Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Poets United Midweek Motif ~ The Role of Humor in Our Lives

“If we couldn't laugh we would all go insane.” 

“And the little prince broke into a lovely peal of laughter, which irritated me very much.  I like my misfortunes to be taken seriously.” 

“. . .  laughter is serious. More complicated, more serious than tears.” 

Cyklisci dk ubt
"Cycliing in Denmark" by Tomasz Sienicki (tsca, mail: tomasz.sienicki at


Midweek Motif ~ 
The Role of Humor in Our Lives

Closer to prank or parody?  
Closer to joking or satire? 
Yours or someone else's?
Laughter or groans?

Your Challenge:  
Let your poem give us an experience of the role of humor in a life.  Be funny if you wish, but it is not required.

Jerry Seinfeld Julia Louis-Dreyfus2.jpg
Jerry Seinfeld and Julia Louis-Dreyfus at the 1997 Emmy Awards

from Charles Bukowski's 

. . . . 

don't feel sorry for me
because I am alone

for even 
at the most terrible
is my 

. . . . 
(Read the rest HERE at Hello Poetry dot Com.)        

The Laughter Of Women

                By  Lisel Mueller  
The laughter of women sets fire
to the Halls of Injustice
and the false evidence burns
to a beautiful white lightness

It rattles the Chambers of Congress
and forces the windows wide open
so the fatuous speeches can fly out

The laughter of women wipes the mist
from the spectacles of the old;
it infects them with a happy flu
and they laugh as if they were young again
. . . . 

(Read the rest HERE at Poem Hunter dot Com)


For those who are new to Poets United:  
  1. Post your new humor poem on your site, and then link it here.
  2. If you use a picture include its link.  
  3. Share only original and new work written for this challenge. 
  4. Leave a comment here.
  5. Visit and comment on our poems.
(Our next Midweek Motif is Cancer.)

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  1. Thank you for the prompt Susan - I hope your week is going well.. I think we need to see the funny side in order to get by so (again) whilst mine is not a laugh riot I would be the first to laugh at myself and my predicament...

    1. Hey, Jae Rose. I'll be over there in a few minutes after I make my coffee. My week has started well, with even some laughter and relaxation. I wish you the same!

  2. Good Morning, PoetsUnited!
    What would I do without humor? I ended up writing two--Future Humor and Present Humor--the second to lighten up he first; and then I posted the second, linking it to the first. If that sounds like a "Whose on first" joke, that's OK. I hope you all have fun with this prompt!

  3. I love the Bukowski poem. Good choice and good prompt. He is one of my favourite poets. Have not written mine yet. A sense of the ridiculous enables you to survive any situation.I think humour is innate...don't think you can learn it. Some cultures are more predisposed to it than others. A life without laughs and falling about plus taking yourself too seriously must be very dismal indeed !

    1. Indeed Rallentanda :) we certainly get ridiculous in j all senses

    2. Thank you. Looking forward to your poem.

  4. I love that first quote, if we didnt laugh we'd all go insane. I think my poem sort of went there!!!

    1. Good old Robert Frost. I'm hearing ;lots of ironic laughter today.

  5. Susan, You have been throwing some difficult prompts lately. For several days I grappled with the idea and today I woke up with dawn and it was there. My first poem was pretty dark so I will archive it for now.
    So many faces to laughter I hope each of you can feel the warmth in a smile today!!!

    1. Wow, Leslie, I didn't realize how difficult! In the future I'll stick to one word motifs: "HUMOR. Where ever you find it." But, I must say that these poems are so fine, so fine. Yours, besides being a poem, is raw material for several!

    2. Ha - I think it may be the topic or maybe its my brain. I was flummoxed with "Fashion" but I was truly delighted at the wonderful things people wrote. None of us are conformists - maybe that's the definition of a poet lol


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