Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Verse First ~ Wake Up and Love!

Welcome to Verse First, where simple notions prompt amazing poems.

Today's notion is actually a command. Two, in fact. Let's see what you do with it.


There will always be opposition
Evil will ever-exist
Fear and hatred? They will be present
Your role, your work?
Wake up
And Love

Go with it. Write about it. Pay it forward. Pass it on.

Post your work on your website, then use Mr. Linky to share it with us. Feel free to leave a comment below, and be sure to support your fellow poets by visiting and commenting. 

I look forward to reading some life-changing poems! ~ Kim

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  1. Good morning, all! In light of tragedies around the world, I wanted our collective energy to all to the love and the light. Thank you for participating and please encourage others to do the same! Let's increase the positive!

  2. What a prompt!!
    Kim... thanks for experimenting with our thoughts!!

  3. Awesome, Kim....the more light the better. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Had no idea of this prompt when I wrote my poem earlier today. Guess it was meant to be!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks, Adura! Love seeing you here on a regular basis.

  6. The prompt took me smack in the middle of my village. Call it village romance.

  7. Oddly enough, I first read your headline as "Wake Up and Leave." This doesn't bode well for my verse. :)

    Madeleine Begun Kane

  8. Kim,

    It has been a sad and dreadful week, with Boston in mind. It reminded me too much of my years growing up in Belfast. It made me shiver with fear again....
    My poem is linked to the experiences of that event and worldwide in many ways.


  9. Not wanting to add to the heaviness of the week, I too wrote a poem in memory of Boston. I wrote it this morning after seeing this week's first verse words, but took until this afternoon to post it here. I think it is important to see although sometimes seemingly very difficult in the light of events like this, that there is still good all around us. This is where I will place my hopes and energy and thoughts, for thoughts become actions and good, kind actions hold the power to aid those whose hearts that suffer. And basically that is what my poem is about, one's change in thought. Thank you all for your inspiring poems and reading mine!

  10. I am late with my offering, extremely tired and still have a hard week ahead of me. So my poem is not well put together - just all I could manage before I topple into bed........some really great poems were written to this prompt. Kim, you chose a great prompt to remind us that good outweighs the bad, in the end...........

  11. This was a great prompt -something we all needed!

  12. A nice instruction to receive! I obeyed. :)

  13. I will do my best to visit your work. May take several days since we're expecting 140 guests for our daughter's wedding Saturday!

    1. Enjoy the wedding, Kim! That is what is important in your life right now.

  14. Finally..writing a poem after such a long time!! Time is flying here (I just moved to LA) so busy with studies..really sorry for not participating for this long. Will grab a chance to read all your poems this weekend!

  15. Linking up for the first time. Great prompt.

  16. Wrote this piece on wednesday but could nt post it. Hope to come back and read others, right now nursing my dotty dear down from fever

  17. Hi, please guide me on how I can participate in this blog.


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