Monday, May 20, 2013

Poem of the Week~Notes Before Leaving

Kids, Grace of everyday amazing wrote a poem recently that seemed to speak to many of us, about how relationships sometimes continue from day to day, with a running inner commentary to accompany them. I loved this one! Grace took the beautiful photo on her banner, too. A talented girl!

Notes Before Leaving.........

If you should leave, don't make it on Sunday
       When I'm baking chicken topped with butter-  

Not on Friday, when I'm eager to come
       home from work, drooping eyelids, aching thumbs-

Monday might be a good day, when my mind
       dwells on unfinished work, like a sour rind - 

Thinking of pay cheque by Thursday, time flies
       like a beggar, as I file & refile -    

Instead, pack your bags on Tuesday after-
       noon, when I'm drunk with paints, pens & verses- 

Hands sag like autumn leaves,  forehead sweaty - 
       Outside, neglected plants sniffle on wet

Tissues, the lone tree snaps like rubber band - 
       I won't notice that you are gone - as planned -

     ***     ***     ***     ***     ***

Thank you, Grace, for all that you add to our poetic community!


  1. A good day for this poem, on the Maybe Monday ... Thanks to both of you for the good read.

  2. Awesome .............. thank you Sherry for sharing.

  3. What a lovely surprise, ha ~ Thank you so much Sherry ~

    Have a wonderful week, everyone ~

    1. ..i remember this.... one of Grace's best poems that made it to my fave lists.... like Mary, this is something written in style & voice i haven't encountered yet... smiles...

  4. Thank you Sherry - and thank you Grace - for sharing this poem which does, indeed, communicate the day-to-dayness of relationship.

  5. Oh, this is a beautiful poem.. Grace is wonderful poem & such a positive person. Sherry, such a wonderful choice. Grace, a poem we definitely can all identify with!!

  6. nice....grace def has the skillz....smiles..
    and it is a lovely poem...her cherry blossom poem
    last week was one of my favs...

  7. Grace is one of my favorites, love this poem which is so true when it comes to the everyday in a relationship.

  8. This is very sensitive and thoughtful poem. Loved the wy it is written. No wonder it is the poem of the week.

  9. Very True mama.......... Nice one and it does say a lot of things.........Wonderful read such lovely works

  10. I loved this piece the first time I read it. I love it again today. Grace hit every note with this one.

  11. Grace I love your work--lovely write!! And thank you Sherry!!

  12. I can really identify with this one and like it very much. Thanks for sharing.


  13. I remember this one! Grace, you have so many wonderful poems! Sherry thanks for sharing!

  14. A really interesting poem with some great imagery :)

  15. Thank you all for your lovely comments ~ I appreciate them ~

  16. Grace is amazing! I love her work, her view on life~ :D

  17. Grace, you are amazing! Thanks for sharing.


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