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What a treat I have for you this week, kids. This will be our very first visit to GREECE ! We are zooming from all points of the globe to visit the poet, Poppy, who writes at  Poppy View, in Crete. Poppy is a fantastic photographer, as well, so get ready to enjoy some stunning views of spectacular scenery. And there are a couple of unexpected musical treats as well. This is going to be such a thrill! The plane is touching down. Let's hop off and go sit on Poppy's terrace, abloom with flowers.

Sizzling hues heat up cool, white facades, Archanes, Crete.

Sherry: Poppy, I cant wait to ask you this: please tell us the story of how a girl from Toronto, Canada, finds herself living in Greece. How long have you lived there?

Poppy: Sherry, firstly thanks so much for the invitation to your wonderful series, and conducting this interview!

This July, it will be 27 years since I came to live on the island. I had just got my B.A in English Literature from the University of Toronto, and my father bought me a ticket to Greece to acquaint me with his side of the family in Athens. It was a graduation gift, and to be honest, it came at just the right time, since I was working at a dead end job, and feeling quite aimless. I had aspirations of becoming an actress, working in advertising and writing sitcoms, and although I had my 8 x 10 glossies, I didn't have the nerve to deliver them to any agents. In hindsight, I realize that was such a silly thing to do, since I didn't have anything to lose, only to gain, but I sabotaged myself with my insecurity!

My husband and I, shortly after our engagement, 1986.

Beyond our front gate, Crete Greece.

Shortly after I arrived in Greece, I connected with a friend from Toronto who was going to stay with family in Crete, and she asked me to join her. It was there, in a remote mountain village, where I met my husband. A few conversations and two days later, he proposed. Very romantic, but the truth is, I didn't want to live in Greece. I come from an extremely close knit family, and couldn't bear being away from them on a permanent basis, so my husband agreed to make the move to Toronto. But, he wasn't fond of the long, cold winters, missed being his own boss, and wasn't keen on attending ESL classes. Since I'm bilingual, and don't mind the long, hot summers  we crossed the Atlantic, (something I've done at least 45 times in my life!), to begin our adventure in Crete. 

A seaside tavern, and the settlement of Spinalonga,
                                   further out to sea. Plaka, Crete.

Views of our valleys; country quilts in the making.

Sherry: This scenery is so spectacular, it is hard for me to concentrate on the interview. We could just look at the photos and it would be enough! Tell us what it feels like to wander through such a beautiful landscape. You are living such an adventure - and love story! I love it!

Poppy: Crete is a beautiful, magical place; it's no wonder Zeus was born here! The island is rich in fertile soil, thus providing much of Europe's fruits and vegetables, as well as a popular holiday destination for its gorgeous beaches, mountainous retreats, 5000 year history, cultural attractions, food and wine, and festivals that celebrate the island's diverse agricultural abundance and traditions. The island is also home to hundreds of churches and many monasteries, and every village, no matter how small, has its own, with several more within its periphery.

​Flaming flowers take centre stage, 
stealing the scene from the stoney and serene.

Snowy splendour, a short walk from home, ​February 2015.

Ombros Gialos, near Chania, Crete.

St. Nicholas, the main church in our village.

To be honest, it wasn't a dream of mine to live in Crete, for the reasons I've mentioned above, but I have grown to love this island for its beauty, serenity, and hospitality. Having said that, I do know that at this point in my life, I'd like to split my time between Greece and Canada, since my daughter is now living in Toronto permanently.

We lived in Heraklion, the capital of Crete, for twenty-three years, and I had had enough of the cement jungle, and although I sometimes miss the obvious conveniences that come with living in the city, waking up each morning and opening the bedroom shutters to be greeted by panoramic views, more than makes up for not having a supermarket down the street, or night life nearby. When nature is your backyard, you don't have to go far to be inspired. From the sights and sounds, to the textures and tastes of orchards and olive groves, vineyards and valleys, living among such vitality is pure satisfaction for the senses.

​                                         Mountain ranges from our rooftop terrace.

