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Blog of the Week - Everyday Amazing

Our friend Grace, who writes so beautifully at Everyday Amazing, has been a faithful member of Poets United for a few years now. You will also bump into her at dVerse and Real Toads. Recently, Grace wrote a few poems back to back that are so exceptionally beautiful I decided we just had  to feature her site as a Blog of the Week. Grace lives in Mississauga, Ontario,  in Canada.


there is the pace & urge

framing is factor 
where to focus, what to blur

a wisp, a thread is all I can get 
as often your wings propel you

into a distance where I can't follow 
I perch still, listening

to a scratch, flint, tremor 
I know lies just below the blue-sliced dawn

during summer 
you are mighty heron, thrilling for hunt

during autumn 
you are red maple leaf, dazzling in sundown 

during winter 
you are lace-moon, quivering above my window

in spring, 
you are hail storm, unleashing on my pages

grit, fury, tenacity 
you tell me, I will find you

Say of me: You are mine.*

* Line from Hilda Hilst, I come from Ancient Times

Such beautiful imagery in this poem. I especially love "the blue-sliced dawn". I so enjoyed the following poem, in the Boomerang Metaphor form, created by Hannah Gosselin.

This poem is a selfie, nest and doughnut


This poem is busy

As flock of birds scavenging for food in parking lot

As passengers alighting from subway, clutching their
iphones tightly as if their hands are born with it.
As if ears are sockets, forever plugged with noise.
This poem is a selfie.


This poem is made of twigs

A week ago,  I wanted to play god when a baby robin

fell from the small nest, its wet black feathers broken.

But the woman on the phone said, let the mother robin
decide what to do with her baby.  
This poem allows nature to take its course.
This poem is a nest.  


This poem is hungry
As the people lining up at Tim Horton's take out lane.
Some people are lazy, why can't they just go out of their cars
& get it quickly, someone asked.
Maybe they are looking for comfort, I say.  
Maybe every step is jagged stone.
This poem is a doughnut.


This poem is a socket for selfies.
This poem is a twiggy nest,  now empty of birds. 
This poem is comforting as a take-out doughnut.   

Loved it! As a fellow Canadian, Tim Hortons is a staple on cold winter mornings! "Double-double and a doughnut!" and we're good to go!

Lake Panasoffkee, Sumter County, Florida
-taken on a recent family vacation

Travelling between cities


Sounds from mosque at dawn wakes me up.
It is the first of the five prayer times dividing time
into tidy rooms filled with mats, bodies 
kneeling, prostrating facing Mecca, the holy city.

     as sun circles the sky,
     i marvel at different face
     of God 


Here, mountains frame the city in blue
Here, deep ocean crush shells to fine sand 
Here, forest park cradles ancient totems  

    to highest valley
    i soar with wind, content 
    with my eagle's wings 


Your skin is musky earth
In your native language
Even saying good morning 
Sounds like an invitation 
To go somewhere & everywhere

       my tongue rolls new words 
           no, not melted butter 
           but spice, flaming my guts- 


I saw the biggest waterfall
its mouth, a womb of life 
I gazed at fabled city steeped
in 18th century stories
travel to know the history
of my new country - 

          still, my luggage is filled 
         with jasmine leis and one map-

Such a beautiful poem!  "Jasmine leis and one map - you." Sigh. Thank you, Grace, for your wonderful poetry, and for your much appreciated presence in our community.

Do come back, kids, and see who we talk to, or feature, next. Who knows? It might be you! 


  1. Each piece a jewel! Thank you so much Sherry and Grace.

  2. woot. great to see one my fav beautiful people on here...and grace is amazingly has been really cool to see her development over the years...branching out from the intimate verse she used to write to a wide range of subjects all with her distinct voice.

    1. Thank you for your support and encouragement Brian through all the years ~

  3. Wonderful lines... just loved the poems... Thanks a lot Grace and Sherry for sharing them.. :-)

    1. Thank you very much Maniparna ~ I had the most fun writing the second one ~

  4. very cool to see grace featured...she is talented writer and also an honor of having her on the dVerse team... loved esp. the "This poem is a selfie, nest and doughnut... " very cool grace

    1. Thank you very much Claudia ~ The selfie, nest and doughnut poem was fun to write about following Hannah Gosselin's form ~

  5. We are so lucky, at Poets United, to have such talented poets coming back week after week and year after year, to share this community we have made together. Bless you, Grace, for your steadfastness. We love your poetry so much. You are very talented. As Brian said, it is wonderful to see - well, ALL of our voices - growing over these years. I know mine has changed and broadened, and it is because of exposure to other poets, plus writing often, most days, when possible.

    1. Thank you for featuring my blog & posts Sherry ~ If my writing has grown through the years, its because of people like you and the folks here in Poets United who have supported newbies like me ~

      I wish you all a happy week ~ Its a wonderful autumn from my part of the world ~

  6. Grace is one of my favourite poets! I am in awe of the consistent beauty of her writing.

  7. Grace, your take on Hannah's form is wonderful. I love esp "This poem is twigs" and this line in "This poem is hungry" Maybe every step is jagged stone. Marvelous.

    1. Hannah's form was so fun to do ~ Thank you Debi ~

  8. What a wonderful blog to feature, Sherry! And, Grace, your poems have their own unique style; and I always look forward to reading whatever you write. Sherry made lovely choices in what she featured!! Write on.

    1. Though I like experimenting with different styles, I supposed my voice is still the same, ha ~ Thanks for your support Mary ~

  9. I'm glad to see Grace's blog honored here. She is a wonderful writer. I'm never disappointed when I visit.

  10. what a wonderful feeling to read these beauties once again Grace...thanks Sherry for this great selection :)

  11. Ah! This post is a keeper! Reading Grace's poems returns feeling to my dreary numb parts and helps me to see. Thank you, Sherry. Thank you, Grace, for writing from your heart even in fun poems and especially in intimate ones.

  12. Grace, you're always a favorite of mine. Having your platform featured here is so fitting.
    Steve K.

  13. I don't think I ever read a poem by Grace, that I didn't love. Her unique style befits her name. She is amazingly talented. So nice that you highlight her here Sherry. Perfect choice.

  14. I so appreciate the humble, private voice of Grace converting me in a gentle way every time I read her poems. Thank you,Sherry and Grace for sharing! :)xx

  15. Grace is a wonderful presence in the blogosphere. Her poetry is beautiful and her spirit is uplifting and reaches from blog to blog. Thank you Sherry for this. Keep writing Grace...we will be reading your beautiful words for years to come. :-)

  16. Grace is one of my all time favorites. She has such a beautiful gift and I was so happy to see her featured here today. Love, love, love her work. :)

    1. And I also love your work Kathryn ~ Thank you kindly ~

  17. 'This poem is a selfie, nest and doughnut' is a favorite of yours, Grace. I always appreciate your poetry as well as your support in the poetry blogosphere. Thank you, Sherry, for featuring Grace and her poetry today.

    1. That poem was so fun to do Gabriella ~ See you around the blosphere ~


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