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Today, my friends, we are featuring Tarang Sinha, who writes at TARANG: REFLECTION OF MY THOUGHTS AND IMAGINATION. Tarang lives in India, a country we are always so pleased to visit. She is highly accomplished as a published freelance writer, and is announcing the publication of her first novel this month. Tarang is also a watercolour artist and will share a few of her paintings with us. I can't wait! Let's begin.

Sherry: Tarang, am happy to be interviewing you! Would you tell us about your life, so we can get to know you better? 

Tarang: Hello! I am so glad to be featured on Poets United, a beautiful community for poets.

I am a freelance writer, avid reader, and an active blogger. I work from home, and my works have been published in magazines like Good Housekeeping India, Child India, Women’s Era, and in a best-selling anthology Uff Ye Emotions 2. My first novel We Will Meet Again is all set to release in July. 

Sherry: How wonderful to be able to work from home and be so widely published. And congratulations on your book, which we will talk about later. For now, let’s go all the way back to childhood. Where did you grow up? Looking back, is there anything in your childhood you feel led you to your life as a writer?

Tarang: I grew up in India (Still live in IndiaJ).

I think you can’t be a good writer if you are not a good reader. I have inherited my love for books from my grandparents (voracious readers). We had a small library in our home, and I started reading novels pretty early in my life. I was in school and my grandparents didn’t approve my reading novels at that age. Sometimes I did that secretly.

As a child, I wanted to become everything except a writer. Discovering a writer in me was a stroke of serendipity.

Sherry: We poets do seem to share that love of books, and words. When did you write your first poem? What do you love about poetry?

Tarang: Unlike many other writers, I started writing very late as it was the last thing I wanted to be. I picked poetry because I thought it was easy. I thought I couldn’t write stories. And a novel? It seemed out of the question! But time and consistency stir your determination and change things completely.

Poetry is a beautiful expression in few words. So, it takes polished skills to write poetry. I think it’s more expressive.

Sherry: I am excited about your book! Especially as you thought it was impossible to write one! Tell us about the publication of your debut novel, “We Will Meet Again.”  

Tarang: For me, it was a tough journey. My book is a mature love story, embellished with various shades of emotions.

I'm sure it will be super-exciting to hold the first copy in my hands. I am yet to experience that feeling, as We Will Meet Again hasn’t released yet. We have just unveiled the cover of my book. It will be out in July, the  last week. However, it’s up for pre-orders Here.

Sherry: As it turns out, it will come out soon after this feature, so Poets United has the pleasure of announcing its launch. Our congratulations to you, Tarang. 

What impact has blogging had on your writing?

Tarang: Great impact, I’d say. It’s a wonderful platform to both express and discover your writing. For this, I would like to thank my brother Nilabh Verma, for introducing me to this beautiful world.

Sherry: Our thanks to you, too, Nilabh, for now we get to enjoy your sister's poetry! Would you care to share three of your poems with us, and tell us a bit about each one?


Every single day
I open the treasure of your memories
I smile, I weep
Some make me yearn for more
Some hurt deep, oh so deep!
I whirl, and whirl, 
And they chase
No, how can I erase?
So, I make a choice, 
And move to the lovely ones
Memories churn
Take me with its wings
Emotions glisten in my eyes
My lips tremble to smile
The moment I feel you beam
And your voice ring


It’s an expression of great loss in life that leaves such a deep impression that they eventually become a scar.

Sherry: It is so hard when a beautiful memory also carries pain. You have expressed this so well.


From the closet of life,
Or from the sack of my own imagination
I extract many untold stories
I stuff them in the diary of my mind
bond with them deeply
Yet forget sometimes…
They shuffle and struggle
To get out
Like a caged bird
To be heard and shine
grumble as I try to settle
The whirlpool of those untold stories
Lovely imageries dance
And I envisage them to take beautiful shapes
I try but they jumble and I fail, sometimes…
This misery is painless
True, there’s no greater agony
Than bearing untold stories inside you…


This poem was written for a prompt site, and the prompt was the quotation of Maya Angelou, this quotation which I strongly believe in. It is painful to carry an untold story, indeed!  

"There is no greater agony than 
bearing an untold story inside you."
Maya Angelou

Sherry: I so agree. As writers, we must write. And your third poem?


For some peaceful moments,  
I want to vanish, 
Behind a magical door,
That opens to an enchanting lake shore
Fringed with peaceful landscaped view
Oh, that colouful hue!
Where the aura is enveloped in sheer bliss
Where serenity greet me with tender kiss
Where silence cradles me in its warmth 
Where breeze hums a soothing lullaby, 
Under the limitless azure sky
Where golden sunshine plays hide and seek
Giving me some solace that I seek
Where I can drown myself
In the pool of interesting books, without any interruption!
Where I can have my share of fun
Where vivid colours of nature, fill me refreshed zest
I so wish to curl up in cozy nest, 
Giving anxiety some rest
Sometimes, I yearn for that friendly solitude
Just, for some peaceful moments!


It’s my feeling expressed in the form of a poem. Sometimes, I do feel like vanishing somewhere, and what could be the better place than this (as described in the poem)?

Sherry: A verdant retreat with a stack of books sounds like bliss to me!

