Friday, May 9, 2014

I Wish I'd Written This

If I Were a Love Poem
By Delaina J Miller

I would woo you
to keep you warm all night
dreaming of things we could do
bodies so close
breath held tight
nothing concealed
or untried.

I would have you wanting
as you tasted my words on your lips.
Your radiant smile
forever held in my stanzas
your sigh —
line breaks
setting our passion
to the right pace.

Faithful to the arousal
of words you read me
and again
vows of rapture
phonic ecstasy
you might even share me
if I were a love poem.

Delaina Miller describes herself as "a poet, content creator, and art enthusiast" who "enjoys decanting the soul out of everyday experiences". She currently lives in the Midwest with her partner. 

To continue in her own words:

"For a living I am a content creator/ copywriter with my partner and at the moment we are rewriting the website for a local career college. It has been a fun and at times challenging project. I also enjoy writing motivational non-fiction. I have a blog, Tune In 2 Life that I am in the process of churning into a motivational self-help book.

"My real passion is writing poetry. I look forward to the day when poetry can keep me in the lifestyle I have yet to become accustomed to. <smiles>"

I know Delaina online, via poetry groups on facebook. I have learned to greatly respect her dedication to her craft, as well as her personal warmth, humour and integrity. The poem I've chosen here is a recent one which utterly entranced me in the way it expresses erotic love through the metaphor of that other great passion, poetry itself.

She writes about her writing process at this link — which modesty almost forbids me from sharing with you, as she says such nice things about me! (She credits me with being a mentor; I'm not so sure she needed one.) However I shouldn't, on that account, deny you the opportunity to read the rest. It's always interesting, I think, to learn how other poets go about it.

You can discover more of Delaina's poetry at her website. She has self-published two ebooks, one of them poetry and the other designed to lift people's spirits. And there is a third in collaboration with her partner, Kristin Hatch, about the work of the charitable organisation FINCA in Uganda. You can check them all out at her Amazon page.   She also has a business website for her other activities.

I know we're going to hear a lot more from this poet in the years to come.

Poems and photos used in ‘I Wish I’d Written This’ remain the property of the copyright holders (usually their authors).


  1. Oh my gosh now who is blushing, this gal. Wow thank you Rosemary. What an honor it is to be featured here and by you. A million thanks.

  2. What a lovely poem, Delaina...and I enjoyed reading about your writing process. I also love the poem in your blog header, "As I Read It"! It describes so beautifully what writing poetry feels like.

  3. Delaina, I love seeing your happy face at the window. Your poetry - in fact your entire life! - is wonderful. You are having a grand time, from the sound of it. Yay! Rosemary, what an awesome poet. Thanks for featuring her.

    1. Wow! Thank you so much Sherry! The photo has been a hit one of those wild moments where I felt free! As the picture was taken in Uganda I have to say that you are right I am having a grand time, and you just made it even better. Cheers!

  4. Thank you, thank you! Delaina is a new poet to me, but one I now must read regularly. Thank you, Rosemary.

  5. Love this... thanks for sharing!

  6. Excellent poem - I wish I'd written this.

    1. Ha! Thank you Buddah!
      Your complement means a lot. Cheers!

  7. Love this post and the poem!

  8. Wonderful poem, Delaina!
    Thank you, Delaina and Rosemary.....REALLY enjoyed this.

  9. DeLaina, that was a very good piece!!! I love how you wrote it, so creative and it flows nicely. My pen name is Jamztoma and I am currently writing confessional poetry as I am on a quest for absolution and peace of mind. I would really like it if you'd stop on by my blog @: and read mine. One more thing, you made me smile tonight. Have a good one!!!

    1. Thank you James! I will check out your blog, Cheers!

  10. Wow such a beautiful poem. I could feel the passion. Well done. And thanks for sharing :)

  11. Wow... Wonderful reading - and I love the starting point - the title.. Very inspiring to read

    1. Thanks Björn and so nice to see you here!

  12. I enjoyed Delaina's amazing poem. Thank you Rose-Mary for introducing the poet and her work.

  13. I'm always so tickled when people enjoy the poems I choose! Thank you all for commenting.

    1. Thank you again Rosemary. You are fantastic!


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