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Blog of the Week ~ Conscious Cacophony

I love the name of this blog, don't you, kids? Being aware of, and interpreting, the cacophony within is a trek we all make, from time to time. C.C., the poet who writes at Conscious Cacophony, says that at mid-life, she is trying "to find a melody" in the midst of the clamor of the shifting of her mental cogs and wheels. I think you will agree that she does so most ably.  

Sherry: C.C., tell us a little about yourself. Where on the planet do you live? And when did you begin writing poetry?

C.C.: I live in the Northwest, so consider myself very fortunate to live where I can see the mountains every single day. 

I began writing poetry when I was around 10 years old. It resonated for me as a means of creative expression because I find release through the written word and I appreciate the brevity of expression that poetry affords in comparison to short stories. 

Another reason it appeals to me is because, although I am typically very direct in my interpersonal communication, I am drawn to the ambiguous or varied interpretations of poetry, the ways in which I can write something that I think is so clear but a reader can have an entirely different take on it for some personally relevant reason. It is a beautiful thing how we bring ourselves and our life experiences into not only the writing of poetry, but also the reading and interpretation of it.

Sherry: That is very true. Good point.

C.C.: Malignant Muse is written as a nonet, which has quickly become one of my favorite forms of poetry, and it describes WHY I write....because of the healing power that writing holds for me in my life).

Grief metastasizes in my gut
Anger’s raging tumor hardens
No surgeon’s scalpel can cut
Pain rooted this deeply
Written words extract
It’s a fact
Pen does

Sherry: It is very true. "Pen does heal." 

C.C.: Fragments of Heaven is an example of the inspiration I draw from the rich exposure blogging provides, to creative prompts and amazing poetry links and bloggers that inspire me to immerse myself in reading a wide range of different things.

Sherry: It is a rich treasure trove, isn't it? Fragments of Heaven is one of my favorite of yours, C.C.

You are a cosmic path
In the night sky
And a finding of stars
In sleepless constellations
Sewn into the fabric of space
Between your galaxy and mine
Fragments of heaven
Igniting my universe
With milky way awe
A curve of secret orbit
Drawing me closer
Through space and time
Our dusty kindred souls
Towards each other
Stellar particles
Mesmerized in a celestial dance
As the light refracted
From our stars
Glimmers across the cosmos.

Sherry: This poem is so beautiful. I saw, on your blog,  that you took the italicized words from poet Salvatore Quasimoto's Grant Me My Day, as your jumping off point. Cool. 

C.C.: The next poem is probably the most vulnerable piece of poetry I've ever published on my blog, and my emotional connection to it is huge. I posted it one year ago  as an idealized version of a fantasy lover. But, in the last year, I have found this intensely fierce and passionate man willing to risk the 'shards,' and my heart is perforated with him in ways I never could have written.

If you, Lover, are willing to risk
wish to have pieces of me
embedded in you
shards of you
pierced into me
you and me
perforations upon each other’s hearts
tied together in impenetrable intimacy
then know this:

my heart
cannot float in the shallow waters
wading effortlessly
splashing nonchalantly;
it requires surging waves
undulating potency
drown me in your ferocious depths.

my mind
refuses to loiter in the discomfort of ambiguity
placidly accepting surface explanations
embracing uncertainty;
it demands difficult answers
inconvenient as they may be
brutalize me with your truth.

my body
cannot tolerate apathetic affection
begrudgingly offered
sparingly bestowed;
it desires fervent carnality
tangible thirst
slay me with your lust.

my soul
recoils from bland mediocrity
insipid monotones
blurring life’s landscapes;
it craves vibrant colors
haphazardly painted outside the lines
stain me wildly with your tint.

my love
impossible to extinguish
blazing recklessly
burning ferociously;
it erupts scorching heat
firelight dancing from within
scald me with your love.

If you, Lover, are still willing to risk
wish to have pieces of me
embedded in you
shards of you
pierced into me
you and me
perforations upon each other’s hearts
tied together in impenetrable intimacy
then know this:
Together, we will ignite the night sky.

Sherry: Wow, C.C.! You wrote, and he came. And from reading this poem, I can tell he is brave, and there must certainly be ignition! 

