Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Health

“We are healthy only to the extent that our ideas are humane.” 
― Kurt VonnegutBreakfast of Champions

File:Flag of WHO.svg
Flag of the WHO (World Health Organization).

“All too often women believe it is a sign of commitment, an expression of love, 
to endure unkindness or cruelty, to forgive and forget.  In actuality, 
when we love rightly we know that the healthy, loving response 
to cruelty and abuse is putting ourselves out of harm's way.” 

“We still counted happiness and health and love and luck 
Médecins Sans Frontières
and beautiful children as "ordinary blessings.” 
― Joan DidionBlue Nights

Midweek Motif ~ Health

Your challenge: Center a poem on 
health ~ even if you must begin with disease. 

PS: Today is also World Toilet Day.  Yes.  Feel free to write to a motif of toilets or lack of them.   Many in the world have no toilets or sanitary systems.  Water  (link) is doing something about it.  Here's a song:  

There is health in thy gray wing,
Health of nature’s furnishing.
Say, thou modern-winged antique,
Was thy mistress ever sick?
In each heaving of thy wing
Thou dost health and leisure bring,
Thou dost waive disease and pain
And resume new life again.

We here at Progressive Health would like to thank you   
For being one of the generous few who've promised   
To bequeath your vital organs to whoever needs them.   

Now we'd like to give you the opportunity   
To step out far in front of the other donors   
By acting a little sooner than you expected, 
. . . .
(Read the rest HERE at the Poetry Foundation.) 

For those who are new to Poets United:  
  1. Post your new health poem on your site, and then link it here.
  2. If you use a picture include its link.  
  3. Share only original and new work written for this challenge. 
  4. Leave a comment here.
  5. Visit and comment on our poems.
(Next week's Midweek Motif is Gratitude)

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  1. Replies
    1. I agree. It's almost too big Maybe we should have one for each of our systems: circulatory, nervous, etc ... Good to see you, Sumana.

  2. Mine is frivolous and light hearted. I think this topic warrants a more serious poem. I will submit another one later on. Good prompt Susan!.

    1. Haha! I also wrote a second poem I will put up later, R. Thanks for the light-heart.

  3. An apt prompt thank you - apologies again if I don't get around to comments and posts..still in the nut house!

    1. You're forgiven, Jae Rose. Holding you in the Light.

  4. Well, a toothy topic! Good one, Susan. The toilet song slays me. It is good to remember millions in the world still lack such basic sanitation. I will see what I can pull out of the soup today.

    1. Interesting connection between toilet and soup, Sherry!.

  5. Susan,

    Loved the scope this prompt allowed me...I took a whimsical approach!!
    Thank you for this and for giving the usual hint for next week. Much appreciated Susan:)


    1. You are very welcome, Eileen. Glad you liked the prompt.

  6. Good morning everyone... not 100% okay but i was able to write one poem. how about a healthy breakfast for everyone?

    Thanks for the prompt Susan!

    1. So, we're all coming over to your house for breakfast!

  7. Oh, it took couple prompts to fire up me...

  8. Sorry for the late-ness. (out of breath) hope you enjoy this one!!! have a great weekend everyone!!! I'm sorry if I haven't commented on everyone's lately. I am a busy man!!! love you all.


    1. You are not late! I don't close the prompt until Saturday morning. I've been busy too, so I hear you--

  9. Mine is up at:

  10. I know it's incredibly late to post. I had something in mind for this prompt but life got in the way of my time. I wrote something that's more of a draft but I really like the prompt and my subject for the response. So, my entry is in. Thanks Susan for all your inspirational prompts.


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