Monday, May 13, 2013

Poem of the Week ~ Grace-Moments

Kids, this poem by Janet Martin, of Another Porch, just says it all about families, how fast our children grow up, how full, with laughter and tears, our hearts are, as we look back on all the fleeting years. Janet has a way of making us aware  of what she calls "the beautiful ordinaries", reminding us to cherish them as they come. She posted this wonderful collage to accompany the poem, and I simply must include it. Check it out on Janet's site, where you can see it more clearly. It is precious.


Don’t grieve that it’s gone, wonder that it was.
Laugh that you lived and dance that you dared.
Inhale that it happened — and it was grace.  
Ann Voskamp a Holy Experience

...and so, that is what we do
slipping new seasons over our shoulders
like the earth wears spring, then summer,
fall then winter, 
snow after the dew...
moments melded by God's grace
into laugh lines on our faces
and memories that the heart embraces
as thought re-traces 
where feet cannot go

...for the heart is a harbor from which dreams set sail
or come home to anchor in time's shifting swell 

and all we can do is live in the moment

soon it will simply be
what once was...

My kids birthdays make me a little sentimental:)


As it turns out, I scheduled this a few weeks back, not even making the connection that this poem would follow Mother's Day - but it is actually the perfect follow-up to yesterday's Pantry. Thank you, Janet, for such a heartwarming poem, and for the  look back at all those busy, happy years. Yours is this week's Poem of the Week!


  1. So beautiful. I am a big fan of Janet's. She is a remarkable writer.

  2. ...what once was... Precious. Love this one.

  3. Another porch,,,,,,I follow this blog. I love her poems, they have deep meaning and give an essence of purity, glad that its here on poets united of the week. Thanks.

  4. Gracias Janet, wonderful thought, wonderfully written

  5. So very true. We must enjoy each moment while we have it, as it WILL indeed be past before we know!!

  6. Living breathing poetry and grace...I love what you do and who you are, Janet...thank you. ♥

  7. Lovely. I can trace every laughline on my face, even the brand new dimple that echoes my smile - that's from Lex. But most of those lines are from Riley, my only daughter, only child.

    Janet, I simply loved this infusion of feeling, of God's grace as we meander through this life. Here's to more laugh lines! Amy

  8. I love the message to all mothers: "Don't grieve that its gone" - it is a nice reminder that it really isn't gone at all, motherhood continues and evolves as our children grow and then...the grandchildren come back to us, and I say back because it rekindles all of those wonderful memories and ignites so many more new ones. Thanks for the post.


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