Friday, September 25, 2015

I Wish I'd Written This

Carpe Diem 

By Agnellius & Daniel Serebryany 

The arch of heaven will beam pearl-light 

opal will hide behind the ends of earth 

the universe and God in friendly splendour 

will dip into silver the shining of the mirrors... 

...all will be brought together to a single source... 

the last semidarkness... there are no fallen wings... 

the lips will cling to bottomless Crystal – 
there is no reflection, only pure Light ... 

Translated from Russian by VD

It was on MySpace years ago that they first contacted me to ask advice about the English translations of their work, which I was happy to try and help with. Then we were on LiveJournal together for a while, and eventually facebook.

They were always reticent about themselves. They were a group of Russian poets and artists, they told me. 'VD' is presumably another of them. They politely and unequivocally declined to give me any personal details for this article.

I, as many of you will have gathered by now, am Pagan. These Russians are passionately Christian, in a mixture of fiercely apocalyptic and delicately mystical ways. We are well aware of our differences, though we have never discussed them. None of us is hiding anything in that aspect of our lives. In their case, their religion is the subject matter of their poetry and paintings. We simply never referred to it, but talked poetics, and there we were very aligned. 

Some of their work I would not have wished to have written because the content was too far from my own thinking. Others, though, were so beautiful that I'd love to have been capable of writing them – such as this one.  It seems to me very 'judgment day', yet to go beyond this specific theology as the ultimate expression of union with God. And the painting beautifully reflects it.

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  1. Such beautiful description in this poem. Love 'no reflection, only pure light.' The story behind the poem is interesting as well.

  2. Oh, yes!
    "God in friendly splendour
will dip . . . "
    Does this not bring Gerard Manley Hopkins to mind? And then also "Bright Wings!"

  3. That openling line is wonderful, and the entire poem is a beauty. Pairing it with that painting is perfect! I love "there is no reflection - only pure Light." Thanks, Rosemary. It is marvellous, the connections one makes online - I love the unlikely confluence of a pagan and a gaggle of Russian poets. There is a poem there, I think.

  4. There is a deep sense of the numinous in this piece for me--Thank you Rosemary!

  5. Thank you for this b e a u t i f u l share Rosemary..."there is no reflection, only pure Light ... " love this...

  6. it's wonderful, isn't it, poetry knows no barriers to language? Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, any language you can think of. Translation may not bring out the little nuances and colours of the original, but it is the only way to enjoy the words of a foreign language.
    Rosemary, thanks for sharing this. :)


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