Sparkling seaside retreats, 
just minutes from the mountains.

Sherry: It is soul-satisfying, when nature is your backyard. Paint us a picture of the poet at home, Poppy.

Poppy: I've been married for twenty-seven years, and have one daughter. When I was newly married, I had just started a job with the Toronto Sun, in its advertising department, with the intention of writing movie reviews and interviewing celebrities, somewhere down the line. Since then, my main source of income has been from teaching ESL, mostly as a private tutor, here on the island, as there is always a great demand for the language. I also had my own radio show one year, was a copywriter for a local television station another, and taught drama classes in the English speaking community.

Music is another love of mine, and I have sung with community choirs as well as professionally. I love the moody vitality of classical jazz, the subtle vibe of mellow, contemporary jazz, as well as the theatrical quality of Broadway musicals. I've included a song written by Norah Jones, and one by Cole Porter, to give you a taste of my love for these two genres. They are recordings of live performances from a summer singing engagement at a luxury resort, here on the island.


Sherry: What a TREAT this is, Poppy! You are very talented!

A jazz repertoire was perfect for the resort's waterfront location.

(The link will take you to the sound byte)

Poppy: I used to be part of a trio. Nicholas, the young man who is singing the duet with me, was a drama student of mine at the time. Anna, a dear friend, was our pianist. We were all members of  'Intercanto', an international community choir in the city, and together, formed the trio. The musical links are recordings of the trio's live performances at the resort pictured.

Sherry: This is wonderful. I feel like I am right there, on the edge of the sea, in that beautiful setting, listening. Tell us a bit about your childhood, Poppy. Have you always written? Is there something back there in your childhood you feel contributed to you becoming a poet?  Was there someone  you feel was a significant influence on your becoming a poet?

Poppy: From the very day I set foot in the classroom, my school years were like a fairy tale; I had so much fun! My very first memory of poetry is a sweet and comforting one, and it is still very clear in my middle-aged mind! I remember nursery rhymes being read to us in kindergarten, and wondering if they were songs without music, as their lyrical character impressed me. Perhaps it was the setting, too, which added to the intrigue; we would be seated on the floor, cross-legged, our soft-spoken teacher perched on a little, child sized chair, and huddled all together, with our complimentary milk and cookies, we would become hypnotized by the lullaby of the rhymes, as we blissfully escaped into the whimsical illustrations of personified eggs in predicaments, and babies swinging from tree tops. 

It goes without saying, that the suspense of these tiny tales, amplified by our teacher's animated expression, was even more captivating than the chocolate biscuits, which would end up melting in our hands many times, since we'd forget all about them, our mouths too busy gasping in awe at each turn of those poetic plots!

Patches of olive groves provide 
endless inspiration on my walks.

A sacred place in the mountains: 
Vosakou Monastery, Rethymno, Crete.

In primary school, I started writing short stories and little plays, and I remember asking my sweet grade four teacher, Mr. Smith, if I could cast my classmates in a play I had just written about an earthquake! Of course, he was delighted, and we worked on it during recesses and after school. I was smitten with on-stage  storytelling, and that's also about the time I realized that I wanted to get into acting and singing, which I actually managed to do, auditioning for the Drama Program at the University of Toronto. After the first year, I decided to switch gears and majors, and began working towards my degree in English Literature, figuring that at least I could teach with the latter, since the former required more luck than talent, or so I thought, at the time.

Vineyards with an autumn vibe, 
reminiscent of my beloved maples back home.
During my final year of secondary school, we were introduced to T.S. Eliot, and I remember the dark drama of 'The Hollow Men'; oh, how engrossed and fascinated I was by that poem, so different from the reactions I had to Robert Frost's works, another favourite of mine, studied later, in university. Frost's relationship with nature had a profound impact on me, a city girl.

But, once again, it was in Mr. Smith's class that we were given our very first poem to memorize and recite: It Couldn't Be Done, by Edgar Guest. It is this poem, (which I can still recite today!), that I believe influenced my style, growing up.

