Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Verse First ~ Colored

Welcome to Verse First, where simple notions prompt amazing poems.

Today's notion?


Colored can be so very simple: Having color or being colorful…. colored hair… colored lights… colored contact lenses.

But it can be complicated and sometimes offensive when referring to a person of color or telling an "off-colored" joke.  Many a cheek has colored up in such situations. 

Colored can indicate exaggeration or bias. We all know someone who shares highly colored accounts of events. And remember the gal who see's the world through rose colored glasses?

Lastly, we cannot forget the Crayola references. We have all colored within the lines, outside the lines and up a storm.

If none of these notions appeal, here are some brightly colored photos to spark your creativity:

Trumpet Vine © Kim Nelson

Early Lilac Blooms © Kim Nelson

Red Leaves Clinging © Kim Nelson

Take this information, or one of the images above and create a poem. Post your work on your website, then use Mr. Linky to share it with us. Feel free to leave a comment below, and be sure to support your fellow poets by visiting and commenting. 

Looking forward to reading your poems! ~ Kim

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  1. happy colourful poetry month to all...

  2. Thank you for the prompt ~ I will be around later to read the links ~ Happy day to all ~

  3. This prompt made me think of a poem I wrote several years ago, Grand Canyon which was published by Black Cat Poems online. I look forward to reading today's poems inspired by color.

  4. Look at all of you busy bees! I'm late to my own party. ;-)

  5. Great prompt, Kim. Kids, this morning I am heading out to my beloved beach for a couple of days of cackling and beachwalking with my pal, Chris.........I wont have access to a computer, I dont think, but will be sure to catch up with all of you on my return Friday afternoon. I will sit here all weekend and make the rounds! Beachward ho! Yippee!

    1. Have a wonderful trip, Sherry. Soak up some sea water for me, too!

  6. Hairy Limerick
    By Madeleine Begun Kane

    A gal who was youngish, yet gray,
    Considered a dye job one day,
    But was coloring wary.
    (It struck her as hairy.)
    She refused, to her mother’s dismay.

    Her mom said, “It’s time for some dye,
    Else you’ll look even older than I.
    And I can not afford
    And old daughter — good lord —
    If I want to attract a new guy.”

    Madeleine Begun Kane

    1. Hilarious, Mad! I, in fact, had a friend who found herself exactly there when she began graying in high school. Great lim.

  7. Kim,

    Another great prompt. I had a 'character,' in mind from the outset. I just had to compose the words, to convey my feelings.

    I shall make visits as soon as possible, to read other poems:)


  8. I'm linking to an old post at the end of 2011. Back in the day when "colored" meant seperate water fountains etc... we lived in Amarillo, Texas. My aunt, who will be 90 this year, was a national award-winning photographer and artist. She was ahead of the times. This photo and story broke barriers of sorts, or at leas would have if it had been published. But with this week's theme, I thought it was an interesting tie-in to the concept of colored, and how some people saw beyond that.....

    1. Amazing bit of history you've shared with us, Rick. Thank you.

  9. Good prompt, Kim. The color of my world right now is gray. We have had a dreadful spring so far. Thus my poem today!

    1. I will be around reading sometime Thursday.

  10. This isn't really me, but a combination of influences.

  11. Friends
    You’re crying
    Feel like you’re dying
    They’re always by your side
    No matter what
    Even if you’re a butt
    They’re always by your side

    What’s that lovely sound?
    It sounds like a melody of happiness mixed with a ray of sunshine.
    Different notes make up these wonderful sounds

    What do I do next?
    my fish died
    my chicken died
    my dog is sick
    Brittany died.
    Jacob died
    Rachel died.
    I cried,
    then I died.
    but hey!
    Mr. A is alive!

    Grass blades are all alike and look the same
    People have their own stories
    Grass and People have one thing in common
    They're both here on Earth

    1. McKenna~
      You have touched on such seriousness in this poem of color, life, death. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Thank you for the prompt, i have enjoyed this and the interplay between blue and red, Alan

  13. I've gone for silver moonlight - almost a colourless colour, but with its own magic, methinks...

    1. And the lilac photo reminded me of something else I wrote a while back, for a different blog belonging to Lilka, and resurrected here for you today.

    2. LOVED these, Jinksy. Glad you shared today.

  14. I am glad I found this blog on Uneven Steven's blog. I experienced a loss of a loved one yesterday evening after I had already planned on writing for this prompt. So, my colors may be a bit dark right now. Thank you for allowing me to share.

    1. Your poem is powerful, as well as beautiful, Donetta. I am sorry for your loss and grateful you found your way here.

  15. Thank you! Your prompt was very timely for me as I had just the photo (taken last week).

  16. This prompt was very timely for me too, as I got to the exhibition on its last day.

  17. Mad, leave it to the mother to guilt-trip the daughter into getting it done. I hope daughter tells her mother to take a flying leap! Me, I've earned every bit of grey on my head, and I'm not coloring it for anybody. It's my "crone crown," AKA "God's free highlights." Great one, honey. Amy


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