Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Verse First ~ The Wild Truth

Welcome to Verse First, where simple notions prompt amazing poems.

Today's notion?

The Wild Truth

In "The Journey", a poem about saving one's own life, Mary Oliver tells us:

"It was already late
enough, and a wild night,
and the road full of fallen branches and stones."

Oliver speaks of the truth of a personal journey, the authenticity with which one must live to be fulfilled. And the fact is, the truth is wild. It fells branches grown rotten on the tree. It shakes foundations, sending stones down life's hills. It unearths inaccuracies and lets light shine on hidden facts.

The truth. It's wild. Write about it or one of its forms ~ Truth, Gnosis, Authenticity, Veracity

Post your work on your website, then use Mr. Linky to share it here. Leave a comment below if you like, and remember to support fellow poets by visiting and commenting on their work. Here at Poets United we strive to support our members. Truth.

I look forward to reading poems unique to each of you. ~ Kim

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  1. Well, my mind is spinning from your prompt: I want to write about Truth, but haven't got to the wild sensuous truth yet. Still digging for it.

  2. Kim, your prompts are always wildly intriguing! I love this one. Rats - the truth I posted yesterday would have been perfect, but am sure I can come up with something else. I so adore Mary Oliver. I am her acolyte!

  3. Lovely prompt. Even though I am really busy, the prompt made me grab my pen. :)

  4. Parts of this poem were written a year ago, it isn't a pretty truth but it is about something I have always felt great sorrow over.

  5. The truth is, every child loves a tree - and every tree loves a child back.

  6. I love what you all have thus far contributed. I must get myself organized now, and write a little truth of my own!

  7. This was a wonderful prompt, Kim. Made me think.

  8. Something from midnight poetry...I do love the art.

  9. I'm linking to an oldish piece, about an even older situation, in which I confronted some not-so-nice truths.

  10. Kim,

    Truth features quite often within my writing. Old memories which have lasted until present days and actions...

    Love your wonderful challenges each week!!


  11. Needed inspiration! Thanks for helping me this week. So many directions one can go with this week's verse.

    Hopefully I rose up to the challenge!


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    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Christopher~
      Would love to have you participate in the Poets United community. We do not normally advertise our products or publications in these spaces, but I encourage you to post individual poems in response to Sunday's Poetry Pantry; and then visit and comment on the other poet's work.
      Hope to see you there!

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  14. I couldn't figure out how to add my name? But here is my poem.

    Journey to a Wild Truth

    Truth that elusive thing

    Hiding right in front of my face

    Out of site

    Hard to hold

    Hard to know

    It changes


    Won't hold still

    Is only for one's self

    Can never know for another

    What is true

    What is not

    Often what is not true

    Is the truest thing

    I know

    1. The veracity of this poem speaks for itself. A really strong write, Annell. By the way... we've begun closing Mr. Linky by Saturday, which explains your inability to link in the traditional way. Thank you for sharing your piece here in the comments section. ~K

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  16. Great prompt Kim - I didn't know you were doing this on Wednesdays - will be stopping by from now on :) Some wonderful poems here :)


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