And finally, last year, I fell in love with the brilliant Billy Collins, the 'most popular poet in America', whose wonderfully witty personality and unique observational skills are showcased in his works. I can still recall the moment we 'met', when my heart skipped a few beats: it was on YouTube, a 'Ted Talks' video of a presentation he did, featuring a selection of his poems that had been made into short animated clips. His intimate rapport with the audience, self-deprecating humour, and magnetic stage presence, impressed me, and it was the first time I could connect poetry to performance, which was very appealing to me, considering my love of the theatre. 

Of his poetry, Mr. Collins says, "it's suburban, it’s domestic, it’s middle class, and it’s sort of unashamedly that''. Finding the magic amid the seemingly mundane, is Collins' message, and one which I have received loud and clear. His poems are delightfully entertaining, little lessons in gratitude, for life, and all its glorious whimsy. My daughter gifted me with two of his anthologies for Mother's Day last year, and I reread them every spring as a poetic prelude to summer.

Sherry: A cool preparation for summer! Your  companion blog, Poppyprosodies, is full of poems and glorious photos as well. Do you have different purposes for each blog? 

Poppy: Poppy Prosodies is my second blog, which I developed to exclusively accommodate my poems and their accompanying images. The poems also appear on Poppy View, which is an eclectic mix of decor, gardening, travel, as well as prose and poetry.

A batch of beautiful bays, ​Bali, Crete.

 Temple of Hephaestus, Ancient Agora, Athens, Greece.

Sherry: Your photography, on both of your blogs, is breathtaking, and you have such a beautiful landscape to work with. When did you get into photography?  

Poppy: Thank you! I started taking pictures for Poppy View in 2012, and I still use my Sony Cyber Shot. It's a Point-and-Shoot, which doesn't allow for those dreamy, blurry backgrounds I yearn for, but my budget calls the 'shots', so to speak, and it dictates that this decade old digital will have to do!

Clifftop clips: the island of Dia and the city, 
in the distance.

Crayola colours cover the walls of this 
public school, in a neigbhouring village.

I've always been a very visual person and am intrigued by details that aren't always easily apparent. I pay attention to people's facial expressions, body language, and signs in their eyes. I am also continuously inspired by the miracles of nature, and could spend hours studying the choreography of a field of buttercups bending in the breeze, the rolling of a wave as it creeps up to shock dry pebbles, or the burst of bold-hued bougainvillea against a white wall of stucco. When one is surrounded by such spectacular subject matter, photography becomes a calling, and you cannot ignore its luring echo.

Near Anogia, Crete, terrain reminiscent 
of alien territory!

Monastery of Panagia Pantanassa

Bermuda buttercups on slopes promise spring, 
despite snowy peaks in the skies.

Sherry: Do you have a couple of poems, written by you, you might like to include here? Would you tell us a bit about each of them?

Poppy: The first, 'What the Tide Replied', is a poem I wrote after spending an afternoon listening to the waves of the ocean, how they seemed to be responding to questions the wind was whispering above them, every time they rolled on to the shore. The repetition of their movement was hypnotic, and although I had almost fallen asleep and into a kind of dream-like state, I was aware of the tide's rhythm, and listened for answers to things that were occupying my own thoughts at the time.

Have you ever spoken with the sea
on matters too foggy to foresee?

When your judgment, hazy from emotion
clouded any sighting of clear notion?

And, after friendly offerings of advice,
and a couple of rolls of the 'decision' dice,

neither enticed, convinced, nor sufficed
quite like that of the ocean's?

Flowing and fluid, a miraculous, watery mass
grounding giants of stone in a vast, liquid glass,

its powers of persuasion, 
and the wisdom in its waves,

a sudsy message splashed,
and on the sand engraved,

for me, 
to search and ponder,
 consider and decipher -

hydro hieroglyphics
in a deep, aquatic cave.