Tell us about your love of art and painting. Do you have a photo  of a few of your paintings to share with us?

Tarang: I love watercolour painting! I have tried a couple of paintings, and finally realized that I am a bad painter. Reading, writing and blogging keep me busy but, I will try to keep my enthusiasm (for painting) alive.

Sherry: Tarang, your work is lovely. Painting is a wonderful outlet. I hope you do continue.

Is there anything you'd like to say to Poets United?

Tarang:   Poets United is a wonderful platform for poets! It helps writers to express, and connect with many lovely poets. I like the pictures you share. I am a regular participant and feel good about it. 

I wish Poets United all the best, and years and years and years of inspiration!   

Sherry: Thank you, Tarang, for the lovely wishes. All the best to you on the publication of your novel. May it sell many copies. We look forward to enjoying your work in the months to come.

Wasn't this lovely, my friends? I always love a visit to Mother India. Do come back and see who we talk to next - and where! Who knows? It might be you!


  1. Lovely to get to know you Tarang - what a wonderful thought vanishing behind a magical door - perhaps we do that with our writing.. Blogging is a different and supportive experience.. I could relate to starting to write later in life - perhaps that's when we have more to write about? And of course loving words always helps.. Thank you both for opening the door to your work and life

  2. A very interesting and talented artist/writer.

  3. Very nice to learn more about you, Tarang! I love that you were kind of a secret reader in your childhood...obviously you loved books from young on! Your poems are very deep and meaningful. I always enjoy them when you share them in the Pantry! And how excited you must be about your upcoming book!

    1. And thanks once again, Sherry...for your terrific interview.

    2. :) yes, I was! So glad you find my poem meaningful. Thank you very much, Mary for this lovely comment! :)

      Very excited and nervous at the same time. I hope readers find it interesting.

    3. We find YOU interesting, kiddo - thanks again for allowing us this wonderful visit with you.

  4. Thank you so much, Sherry for this feature and your support! Glad to be a part of Poets United! :)

    1. You are most welcome, Tarang. Thank YOU, for giving us this lovely glimpse of your very productive life. Your paintings are very lovely as well. How wonderful to have so many outlets for your creativity.

  5. I love your last poem; beautiful paintings and I wish you many sales of your Novel "we'll meet again"

    1. Glad you like it, Julian! Thank you so much for your best wishes :)

  6. What a delight to read all this, and to see the paintings. I envy your skill Tarang, however you inspire me to try again with my own watercolour sketches, which I had pretty much abandoned.

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Rosemary. I am not that good though. Please, start painting again. Would love to see that. Best wishes :)

  7. A lovely chat Sherry and Tarang, with the treat of beautiful poems and paintings. All the best for your novel to come out soon this month Tarang.

  8. Great stuff! Despite "The whirlpool of those untold stories" you seem like a very happy person. Maybe that's becaue you've begun to ell them!

    1. We all have our share of agonies, Susan, but staying (or at least trying to) happy seems a better option. Thank for reading :)

  9. Happy to meet Tarang up close. Luv the water colour pieces. Congratulations on your book

    Much love...

  10. How good to read about you Tarang and I really love the paintings particularly the first (being a romantic!). Your poetry is so beautiful with just the right amount of emotion and sincerity that makes it so effective.

    1. Thank you so much for this lovely comment, Old Egg. Glad you liked them (especially my paintings :))

  11. Congratulations on the novel! That is so exciting!

  12. So nice to get to know you Tarang. Best of luck on all your writings. I especially like that you're a watercolor artist. It's something I'm trying to learn too. I enjoyed your poetry and paintings and look forward to seeing more of you on PU.

  13. Very nice to meet Tarang and her lovely poems....and I agree, keep painting. Many congrats and good luck with your novel. As always a lovely interview Sherry!

  14. Enjoyed learning more about you, Tarang. Love your poems and the paintings, of course! Congratulations on your book launch. Wishing both you and your book the very best!..:))
    Great interview and truly wonderful endeavour, Sherry!Many thanks!

    1. Glad you liked it, Panchali! Thank you so much for your best wishes :)

  15. You are so simple and beautiful. Looking forward to read your upcoming novel.Best wishes

  16. It would be a great day to be able to hold it in your hands and wave your first novel. A big relief to all the long hours and a big achievement certainly! Being an artist completes the whole package of a poet and writer, a package of talents!


    1. Yes it would be, Kaykuala! Thank you for this nice comment :)

  17. Congrats on your first novel! and don't give up on the water colour painting. i think it's good, and it can only get better. :)

    1. Thank you for your encouraging comment, dsnake :)

  18. Congratulations on your books! It must be wonderful to be published. Keep painting I like your watercolors! I enjoy a little painting myself but never felt like I was good at it either. I love to paint trees, there's something about them...

    Very nice reading about you and getting to know you. Bekkie

    1. Hello Bekkie! Thank you so much for your encouraging words. Yes, there's something about tress, and they are perfect for beginners :) Do paint some trees and share. I am always eager to learn. :)

  19. Great job as usual Sherry! It's so great to know everyone at PU even better!

    Hugs! Bekkie

  20. Hi! I am from India too.
    And I have fallen in love with your poems :)


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