C.C.: Kiss Your Words is another example of how I love to experiment with new forms. I enjoy blogs like Mind Love Misery's Menagerie that provide all kinds of opportunities for playing around with new stuff.

lover of my soul
kiss your words into my heart
so you will pulse through my veins


let us wrap our souls
with pages from our story
bound in love as one

Sherry: Sigh. I so enjoy a good love story. Thank you, C.C., for your participation at Poets United, and for allowing us to feature your work. 

Do check out C.C.'s site, my friends, as there is just so much to explore. And come back and see who we talk to next. Who knows? It might be you!


  1. Bursting interview, really! C.C. you rule! Resonate with my feel about poetry, pen heals!
    Like your thirst for playing with words and forms! Thank you, Sherry! Glad C.C. you're here at PU, thanks x

    1. Aw, thanks so much :-) Yes, just today I was talking with someone about how poetry, and other creative expressions, can be such a healthy outlet for emotional expression...the pen really does heal. It is so much fun playing around with words and forms. A literary playground!! It's great to be here at PU. Thanks for welcoming me so warmly.

  2. Oh I like what you wrote C.C. whenever our roads crosses.. wonderful to have you interviewed, and a great selection of poems..

    1. Thanks, Bjorn...I always appreciate the comments you leave and the time you take to go around reading so many poems!

  3. C.C. told me she's at work today but will pop in once she gets we both live in the North West, I feel like C.C. is a neighbor!!

    1. Thanks, Sherry for this fun interview. And thanks for passing this went even later than I thought. But, thank you for sharing my heart so generously and kindly here. And, thank you again for all you do to keep us informed and inspired on such a regular basis...I know there is so much work behind the scenes that goes into it and it is so appreciated!!! You rock!

    2. It is my pleasure, kiddo. I have the best job in the world. I love hearing peoples' stories - and armchair traveling to other locations. Smiles. We're happy to have you here at PU.

  4. I enjoyed reading the Blog of the Week. I have been to C.C blog she has some lovely poems. A nice feature this Monday.

    1. Thanks, Truedessa. I'm glad you think so :-)

  5. CC, I really like your poem "Open Letter to My Future Lover," and I am so glad that you found someone who WAS that lover. That makes me smile!

    1. Thank you, Mary. He really is the man I never believed could even actually exist and he makes me smile too :-)

  6. Thank you, Sherry, for choosing CC's blog for 'Blog of the Week'. I like what she writes and appreciate her support in the poetry blogosphere. I too like 'Open Letter to My Future Lover'.

  7. Thanks, Gabriella. I wish I could be more supportive...I always have these lofty goals to read and comment on everything every single time, but then life and other demands get in the way! But, it is fun to try. Everyone is so interesting and inspiring to read. I appreciate your support too. Thanks :-)

  8. Lovely interview and many congrats CC on finding love, as imagined! K.

  9. Pen does heal! I loved this and can't wait to read more! Thank you!!

  10. Oh, what a great interview to start my day with! Many thanks to you both, Sherry and C.C. And oh how I love such gorgeous, passionate love poems! I have somehow remained unaware of this blog (and blogger) until now, and I'm so glad to have learned of such treats available.

    1. Thanks, Rosemary! I'm so glad you think of them as treats :-) So kind of you to say so.

  11. Great interview Sherry and CC I adore your poems and the emotions you reveal....

    'It is a beautiful thing how we bring ourselves and our life experiences into not only the writing of poetry, but also the reading and interpretation of it.'

    Your words ring true for me is what I love about writing and poetry!

    1. Yes, exactly Donna! Isn't it so fascinating how two people can read the exact same poem and come away with such different interpretations of it?? I ljust love that.

  12. I was so excited to see an interview with CC up. Our paths cross at various sites and I always enjoy her poetry. So nice to learn more about you, CC. Thanks, Sherry!

    1. Debi! I'm always happy when our paths cross because I enjoy your poetry very much :-) Thanks for all the support.

  13. Thank you, thank you! Both of you! I remembered the Open Letter, but not the others. They just knocked my socks off. Congratulations on the mountains and the man!

    1. Wow, Susan, thank you for your encouragement. I think socks are overrated anyways ;-)

  14. What a gritty honesty there is to your poetry. I particularly liked "Open Letter to My Future Lover". It was great to meet you.

    1. Honesty and grit are particular favorites of mine so to think you see them melded together in my words is very encouraging to me! Thank you, Robin.


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