The second, 'Door Detour', was based on a collection of photos I took of doors around the village, as well as a few in the city. I pass by them almost every day, and even if I'm in a rush to get somewhere, their wonderfully aged patinas never fail to stop me in my tracks. I thought they deserved a little tribute, and began to compare them to us, and how the aging process can affect our own psychological condition, no matter how 'thick skinned' we may be!

How many times
have I dashed by
these old, dated doors,
scurrying to escape
the sizzling woes
of insufferable heat?

Other times,
during siesta silence,
I seize the moment
for quiet guidance,
to search for traces,
clues and close-ups,
of faces, fluted, chipped,
 worn out;
cosmetic character flaws, perhaps,
but strong footsteps to solid souls.

Further down the cobblestone,
gates, freshly painted
to look smooth and sleek,
provide a framed perspective,
and an exclusive peek into
a courtyard of potted petals.

All quite charming,
these updated, made-up metals,
 but where's that marked intrigue,
   that lost mystique, so present in
 their wrinkled, weathered elders: 
the wooden, but charred,
the hollow, scarred, and marred,
 the mossy, crooked and ajar?

The last of these gems,
 en route to my own residence,
bordered by a grove stacked
with bitter, black fruit,
a stony structure stands
 sound and solitaire, despite
  its broken window and door.

And, although
exposed to elements
unforgiving and unfair,
it bears no evidence
in its stoic air, of a
 core, torn or dishonoured.

​A cobblestone street 
in the Old Town, Rethymno, Crete.

Sherry: They are both imbued with the beauty of your surroundings, Poppy. Thank you.  Tell us about your other interests. I see on your blog that you have many, under the banner of the arts. 

Poppy: Well, aside from the ones that I've already mentioned, there are those I refer to as the 'edible' pastimes - cooking, baking, and gardening, although the last of these I am still quite new at, my husband doing the hard work of digging the soil, planting vegetables, tending to them, and harvesting them, while for me it's mostly all play, since I am responsible only for my flowers, watering them, pruning them, and enjoying their gifts of fragrance and beauty.

Potted petals on our patio.
Sherry: How did you come to the world of blogging and how has it impacted your work?

Poppy: When we were building our home, I was researching decorating sites that were spinoffs of their magazines, and one day, while in Google images, I happened to spot a picture that captured my attention and my heart; it was from a blog called 'Dear Daisy Cottage'. Well, I think I must have read the entire blog, from start to finish, in two days - I was mesmerized! And, to think that there were thousands of other blogs out there! Well, for someone who has a passion for decorating, it was just too good to be true! 

About a year later, we moved into our home in the country, and I thought readers would enjoy puttering around my place, and so on May 18th, 2012, (my daughter's 23rd birthday), Poppy View made its debut in the great big blogosphere!

Crockery and bric-a-brac displayed on our credenza.

My aunt's stone cottage; 
a decorating project of mine.

Both Poppy View and Poppy Prosodies challenge me to create, which is very, very important in my life. Living in such a landscape, there is a plethora of natural beauty, all gorgeous subject matter for a budding photographer. I snap my surroundings, then upload and study the images until a few ideas pop into my head about how I can base an article, poem, or certain thoughts on a particular batch, and before I know it, I have a post in the making. This May I will have been blogging for three years, and in that time, I have met so many wonderfully talented and sweet people, many of whom I now call friends, since we have regular correspondence via email. Although we've never physically met, we are there for one another, in good times and in bad, always ready to listen, and be heard, and ultimately, to be understood.

A derelict dwelling, but a lighthouse 
for locals, coming into dock.

 Clusters of red flowers, 
have carte blanche on empty walls.

Sherry: How did you stumble upon Poets United? (We are so happy that you did!)

Poppy: Actually, it was quite intentional; I googled 'poetry blogs', since I was looking for a venue where I could connect with other poets, to exchange ideas, and read other people's work, and Poets United showed up near the top of the page! Although I was quite nervous about linking up my first poem, I was also very excited, and instantly felt at home, after reading the 'Staff/Contributor's' page, which is very welcoming.

A peaceful and pretty countryside: olive groves, 
citrus orchards, and vineyards, all huddled together, 
a little church nestled among them, 
and the mountains in the distance.

