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Ha! Since there are quite a few of us crones around, I really resonated with a poem written recently  by our friend Myrna Rosa. Myrna writes at Daily Spirit - Musings to Nourish the Soul. And then she followed it up with another stunning offering, so I knew it was time for a Blog of the Week. Myrna lives in the beautiful desert landscape of New Mexico.

She was a mix
of desires, cloudy thoughts
questions spoken, some unexpressed
feelings trapped in her heart, 
its beat a rapid thud.

Life, a running target she chased.
It varied, at times a camouflage of happiness,
then stark truth of pain, 
when she clenched 
to what she was forced to let go.

She's more relaxed now.
Wonders if youth ever really did believe
that age and wisdom are synonymous.
Not true. 
She still doesn't know what she doesn't know.

Truth is she still wants to be visible, heard.
to laugh, cry, sing, dance,
dive into air in spite of the bumpy landing,

feel like she's five and ready
for that proverbial ride
that needs only love to increase
not velocity but volume,
the capacity to recognize happiness
then uncloak it, hug it naked, raw to its essence.
All this, before the end of the turbulence.

***   ***

Isn't that just it, kids? I love it. And, Myrna, you are still seen and heard, by all of us. This poem was swiftly followed by another, Becoming Real, which just knocked me out. Here it is:

Birthday's coming up.
I pretend not to care, but alone
I see my life imprinted everywhere
on my body, falling, a burnt out star.

"I'm not afraid of death," I lie to myself
remembering past, when I thought
I was too small, frail, terrified
to have strength required for child birth.
Yet, somehow I did. 
Nature's lessons are experiential.
So, I'll learn to die,
the way I learned to live.

I believe in simplicity.
But I don't live it.
My house full of stuff. 
My mind full of complexities.
My thoughts worry for this world,
then contradict with hope for its survival.
I try to be the peace, 
but am aware of others' suffering,
and I wonder
if all the evils I see,
exist somewhere in me.

Some things I don't simply believe,
I know
about love, compassion,
more than I used to.

I savor life.
It tastes different now, less spicy
but so flavorful. Most days sprinkled,
not with sugar, but with sparkling water clarifying
what's Real
in me.

Wow. I love "I'll learn to die the way I learned to live," and the water, "clarifying what's Real in me." This is a powerful knowing, Myrna.

I asked Myrna when she began writing poetry, and this is what she told me: "I started writing mid September, 2010.  Wow, glad you made me look this up.  I posted something in which I talked about wishing I were a poet.  Brian Miller (dVerse Poets), commented that I should just give it a try, that I had the heart of a poet.  Previously, I had written rhyme, which I disqualified as poetry and am in the process of editing - for a children's/adult little book.  Anyway, I accepted his challenge and started writing.

"Following is my 3rd poem for you, written on April 17, 2012 (after my mother died):"

I watch my dogs at the end
of the day. Oblivious,
they play
not knowing you left.
Tired, I wait
for the sun
to go too,
as flashes of you
stream in final sigh
of fluid embrace.
And I sense the sounds
of colors clashing,
forming something new.
What strange transition,
vacuum packed awareness -
you are - absent
in the setting sun's
darkening hues.
Then, I watch
the dogs sleep, knowing
they'll play again

So beautiful - and comforting. Thank heaven for dogs! And thank you, fellow poet,  for your faithful participation and presence at Poets United through the years. It is a pleasure to have you in our community, with your good heart and crone wisdom.

Do come back, kids, to see who we talk to next. Who knows? It might be you!


  1. Such beautiful poems all three,,,, the last one is a little sad but my favourite is Becoming Real! it is so touching ... Thank you Sherry for sharing this... and Myrna I think you are a wonderful poet!!

    1. Thank you Arushi. i'm so glad you enjoyed the poems.

  2. Ah we are regular visitors to Myrna's blog and she always entertains us with her wonderful offerings..."What strange transition, / vacuum packed awareness - / you are - absent / in the setting sun's / darkening hues."....grief could be touched here....Thank you Sherry for featuring Myrna's blog and wonderful selection of her poems....

