Sunday, September 20, 2015

Poetry Pantry #270

Photos of Melbourne, Australia

by Rosemary Nissen-Wade

Melbourne is said to be the food capital of Australia!
Look at these sweets! (The suburb of St Kilda is famous for its cake shops.)

The Maribyrnong River runs through Melbourne (as well as the better-known Yarra).  
Both are complete with walking/cycling/running tracks.

Flinders Street Station, an iconic meeting place.

Residential area, featuring the famous old 'iron lace' 
(photographed through tram window).

A delightful patisserie in the heart of the city.

Good Sunday, Poets!  Welcome to yet another Poetry Pantry.

Today we have photos taken by Rosemary Nissen-Wade during her recent visit to Melbourne! (And her poem today is about Melbourne as well!) We will be treated to more of her photos in two weeks (smiles), as we will be featuring the photos of another of our participants next Sunday!

On Monday, hope you will visit us and enjoy Sherry Blue Sky's interesting update with one of our fine Indian poets who was featured a few years ago.  She's someone who we often see either here in the Pantry or Midweek Motif!  Stay tuned.

Stop back on Wednesday for Midweek Motif.  We have only one more week before Susan will be back prompting.  We on staff are excited about that.  We have missed her Motifs, as I am sure you have.  This week, however, I am doing the prompt.   My prompt is "choices."  We all make choices in life. Some are big, and some are small.  We choose our vocation,  our friends, our priorities, our spiritual or religious path, etc.  And on any given day we have small choices...what to do, what foods to eat, how to spend time.  So write a poem on choices...any aspect you choose!

If you haven't read Rosemary's The Living Dead this week, do take a look back.  She shared some Japanese poetry by various poets translated by Kenneth Rexroth.  All quite interesting.  This is an article you won't want to miss

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With no further delay, hope that you will enjoy the Pantry today.  We always enjoy it if you leave  a short comment when you post.   Do be sure to visit the links of others as well.  It is sort of like knocking on the doors of others, I think.  When we leave a comment, we let someone know that we enjoy having them among us.  The blogosphere IS quite a neighborhood, isn't it?

Do have a good day & a poetic week!  Thank you for making Poets United such a successful site!  See you as I make my rounds!  And I hope to see you at the other Poets United features this week.


  1. Thank you for opening the pantry doors again - the food looks scummy and the station magical!

    1. By which I mean scrummy - so sorry!

    2. Oh, thank you for the chuckle Jae.

      As sunny as it has been here this weekend, and the way the heat bakes, I could have easily make the same mistake. Ha.

    3. We can be relied upon for some magnificent typos if nothing else!

  2. Hey everyone,

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, sharing my poem "How we forget" hope you all like it :D

    Thank you Rosemary for the lovely pictures!! I hope to visit Melbourne one day :D

    Lots of love,

  3. Hi coming back after a long time :) Happy to be here once again :D

  4. Hi everyone.
    Thanks Rosemary for the Melbourne photos - would love to visit Australia someday :)

    Sharing some "greens" to everyone. Have a nice week ahead to all of you.

  5. Thanks for the lovely view of Melbourne, Rosemary.

  6. Cakes and other sweet photos, thanks Rosemary; and a lovely day to all at the pantry today

    much love...

  7. Australia is one of the places that I would so love to visit.
    Thanks for the peek Rosemary.

  8. Good day, everyone!
    will be back to read later, after the singapore F1 grand prix race is over.
    Rosemary, thanks for sharing the photos. :)

  9. Beautiful photos. Thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  10. I'm glad you enjoy the photos, everyone, and thanks also for all the kind comments on my poem, which seem to have sprung up while my back was turned for a little while! I look forward to catching up with all yours now.

  11. Really nice to have such a well-stocked pantry so early in the day. It seems that the autumn breeze is inspiring a lot of us. Have a good Sunday. I will be making my way around as the day goes on....hope to see you on the trail too!

  12. Rosemary I love how you featured some of the wonderful everyday of Melbourne although I sense a pattern with the baked goods and sweets. They are always a special spot for me too when I travel!

    Happy Sunday all....our summer weather ended yesterday with much needed rain and cool temps today so it is fitting to feature autumn in my poem today. Looking forward to seeing all of you soon and reading some delightful poetry!

  13. Oh Rosemary - love these photos so very much they have stopped me in my tracks from posting the poem I had in mind and tempting me to write something to go along with these delightful images. Thank you for taking us along with you and Ted on your travels :)

  14. Nice pictures for morning enjoyment! Thank you, Rosemary! me trying to stay in form... in all meanings...smiles. Happy Sun-day everyone!

  15. Good Morning, off to church and family dinner... will be back for dessert in the pantry. Lovely pictures and places, Rosie :-)

  16. Hey Poets United! I had to enlarge that photo of treats, Rosemary, and drool a little. I'll be in and out all day. I'm driving to a Friend's Meeting for Worship this afternoon. It's only two miles away, but I'm celebrating because I'm no longer home bound.

  17. hey Magical Mystical Teacher tried to post a comment on your poem but could not so writing here all the bits seemed like the part of a same thread so much is lost in the violence like explosions, it was a powerful read.

  18. Ha, I made my way through the pantry and forgot to post a message. I have enjoyed all of the lovely offerings this morning. Thank you, Mary, for hosting, and Rosemary, for the wonderful photos. Is it true that Australians pronounce Melbourne, "Melbun"?

  19. I gained 10 pounds just looking at those pastries. Yum! Thank you Rosemary for these wonderful pictures. Makes me want to visit Melbourne.
    Mary, thanks for hosting and hope you and all have a great week.

  20. Wishing all a good day! Australia has such beauty.. thanks for sharing your pictures.

  21. Hey Poetry United! It's been a long while since I posted on here.

    After a flurry of milestones (graduating college, summer internship, getting my first job) I'm now starting to come back to writing poetry on a regular basis.

    I'm looking forward to being an active member of this great community again!

  22. hello mi amigos. my piece seemingly is dark but it's only because recently i've been tugged by the endings of life by friends and family and so this is my way of purging the insidious darkness of the tug of death. it is a means to my escape. please do not lament over this for although sadness assails the heart it is what gives life, life.

  23. Awesome photo spread, Rosemary! Sorry to be posting so late. The flu has come to Vancouver. Can you believe it - what an early start to the flu season. Anyway, between Mom, Dad, Grandpa and me, we have been looking after one of our little ones (and recovering from looking after a sick little one). Anyway-y-y hopefully, he is back to school tomorrow and I can get back to trying to find some time (and energy) for poetry and commenting ... providing, of course, I don't end up with the beastly scourge myself - which is usually the way it goes. Ha! This busy of life - what can you do?

  24. Great photos. Linked my poem too. Have a wonderful week!


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