A pretty courtyard in Archanes, Crete.

Sherry: We are very glad you wandered in, Poppy. In closing, is there anything you’d like to say to our members?

Poppy: I am so thankful for everyone who is connected with Poet's United, from the administrative staff to the members. Even though I consider myself a newbie, everyone has been very gracious in making me feel welcome. It is truly an inspiring place, with many wonderful series during the week, in which I hope to start participating, as soon as time allows. I have enjoyed reading everyone's poems on Poetry Pantry, and have already learned so much from those that are inspired by certain historical or recent events. Others, I read over and over again for many reasons, but mainly because their style appeals to my senses, or my mood at the time! Many thanks also for visiting Poppy View and Poppy Prosodies, and for all the great feedback on my poems.

Thank you, Sherry, for thinking of me, and giving me the chance to introduce myself to all the members of Poet's United. I had so much fun!

Sherry: I think you can tell I had a wonderful time, too. And I know our members will drool over your photos and your romantic lifestyle. Thank you for allowing us in so generously. We look forward to enjoying much more of your work in the months ahead.

Wasn't this a spectacular visit, kids? I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Do come back to see who we talk to next. Who knows? It might be you!


  1. Yay, a trip to Greece! I will be out all afternoon, my friends, but I will pop back in soon as I get home around suppertime....I hope you all enjoy this wonderful poet, her life and her photos. And her singing!!!!!

    1. Good evening, from Greece!

      Sweet Sherry,

      Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity. It was such a pleasure collaborating with you on this fun project. I will miss our email correspondence with regards to the interview, but also for giving me the chance to get to know you a little better, as well. You are a kind and generous soul, and made me feel so comfortable and welcome from the start.

      It's just after midnight on this Tuesday, March 24th, here on the island, but you've already made my day! It looks lovely! Thanks for everything!

      Big hugs,

    2. You are more than welcome. It was such a pleasure to put this together.....and we can still email, LOL, I just wont be nagging you for stuff. I am happy you are pleased, my friend.

  2. What a wonderful interview, Sherry! And, Poppy, I am so happy to get to know more about you. I enjoyed learning how you came to Crete from Toronto, what your aspirations were, and what you are doing now. I enjoyed, as I do every Sunday, your photography. Crete must be one of the most photogenic spots around. Smiles. And, everyone, REALLY don't pass by the singing clips, as Poppy has a most beautiful voice. Perhaps, Poppy, you could goon a "Greece's Got Talent" show. Smiles! As a relative newby, Poppy, you certainly fit right into the community. Your poetry and personality are a delight. And...I like Billy Collins too.

    1. Thank you, Mary, for all your kind and thoughtful words. You are TOO kind! Smiles. I have so enjoyed being part of this wonderful community here at Poets United, and hope to explore more of the weekly gatherings, as they are such inspiring venues for creativity.

      Thanks for being such a warm and welcoming presence in our lovely group!


  3. Really enjoyed reading this interview & and getting to know the Poet! :D

  4. So enjoyed this interview! Your musical side is very appealing to me, Poppy: jazz and musicals... "Romantic lifestyle" is very demanding, right? and as you admitted inspires you to give back in creative way. Admire your talents, beautiful words and photos, voice!
    Looking forward for more to read and maybe listen too? ~ Thank you, Sherry & Poppy!

    1. Thank you, Humbird. Ah, a fellow admirer of those jazzy hues and showbiz tunes...Both have kept me company in misery and in joy; cathartic cures for all kinds of crises!


  5. Sherry, what a beautiful interview! Thank you, Poppy, for letting us get to know more about you!! You have a beautiful singing voice :) This interview flowed so nicely. And of course the photos are simply breathtaking!! I'm sure you have no problem becoming inspired when you live amongst such beauty :) This interview has been quite a pleasure to read, that's for sure!!

