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Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Wind Power

hi-res image of When the wind of change blows, some build walls, while others build windm%23ills.
"Three characteristics of wind energy – variability, uncertainty and 
asynchronism – can cause problems for maintaining 
a reliable and secure power system."
— Windtech International, April/May 2014

"[In Adelie Land, Antarctica] a howling river of wind, 50 miles wide, blows off the plateau, month in and month out, at an average velocity of 50 m.p.h. 
As a source of power this compares favorably with 6,000 tons of water falling every second over Niagara Falls. I will not further anticipate some H. G. Wells of the future who will ring the antarctic with power-producing windmills; but the winds of the Antarctic have to be felt to be believed, and nothing is quite impossible to physicists and engineers. "
 'Science: One Against Darwin', Time (23 Sep 1935).

Wind Energy Slogans

Midweek Motif ~ Wind Power

According to Wikipedia, June 15th is Global Wind Day, a worldwide event: 

It is organised by EWEA (European Wind Energy Association) and GWEC (Global Wind Energy Council). It is a day when wind energy is celebrated, information is exchanged and adults and children find out about wind energy, its power and the possibilities it holds to change the world.

But wind energy is not celebrated by everyone.  It's development may be stalled like the electric car, because it would not profit people in power.   But is wind power bad? Solar power takes up as much space, but doesn't include noise pollution.  Take a look at the video below as one point of view. 

(Read more about Wind Power HERE.)

Your Challenge: In a new poem, 

use powerful images 
to portray Wind Power. 

Feel free to use a slogan from HERE. Or to use landscapes and sounds from the video, which is HERE. Be sure to link the original.


The Windmill            

BY LONGFELLOW                  

Behold! a giant am I!
  Aloft here in my tower,
  With my granite jaws I devour
The maize, and the wheat, and the rye,
  And grind them into flour.

I look down over the farms;
  In the fields of grain I see
  The harvest that is to be,
And I fling to the air my arms,
  For I know it is all for me.

I hear the sound of flails
  Far off, from the threshing-floors
  In barns, with their open doors,
And the wind, the wind in my sails,
  Louder and louder roars.

I stand here in my place,
  With my foot on the rock below,
  And whichever way it may blow,
I meet it face to face,
  As a brave man meets his foe.

And while we wrestle and strive,
  My master, the miller, stands
  And feeds me with his hands;
For he knows who makes him thrive,
  Who makes him lord of lands.

On Sundays I take my rest;
  Church-going bells begin
  Their low, melodious din;
I cross my arms on my breast,
  And all is peace within.


Related Poem Content Details

O wind, thou hast thy kingdom in the trees, 
        And all thy royalties 
        Sweep through the land to-day. 
              It is mid June, 
And thou, with all thy instruments in tune,
              Thine orchestra
Of heaving fields and heavy swinging fir, 
              Strikest a lay 
              That doth rehearse 
Her ancient freedom to the universe. 
        All other sound in awe 
              Repeats its law: 
        The bird is mute; the sea 
        Sucks up its waves; from rain 
        The burthened clouds refrain, 
To listen to thee in thy leafery, 
              Thou unconfined, 
Lavish, large, soothing, refluent summer wind. 


“Were I the wind, 
I'd blow no more on such 
a wicked, miserable world.” 


Please share your new poem with Mr. Linky below and visit others in the spirit of the community.

(Next week Susan's Midweek Motif will be ~ Resilience )


  1. this one's a difficult one Susan, I tried a tiny poem, hope it fits in.

    1. Yes, beautifully. I didn't know how difficult this was until I tried it.

  2. I hope natural wind is acceptable Susan, it is powerful too :-)

  3. Thank you for a midweek breath of air :)

  4. Greetings, friends. Susan has asked me to let me know that she is having a frustrating problem with Blogger. She cannot respond or leave comments on today's prompt or on anyone's poetry. She is trying to figure this frustrating situation out & will be here when she can!

  5. Hey everyone,

    Hope you are having an amazing day so far, sharing my poem "The Wind." Hope you guys like it. Thank you Susan for the wonderful opportunity :D :D

    Lots of love,

    1. I think this is my favorite of your poems.

    2. Awww :D thank you so much, Susan

  6. Blowing fresh air your direction, Susan.
    Happy Wednesday to all!

  7. Thanks, Mary. Susan, you must be so frustrated. I hope this gets resolved for you soon. I look forward to reading the responses to this prompt. Thanks, Susan.

    1. People thought of power in so many ways, Sherry. Truly amazing! Thank you for your assistance in fixing my tech issues. I have been using nothing but Google Chrome since it was invented. I felt betrayed! Talk about personifying the non-animate!

  8. Sigh, given the tragic events that have unfolded, so far, this week, a fresh breeze is needed, to move our grief, over the senseless deaths, in the United States, and France.

    1. Agreed, Theresa. I've been at prayer meetings, support groups and strategy sessions. Hate is ever so much worse when married to weapons of mass destruction ...

  9. Have been busy with a family wedding, still managed to come out with something ....shall come back tomorrow to read the responses. Thanks Susan for the inspiration..


  11. This topic I liked.So I attempted it right now.
    I can't be regular in blog-world, for households always seek my presence.

    Earlier I had penned a poem on this topic, if interested please visit.

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  13. Please, please don't be upset but I just had to link up a past musing for wind. In the meantime I promise to write a new one to link.I really, really needed to share this one.

    I hope everyone is having a good week! I'll be around to read I'm a day late but will catch up.

    Hugs! Bekkie

    1. We rarely get upset, here, but thank you for taking the challenge seriously and thanks in advance for your return.

    2. Wrong choice of words for a poet that writes with Poets United everyone here is so kind. Lol! Just posted the new poem, your prompt really brought the words out of me Susan. Big hug!

  14. A very inspiring prompt! The words just poured out of me of their own accord!

  15. This was a good prompt I just wrote my fresh poem and the words poured out of me too Rosemary! That's always a good sign. I got stick on wings and wind though. Lol!

    I hope everyone has a nice Fax Friday it's a beautiful day and I'm going biking now.

    Hugs! Bekkie

  16. Well, I have come up with something....alas. Susan, sorry about the issues you had with blogger. Glad you have them solved....and that I see your 'voice' here.

    1. Thank you, Mary. And it's a great poem you brought!

  17. here after a long time. Missed the fun:)

  18. Thank you, for the challenge...I will catch up with reading as I can...I am on only once a week with packing usually.


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