as though I learn something (about poetry AND about life)whenever I visit.
    Male or female? Does it matter?

  14. Congrats MMT! YOU are a magician for the mystical! I love your voice :D

  15. congratulations on your feature! ^^ MMT's images and words are wonderfully inspiring. so much depth and beauty. a magical mystical teacher indeed.

  16. Congratiolations friend from fellow Carpe Diem poet ;-)


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