    1. Thank you for your sweet words, Torie. Crete is certainly a beautiful place, and can do wonders for the psyche, even before that first cup of coffee, and, it's caffeine free!;))


  6. Poppy,

    A fantastic light upon you, the writer and poet, as well as a magnificent travel opportunity to Greece. I've never been there, although my husband has visited Athens, but I am very tempted to add it to my impending list of places to visit, very soon! Thank you for your colourful photos, which give a hint of the life when living there. Also, I loved your poem about doors, which I read a few weeks ago. Lovely to meet you here...Another great interview with Sherry!!


  7. Hi kids, I am back after a busy day and it is lovely to feel all the good vibes in here. Eileen, if you can, I encourage you to visit. It looks like a spectacularly beautiful spot. Actually, Poppy, I am amazed at how like the Okanagan in central BC (where I was born) Crete is. Kelowna, my home town, has the same hills, lots of vineyards and apple olives though.

    1. Good morning from springtime Crete!

      Sherry, it's true! BC and Crete could be sister provinces! Your birthplace is on my bucket list, my friend, and it would be refreshing to walk amongst apple orchards for a change! :))

  8. Poppy thank you for sharing all your wonderful stories and history. The pictures are so very beautiful. I've already visited one of your blogs and will continue to do so. I am very glad you've joined Poets United.
    Sherry this is a spectacular interview. Don't know which mesmerized me more - the pictures or the poetry. Both are beautiful.

    1. Thank you, Myrna. Looking forward to getting to know you, too, through your lovely poetry. I am very glad to be here!


  9. I am drooling. I want to visit Greece more and more after visiting with you there. I love your singing voice and your poetic voice as well. It's great to revisit your doors poem and I love "What the Tide replied." I've enjoyed your participation here at Poets United! Thanks for visiting with Sherry so we could read this best interview ever.

    1. Thank you, Susan; you are very sweet. Greece would love to have you! The Greeks are well known for their hospitality, and I'm sure you'd be welcomed with open arms, (and lots of food!).;))


  10. Thanks for sharing those gorgeous pictures. I think I would love to visit beautiful Greece. It is always nice to get to meet the poets and get to know more about them. Thank you Poppy and Sherry for this wonderful interview. Looking forward to seeing you here often.

    1. Hi Debi,

      I'm glad that the photos inspire you to visit Greece and I hope that one day, you will be able to visit and take your own photos of this beautiful land.

      Looking forward to seeing you here at Poets United, too!


  11. Enjoyed the interview very much Sherry, and Poppy it's so nice to meet you. Perhaps we can "exchange ideas" and critiques some day.

    1. Very nice to meet you, too. Thanks for stopping by the blog. I also came round to yours, and enjoyed reading your latest creations, thus, our 'exchange of ideas' has been launched!


    2. TUG, so good to see you here. Yay! Poppy, Steve lives in an equally stunning setting - Cantabria, in Spain. His photos take my breath away.

    3. Sherry, I look forward to exploring more of Cantabria, as I saw one of the mountains on Steve's blog, in the sidebar - spectacular!

  12. I always dream of visiting Greece since I was a kid, and this interview makes me want to go there badly.

    It was nice knowing you Poppy - and thank you for sharing your story. Enjoy taking photos :)

    Also, thank you Sherry for this interview :)

    1. So happy that you have been inspired by our tete-a-tete, Totomai. I enjoy your beautiful photos, as well.


  13. Oh! wow its heaven......................and inspiration id bound come. Nice to know about you.

    1. It's been lovely getting to know you, too, through your beautiful words.


  14. Sherry what a fabulous interview. I have gotten to know Poppy's blogs and enjoy her photos as well as her poems and to get to know her more has been a fascinating journey...thank you! And Poppy, what a beautiful journey and place where you live. Thank you for sharing it and your voice...another talent!

  15. Thank you, Donna. It's been really lovely getting to know you, too, through your two beautiful blogs, and your poetry. Hope spring will soon be on the scene in our neck of the woods!


