Sunday, November 23, 2014

Poetry Pantry #228

Photos Taken By Totomai Martinez

Sunrise at Panglao Beach

("Philippines has 7,107 islands and there are lots of beaches. This is taken in Panglao Beach, Bohol. 
I woke around 5 am, and waited for the sunrise. I was just starting in photography when I took this photo.")

Chocolate Hills in Bohol
("One of the popular tourist destinations in the Philippines is the Chocolate Hills. It seems unreal but really it’s true.
It was affected recently by an earthquake but I think it’s once again open for tourists viewing.")

Boracay Island
(Boracy Island is always included in one of the best beaches in the world. With its blue crystal waters,
white sand and stunning sunset, lots of foreigners visit this island.
Very popular during the Holy Week season – the peak of summer.")

Masskara Festival in Bacolod City

("This is my hometown and our city is known as the City of Smiles.
Masskara Festival was founded when our city was struck with calamities and tragedies.
We decided to cover our woes and pains with smiling masks.")

The Ruins in Bacolod City

("Known as Taj Mahal in the Philippines. This is an old mansion located in one of the sugarcane 
plantations. It has a rich story behind it and it’s about unconditional love too.")

Greetings, Poets!

This next Thursday is Thanksgiving here in the United States.  Thanksgiving should be, in my opinion, the beginning of the lead-up to Christmas; but it seems as if we have had many Christmas decorations and products in store since right after Halloween.  Sigh.  We have had a bout of extremely cold weather, and it looks like we will be having another rough winter here.  But...for those of you in the United States, do have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Glad to see each of you here this week for Poetry Pantry.  It is always enjoyable for me to get to know you through your poetry; and I hope you feel the same.

This week I am sharing photos taken by Totomai Martinez.  (I will resume with Bjorn's series next week.)  Totomai came from the Philippines but has been working in Japan for almost 8 years now.
In his introduction to his photos, he said that the Philippines has 3 major geographical divisions, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.  However, all of the photos shared today are from Visayas as he was born there.  In a few weeks I will be sharing his photos from Japan.  Thank you, Totomai!

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Have a great weekend.


  1. I woke at 4 AM. I hope to go back to sleep after reading a few poems--but how delightful to awaken to the Poets Pantry and its Beautiful pictures! Thanks, Mary.

    1. I hope you were able to go back to sleep. ♥

    2. Yes. Slept from 6 until 8:30. Or was it ...? I feel rested, Magaly. I hope you feel healing ...

  2. I love those pictures.. so different from my November view I see from my window right now.. Hope you are all well....

  3. Good day everyone! Thanks Mary for this opportunity to share where I came from. Hope you can all visit the Philippines next time :-)

  4. 7,107 islands... The Philippines almost sounds like its own universe. And it looks fantastic at sunset!

    Hope everyone has an amazing Sunday!

  5. What an amazing place Totomai. There is so much beauty there and I loved your descriptions as if I was on a tour and you the guide. I can't wait to see more...and I also agree what amazing sunrises and sunsets there. It beats my gray, wet view right now so thanks Mary! Have a great Sunday everyone...

  6. Feels like I've been away a long time! But delightful to be back again and with a brand new poem, only very recently written... What delicious photos of the Philippines from Totomai - and looking forward to be refreshing my soul later by doing some equally delicious reading this evening - Best Wishes to all on what is a very grey, wet, but rather mild still Sunday here in the UK

  7. Great photos I love the chocolate hills. Wishing all of you a restful Sunday whether cold or warm today

  8. What a perfect way to brighten up an otherwise VERY overcast day here -- a 'pantry' well stocked with poems. Hope that all of you have a good Sunday!

    1. I like how you changed the intro to be lighter and brighter!

  9. what a treat today!!...thanks Totomai for these lovely photos...Happy Sunday friends :)

  10. Great pictures, Totomai. I love the composition and the colors. Thank you for sharing. Wishing everyone a wonderful Sunday!

  11. Magical photos and I like description by Tototmai. Thank you for invitation....maybe in another life....Warm, but rainy day here, in mn. Peaceful day to all x

  12. Glorious photos - what a beautiful world we live in. Thank you, Totomai! And thank you, Mary, for hosting the Pantry so faithfully every Sunday. I am tired today, am working hard putting together photobooks for my kids for Christmas....big job, but meaningful gifts. Will be making the rounds before and after a babysitting gig this morning...........looking forward to an infusion of poetry!

  13. greetings, everyone! will be back to read later, gotta run! :)

    totomai, awesome photos!

  14. What gorgeous photos, Totomai. Thank you for sharing them! And thank you, Mary, for being such a stellar hostess every Sunday.

    Wishing everyone a glorious day. Hope someone has blue skies - we haven't seen sun in eons!

  15. What gorgeous pictures!!! Thank you Totomai.

    Mary thanks for posting these and for being the most gracious hostess of them all. Happy Day.

  16. I think Open Link is my favorite post/prompt of the week at PU. Looking forward to reading through these poems over the next couple of days.

    1. I meant to write Poetry Pantry instead of Open Link. Hey, it's Monday. Give me a break. :)


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