Sunday, April 17, 2016

Poetry Pantry #298

Photos from North India - 2
by Sumana Roy

Pahalgam, Kashmir

Sunset at Dal Lake, Srinagar, Kashmir

Tourists in long queue for sledging down the icy slopes in Gulmarg, Kashmir

Clouds almost touching the ground, Sonmarg, Kashmir 

Good day, Friends!  Hope everyone is having a poetic April.  Hard to believe it is half over already, isn't it?  What a wonderful month for writing and reading poetry as well as getting out and enjoying nature as it comes back to life here in the Northern Hemisphere anyway.  Smiles.

This week we are featuring more of Sumana's photos. Thanks again, Sumana.

Scroll back to the last feature at Poets United if you haven't seen it.  Rosemary featured a delightful poem "Playing With Children" by Ryokan that you don't want to miss.  I hadn't heard of him, but after reading this poem I would like to read more.

And tomorrow be sure to return.  Sherry features a fine poet who is MOST often a contributor to Poetry Pantry & is very active in the Poets United community.  No more will just have to return.

Susan's prompt at Midweek Motif this next Wednesday is "Organic."   We will all be interested in the direction you go with this prompt.   (I am one who has been eating more and more organic foods.  Are you?)

All right, time to share some poetry.  Link your one poem below.  Stop in to the comments and say hello.  And read the poetry of others who link.  Thank you to those who comment on the poetry of others in the spirit of community.  We all enjoy having others read our poetry, and it is fun to see what others say.  See you on the trail.....and have a good week.


  1. Awesome photos, Sumana. Wonderful snow - and that sunset: gorgeous. Looking forward to catching up with Pantry Poets today.

  2. Hello all. So delighted to be here, and a wonderful opportunity to read poetry... Happy April

  3. Good morning everyone,

    Hope you guys are enjoying the weekend, sharing my poem "The remains of a saga unseen." Thank you Mary for opening the doors to yet another gorgeous pantry and Sumana for the lovely pictures :D

    Lots of love,

  4. Happy Sunday everyone :)
    Beautiful pictures. Glad to be here :)

  5. Nothing more beautiful than the beauty of Jammu & Kashmir.... Thanks for sharing these pics :)

  6. Thank you for another Pantry - time is flying - thank you for the lovely trip to India also

  7. Hello everyone! Coming back to PU after a long break...and it feels so good! Lovely pics, Sumana...
    I wrote this haiku for you..but, somehow couldn't link it on wednesday...Thanks for the prompt.
    Better late than never.. :)))

  8. Good morning! Love seeing the 'hellos' here in the Pantry & also the feast of poetry ahead of me today in the links! Have a good week...enjoy poetry...see you out on the trail.

  9. Amazing pictures Sumana, and especially of the snow and it is finally spring and warm, sunny and bright. Hope everyone has a splendid day! Can't wait to visit...

  10. Good morning from the East Coast! My poem for this week is about the Virgin Mary! She's been my guardian angel for awhile now. I've been so busy with school assignments that my muse has been void for sometime. Hope this poem suffices. I hope you don't mind my Catholic theme. Peace and have a great day to all!

  11. Good day, everyone!
    Glad to be back. the past 2 weeks were busy days in the office. plus, i am trying to write a poem a day this month. (so far it's going very badly). like i said, glad to be back. :)

    Sumana, thanks for sharing the photos!

  12. Good morning, poetry pals. Thank you, Sumana, for the beautiful photos. Kashmir is beautiful. And thanks, Mary, for hosting the Pantry. I am looking forward to diving in.

  13. Wonderful pictures in the pantry... Will be in for tea and "roses" :-)

  14. Good Sunday every one. i'm enjoying Sumana's photo share today, i especially luv the last one, those fantastic clouds

    much love...

  15. Thanks you for the photographs...I would love to see it all.

  16. Love the mountain photo, Sumana, and those clouds that almost touch the! Love that. Thanks for sharing....and for hosting, Mary. Looking forward to making the rounds later in the day. Happy Sunday everyone!

  17. Hello friends, a very happy Sunday to you all...

  18. What a gorgeous Spirit of Kashmir! Thank you for sharing, Sumana and Mary! Happy Sun-day to everyone!

  19. Really have enjoyed the poems shared today...and really appreciate the reciprocity! We have such a wonderful community here at Poets United.

  20. Hello,

    I am so sorry I am late to read but, I've had some computer issues. I will now be making the rounds to read all the wonderful poetry offered today! Thanks for understanding.

  21. Hello everyone, sorry I'm late to read you all. So much poetry happening all over the place this month, I forgot I had not yet checked out the offerings here!

  22. Number 38, but I made it! So happy to share a short poem I wrote in 2013 that I never posted before called "The Leaf." I wrote it for the animation posted with it and this time, it isn't one of mine.

    I will be around to read during the week and I hope everyone has a nice week!

    I'll have to give "organic" some thought. I love to eat organic when I can afford it. It's time for breakfast and organic oatmeal it is!

    Hugs! Bekkie


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