    1. Thanks so much Sumana. I so much enjoy our exchanges.

  3. Sherry, thank you so much for your kind words. Blogging is such a joy for me. I meet such wonderful people like you and others who are so supportive. I am so honored. Four years and one month ago I never would have thought this could happen.

    1. It is truly a pleasure, Myrna.....I know what you mean.....the connections I have made online mean more to me than I ever would have dreamed. I so enjoyed shining a little light your way. Thanks for being such a steadfast part of this community.

  4. hey - how nice to see myrna featured here... she's a sensitive poet with a beautiful heart.. and she really makes the online poetry world a bit warmer with her writing and also her thoughtful comments...

  5. I always love it when I cross paths with Myrna, great choice of a featured blog Sherry..

    1. Bjorn, I love crossing paths with you too. I always look forward to seeing what new and exciting words you have woven together.

  6. Oh, I am so thrilled to see Myrna here. Myrna, you are a poet whose poetry I always enjoy because it always talks about the stuff of real life and oftentimes deals with situations we all encounter! I very much love your 'Becoming Real" poem. And yes, in regard to death, we sometimes do try to trick ourselves a bit.,,,though I think it frightens us all. And thinking of "Grief" I have experienced what you write about. Dogs seem to go on. They play today, and they play tomorrow. Yes,I have seen that.

    1. Sherry, a wonderful feature. Thank you for sharing with us such beautiful poetry by a beautiful person.

    2. Thanks so much Mary. It's been such a delight to interact with you in cyberspace.

  7. Truth is she still wants to be visible, heard.
    to laugh, cry, sing, dance,
    dive into air in spite of the bumpy landing... exactly, Myrna, just what I feel. So glad to read Sherry's Blog of the week and get a chance to look through your blog more in depth.

    1. I appreciate your visits immensely. Hope we get to know each other better through our writing.

  8. Myrna, I always like your poems as well as your kind and insightful comments on my blog. Thank you, Sherry, for your choice of poems. I too think 'Becoming Real' is a wonderful poem. I like its simple truths and its honesty.

  9. Gabriella, thank you. I'm so glad that you visit my blog. I enjoy yours too.

  10. The third one really hit me hard. I almost lost a friend recently, so the thought of them being gone...Thank you for these lovely pieces.

  11. I hope your friend is well. Thank you for reading my poems.

  12. Dear Sherry Thanks for this wonderful introduction. Dear Myrna You write in pure realism.May you achieve continuous success in all your writing.amen

    1. Thank you Anjum. So nice to receive your good wishes.

  13. Myrna it's so nice to meet you here. Your poems are real...let this continue forever..Good Luck and God Bless
    Sherry another great interview..thank you:)

    1. Arathi, I'm glad we're meeting. Hope you enjoyed the poems and thanks for wishing me well.

  14. Myrna, what a treat you are! Thanks Wild woman for the introduction :-)

    1. Thank you R.K. I'm always so happy to know you read my poetry.

  15. What warm fuzzies I am having, reading these warm messages from such lovely humans! Sigh. I have the best job in the world!

    1. I love the warm fuzzies too. You don't just have a great job, but you do a great job Sherry.

  16. Thank you, Sherry and Myrna. How difficult to believe Myrna only started making poetry so recently! Many thanks to Brian for encouraging her to start. The heart of a poet indeed - and also the ability. I particularly love the poem on her mother's death, above. And, as others have already said, it's always a joy to encounter her online.

    1. I'm blushing. What an honor to receive such support. Thank you Rosemary.

  17. Happy to see Myrna featured here, thanks Sherry ~ She writes from the heart, I tell ya, smiles ~

    1. Grace, your heart is always exposed too through your writing. Thank you for your blog visits and your kind words here.

  18. It is nice to see Myrna featured..I have enjoyed her poetry and it is a pleasure to read her comments in the blog community. She is very insightful. Thanks Sherry for sharing..

    1. I appreciate your poetry as well. So glad we visit each other often.


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