Sunday, June 5, 2016

Poetry Pantry #305

Photographs of Buda Homestead, 
City of Castlemaine,
Victoria, Australia
by Rosemary Nissen-Wade

Good Sunday to you all!  Today, for the second week, we are sharing some photos taken by Rosemary Nissen-Wade.   Her visit to Castlemaine included a tour of this historic homestead. During the gold rush era it belonged to a Hungarian immigrant, Ernest Leviny, a jeweller and silversmith. He and his wife had four sons and six daughters. Only one of the daughters married. The Buda website tells us:

The five unmarried daughters lived most of their lives at Buda. Each of the daughters was creative in some form of art or craft. Mary, the eldest, had much to do in helping to run the household, and was a major contributor to making everyone's clothes, embroidering, smocking and decorating. Hilda specialised in embroidery, Gertrude in woodcarving, Kate in photography, and Dorothy in metal and enamel work. Examples of their work are to be seen throughout the house and garden.

They were greatly influenced by the British Arts and Crafts movement of the time, redecorating their home accordingly in a lighter and brighter style. They were responsible for just about everything that is on display, including furniture and paintings. 

Rosemary's photos show some results of their work, as well as two display cases of items produced by their father.

We had another great week at Poets United.  If you didn't see the interview of "Old Egg," be sure to take a look back at the update interview done by Sherry.  Robin is a most regular participant here, recently celebrated his 80th birthday, and a fine poet.  And Susan provided a most interesting prompt for Midweek Motif: Parents, Guardians, Significant Adults in the Lives of Children.  If you have some time & want to read a few great poems on the subject, take a look back!   And just yesterday Rosemary Nissen-Wade featured a poem of Robert Frost for The Living Dead.  I enjoyed reading his poem "The Last Mowing" because, for me at least, it is less familiar than many of his poems, and it is always nice to contemplate something new.

In the week ahead, Sherry will feature a poet who is a very familiar face in the blogosphere, someone anyone who has participated at any of a number of poetry sites will have encountered one time or another. Do return tomorrow for another fascinating interview.  And on Wednesday Sumana is prompting at Midweek Motif.  Her prompt is "Commitment," so feel free to get an early start on a poem!  And, week here in the Pantry we will be seeing some of Bjorn's photos, which is definitely something to look forward to!

With no further delay, let's share poetry.  Link your one poem below. Stop in and make a comment of hello below, and visit poems of others who link.  Have a good week, all!


  1. Thank you for another pantry - and what shining photos Rosemary - magical :)

  2. Wonderful to be here and read poetry.. Lovely pictures Rosemary,

  3. Happy Sunday friends, beautiful photos that piece of stained glass...

  4. Ha, did anyone spot, in the first photo, a picture of me in the mirror below the painting (and the back of my niece's head)? It looks as if I am not taking the photo, but I am, I promise. I had my hands and camera raised high to get that painting in, and they don't appear in the mirror.

    1. Ha, I did spot it initially; but now I see it! Makes me smile, Rosemary. An inadvertent selfie.

  5. Rosemary what a fascinating story and pictures. It is a rainy but busy Sunday so I should be around soon. My last wildflower post this week...hope you enjoy it!

  6. Good morning, Friends. A beautiful day here.' market (I love them) walk....planting a rhubarb plant I bought at YESTERDAY's farm market...continuing to read a good book...reading poetry...who could ask for more!

  7. Hey everyone,

    Hope you're having an amazing day so far :D sharing my poem "Hommage a la Rose." Thank you Mary for opening the doors to yet another gorgeous pantry and Rosemary for sharing the lovely pictures :D

    Lots of love,

  8. Happy Sunday everyone!! Thank you for sharing the lovely photos Rosemary! :)

  9. Love the history behind the photos. I can just imagine the wonderful stories that can be weaved out that living arrangement, too.

    Happiest Sunday, everyone!

  10. thank you Rosemary for the taster of this fascinating family and what gifts they all had - and wishing everyone a happy Poetry Sunday - off to do some reading!

  11. Happy Sunday, everyone! I enjoyed the photographs of Buda Homestead, Rosemary. We have some, wonderfully preserved, old family homes to visit here in BC as well and I find them fascinating - like stepping back in time.

  12. Love the photos! Thanks so much for the Sunday post and photos!

  13. Hi Mary, I accidentally linked an old post of mine (Drenched). I tried to remove it but I am not sure if that got removed or not.

  14. The photos are great. Thank you Rosemary!
    Hope everyone has a wonderful week.

  15. It must be interesting, walking through the rooms where so much history was lived. The description of their lives reminded me a bit of the Bronte sisters. Thanks, Rosemary. And thank you for hosting, Mary. I am working my way through all of the wonderful offerings this sunny morning with deep pleasure.

  16. Beautiful photos Rosemary! I love seeing other countries and learning about them!

    I didn't get to do much writing this week but I wrote a poem while biking the other day and decided to share it today. I enjoy my days riding so much and love to share them.

    I hope everyone had a good weekend! Enjoy your week ahead.

    Because of the difference between WordPress and Blogger sometimes I miss comments from Blogger so if there's something I miss that you wanted me to see please mention it when commenting on Capricious. Thanks!

    Hugs! Bekkie


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