  16. Kids, Poppy suggests that, if you wish to see the photos even more clearly, you can click on them to enlarge them.

  17. Thank you Sherry and Poppy. This interview is a real beautiful photos, story of life, poetry, music...delightful, delightful!!!....

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  18. Poppy, what an inspiring place you live in. Love all the wonderful pics. If I could, I'd come to visit and spend the afternoon writing and talking about poetry with you in your natural setting. Thanks for the visit.

    1. Ah, that would be wonderful, Patti! I'm sure I have much to learn from you, and sitting among the vineyards and olive groves, chatting about poetry and life sounds idyllic!


  19. Gorgeous!!! Greece is one place I would like to visit before I die. What an interesting interview, Sherry! It was a pleasure reading it.And wonderful to know you more, Poppy, You have a beautiful voice...! Read your poetry today...and now you have a fan here :) Thanks for sharing...

    1. Thank you, Panchali you are very kind. I really hope you do get a chance to visit Greece, one day. I'm sure it will win you over, and you just might become a fan!


  20. Greece it is so old and full of gorgeous color and antiquity. One place I have to visit. Thanks so much for bringing us along with you through your photos

  21. Leslie, I'm glad that you could make this cyber trip, for now!;))


  22. Oh, such a rich and satisfying interview, a delight to read! I have been a little bit unwell, so it was good to be taken out of myself to your happy world, Poppy. Many thanks to Sherry too, for making it happen.

    1. Rosemary, I hope you're feeling better, and 'getting away' for a bit, albeit, to my place, has hopefully helped!


  23. I've been a "friend" and follower of Poppy through blogland so I loved hearing about her background and story. Thank you.

    1. Hi Jill,

      Thanks so much for stopping by; so appreciate it, my friend!


  24. Your images and words are unique and so special Poppy..i am glad we all got to see them here

    1. Thanks, Jae. It's been so rewarding spending time here, at Poets United. I continue to be inspired by everyone.


  25. My dear Poppy - I think I have fallen in love - with the entire swirl of su soaked images - with the pull toward home - with your voice - literal and figurative spilling - singing the sheer glory of life lived - I noticed something luminous in your poetry - this interview has brightened my soul - A wonder-filled interview - A sheer sparkling pleasure to get to connect with you - Thank you for sharing your love of life and all the ways you have found to manifest your vision - you spoke of a long ago desire to act - dear Poppy you have far exceeded any such yearning - you are the "real deal" ..
    Thank you Sherry for a stunning interview of another "Wild Woman". Simply magical <3

    1. Dear Pearl,

      Thank you so very much for your kind words; I am truly touched.:))

      It has been wonderful getting to know you, too, through your own words and images, so defining and present in your poetry. I have enjoyed my visits to your unique space in this infinite blogosphere, and look forward to connecting via our shared passion for the poetic word.


  26. Poppy, I have so enjoyed reading the story of you! Your photos are just stunning and make this one continent woman long for a trip overseas.

    1. Hey Kim,

      Thanks so much for visiting me here at Poets United, my other 'home' away from home, (my blogs), in the great big blogosphere! It means a lot to me.


  27. I enjoyed reading about Poppy, her story, her many talents and interests. We had the , chance to meet and she is as lovely in person as your readers would imagine. I feel rather inspired to go and do something creative! (I, too, stumbled upon Daisy Cottage some years ago and enjoyed visiting there.) As for the Guest poem, I think I need to print it out and take the message to heart. It's so interesting to read about things that have made difference in someone's life.


    1. Dear Karen,

      Thank you for all your sweet words. It was such a joy meeting you, too. I hope to be in Toronto this summer, and would love to get together, again. I'm glad to have inspired you with the Guest poem, as I cannot imagine anyone not being taken with it! Thanks so much for stopping by.


  28. Shortly after starting my blog, which incidently was just a month prior to you, I purchased a book called 'Blogging for Bliss'. Kim at Daisy Cottage was featured in it and like you, I read her blog in depth and was enthralled too. Her photography goes beyond what technical knowledge can offer, which is very much like yours. I'm convinced good photographs result not from the price of the camera or even the quality of the lens, but from the energy and artistry of the person holding them. You don't need a fancy camera my friend, you have all you need to keep your readers fascinated within your heart, head and soul.

