Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Verse First ~ A Place in The Universe

Welcome to Verse First where simple notions prompt amazing poems. 

Today's Notion?

A Place in The Universe

"The universe is not really made up of atoms, it's made up of stories. It is through the sharing of our unique stories that we can arrive at a deeper connection with another person. I also may come to a deeper connection with myself, with my own truth -- by exploring that edge of authenticity."
          ~ Muriel Rukeyser 

Our writing has a voice whose characteristics and timbre are uniquely ours. We see the world in our own special way and perceive experiences differently than anyone else. Use YOUR unique voice. Share a poem about your place, role, mission, position in the world, in the universe. Explore the edge of your authenticity.

Post your work on your website, then use Mr. Linky to share it here. Leave a comment below if you like, and remember to support fellow poets by visiting and commenting on their work. No linking and slinking away!

I look forward to reading poems unique to each of you. ~ Kim

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  1. Nice one........ It has many stories to share............... Thanks for this Kim.........

    1. Lasha... I tried several times to comment at your site, but was each time redirected to a file not found page.

      Your poem is made up of images and instances that create a wonderful world. It made me smile!

    2. Lasha, it wouldnt let me comment either - but you have written a poem full of images of this wonderful old planet! Love the twinkling stars!

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. :) This prompt brigs a smile on my face. Guess what!! just yesterday i had written a poem titled," Universe as I see"....and today it fits in the prompt!!!

  3. Created this little photo late last night.....perfect timing!

  4. Brought back my memories...nice prompt

  5. You know I love a good edge ;D lol

  6. Wow! So many thoughts, I could write a book. Instead I play with paradox on a grand scale ... Thank you, Kim!

  7. Kim,

    Loved considering and then writing this. It is my kind of thing!!!

    Best wishes,

  8. I loved considering the possibilities for this! Thank you!

  9. I am enjoying your writings this week poet friends! Keep 'em coming!

  10. Kim, I like what you say about our own unique writing voice. If you ever feel like writing more on that aspect I would love to read it. Voice is something I want to improve in my poetry. Sometimes I think "That's it! I got it down right!" and other times I feel like I fell way too short of the mark. So any pointers you have would be awesome. Not that you need more to do - ha :-)

    Happy midweek poets!

  11. Awesome prompt, Kim. I need to lie down, but I will be back later! I cant wait to read everyone's.

  12. Excellent prompt, i have gone through the sharing of unique stories, i hope it is OK. Thank you

  13. I thought this would be easy, but it was hard! I love the prompt Kim :D I can't wait to read all of the poems and their Voices! ;D

  14. Loved the prompt. Though the poem I have linked was an old one. Now let me see if I could get another one going. :)

  15. Though I am a bit busy these days, but, couldn't help writing for this prompt! Thanks for the prompt, Kim. Shall read all the poems tonight!


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