    You are a true artist in every sense of the word, and there doesn't seem to be too many disciplines you haven't conquered admirably! A poet, a songstress, an actor, a decorator, a baker! Could you be any more gifted? I think not.

    I devoured every word of this interview!


  29. Dear Doreen,

    Thank you, my friend, for all your kind words, and for being there, albeit via email, as we are on different continents, separated by land and sea. Nevertheless, distance is not a deterrent, when one has a place in a friend's heart, where there is always easy access.

    So happy you enjoyed the interview; Sherry made it very easy!


  30. A lovely interview with a lovely woman. I adore Poppy. She's a first class lady with a marvelous photographic eye and ability to perfectly communicate what she sees and feels through the written word. I've enjoyed her blog for sometime, and now know some things about her I didn't know before. Thank you for featuring her. Poppy, thank you for gracing us with your many gifts! Hugs, Nancy

    1. Dear Nancy,

      Thanks so much for swinging by. I know what a busy lady you are; very much appreciated, my friend. I've also enjoyed getting to know you, the 'woman behind the blog', and she is as sweet as they come!:))

      Isn't Sherry a natural?:))


  31. A lovely interview with a lovely woman. I adore Poppy. She's a first class lady with a marvelous photographic eye and ability to perfectly communicate what she sees and feels through the written word. I've enjoyed her blog for sometime, and now know some things about her I didn't know before. Thank you for featuring her. Poppy, thank you for gracing us with your many gifts! Hugs, Nancy

  32. It's always a treat to read Poppy's charming posts of her life on Crete.
    Illustrated by her wonderful photography - I'm instantly transported to her world.
    I feel the sun on my back and it's not difficult to imagine the sweet fragrance of the flowers in the meadow and on her patio!
    In my soul I feel I've already visited Crete and walked in the pretty meadows near Poppy's home - but in reality I know I haven't, apart from the times I visit "Poppy View"!
    I'm inspired by her writing and her poems are uplifting.

    Thank you Sherry for high-lighting Poppy today, I feel I know her so well, she is a dear blogging friend I would love to meet in person one day!


  33. Dear Shane,

    Thank you, my friend, for your sweet comment. I feel I know you, too, (but of course, it would be a pleasure to meet in person!), as we both share a need for a simple life, love of family and friends, and a great appreciation for those buttercup covered, rolling hills and vineyards, when you are in your beloved France, visiting your lovely daughter and her family. Thanks for visiting this wonderful place, Poets United, today.


  34. Sherry,

    It's been a blast! Thanks again, my friend.:)) Looking forward to the next interview in your wonderful series!

    Thanks for visiting everyone!

    Happy weekend.


  35. And I thought I knew Poppy--what a stellar interview that revealed so much more than I ever knew about this dear and complex lady. Poppy is so talented and has a heart as big as her birth home and is as colorful and mysterious as her adopted homeland.

    I feel blessed to know more about both her countries now than I did before meeting this dear blog friend.

    Well done, both the interviewer and the interviewee!


    1. My Dear Southern Belle,

      Thank you for your lovely words. I'm glad you discovered a few more things about your 'mysterious friend', since we have gotten to know each other well, over the last 2+ years (unbelievable - as it feels like I've known you forever!).


  36. oh my own poppy
    to peek into your world... your inner world... your history. what an honor and a delight.
    everything dewena says above is what I would want to say. she says it so well.
    and i'm delighted i am the next comment after our mutual friend!!!
    i loved your interview. i love your life. and YOU KNOW how much i love your singing!!!
    you chose two of my favorites.
    the pictures of your home and garden world in crete leave me always feeling like I've visited some enchanted spa.

    1. Tam!

      You came! Thank you for always being such a great supporter of all my little adventures. I am so proud of your most recent project, which to me, has all the characteristics of a true spa - both in your physical space and the place in your amazing mind!



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