Sunday, September 4, 2016

Poetry Pantry #318

Photos of Ireland (2)
By Steve King

Impossible to resist the invitation of so friendly a landlord!

The pulpit at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

A statue in St. Stephen’s Green:  The Fates, weaving the fabric of the thread 
of human destiny.  A gift from the German People.  Wagner, anyone?

The Martello Tower at Sandycove, just south of Dublin.  
Site of the opening scene of Ulysses.

Atop the Tower:
I was the only true Stephen around.
Stately plump Mulligan nowhere was found.
A very nice German lady was kind enough to take the picture.

Even a canopy of umbrellas wasn’t enough to keep me dry 
during the daily Dublin afternoon drizzle.

Greetings, Friends.  Today we have a second series of photos on Ireland.  I enjoyed not only Steve's photos but also his comments on his photos!  I know you will too.

Last week while the Pantry was active,  I was not able to participate fully as I was vacationing in Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii.  However, I did return visits to all of the poets who visited the poem I shared in the Pantry.   Those of you who visited my poem did indeed see a response.  (And I thank you for that!)  I will be more pro-active THIS week....but (for me) it was heartening to see just who would visit me first.

I hope you have had a chance to read Rosemary's feature "I Wish I'd Written This" this week.  She features a poem by Myron Lysenko which I think will resonate with anyone who has known someone with either Alzheimers or dementia. Really a remarkable poem, and Rosemary adds such a lot of detail to her articles.  Scroll back!

Thanks to those of you who participated in Susan's Midweek Motif this past week - "Conquest!"  And this next week Susan's Midweek will be "Blooms" used as a noun!  I am looking forward to writing to that one.  Hope you are too.

And this Monday Sherry Blue Sky features a poet who has been sharing poetry with us for a long, long time and has not yet been featured.  She is a "Floridian."  Can you guess?  Return tomorrow, and you will see the interview.   Really, isn't Sherry amazing with her interviews?  Sometimes I am in awe.

Oh, and where was I last week during the time the Pantry was 'live'?  I was spending time in Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii (USA).  I will be sharing some photos in a few weeks.  Oh, and if any of you have photos that you would like to share in the Pantry, please let me know:   I would LOVE to feature them.

With no further delay, let's share poetry.  Share your link with "Mr. Linky."  Comment below.  And visit the poems of others who have shared.  Looking forward to reading what you have written.


  1. Good morning all... Will be in and out during the day.. But I will try to visit all. Wonderful images... The world has so much to give.

    1. You're right, Bjorn. We'll never run out of places to visit and remember.

  2. Thank you for another pantry -and another feast of photos - glad you enjoyed your holiday Mary good to see you back again

  3. wonderful photos & love that umbrella canopy Steve :)

    happy Sunday to you all :)

    1. Thanks, Sumana. The umbrellas were my favorite images. I just happened upon them, wandering through some anonymous side streets.

  4. Good morning people... Thanks for sharing the awesom pictures!!!

    Happy Sunday :)

  5. The umbrella picture is just awesome! (Ha! I just noticed that Sumana liked the same thing. See? It's true then).

    1. That was my favorite picture, too, Magalay. I just happened upon the scene.

  6. Wonderful photos, Steve! Interesting and edifying - as is the poem you have linked, Mary, about your Hawaiian holiday. So glad to hear, you had a good trip.

    Have an awesome week, everyone!

  7. Hello to all, thanks for sharing your pics of Ireland, so interesting to see different places. Looking forward to reading poetry and I will visit yours, however I've things to do right now. Good Sunday to all.

  8. Good evening everyone,

    Its a beautiful day here in K.L :D hope you guys are having one too. Sharing my poem 'signe de l’amour' hope you all like it. Thank you Steve for another round of amazing pictures and Mary as ever for hosting such a gorgeous pantry ❤

    Lots of love,

  9. welcome back Mary. i can't wait to see your pics of Oahu (Honolulu and Waikiki). i was out there back in 1988. loved everything about the island. northern part of the island also. tried to sleep on the beach so that i could be absorbed by the 'blackness' of the surrounding ocean while listening to it's intermittent roars. the moon has a different lQQk about it out there in the middle of the Pacific. they, the island security, would allow sleeping on the beach at night.

  10. More great photos, thanks Steve. I love being an armchair tourist at the Pantry – and also getting an insight into people's homes and/or travels.

  11. Good Morning... thanks steve... welcome back Mary... see you all soon.

  12. Good day, everyone!
    just back from a bike ride, will be around to read later.

    Steve, thanks for sharing more of your photos! :)

  13. I just wrote this poem, and it hasn't settled yet. I'll be back when it does and my mind is free to read the rest. The pictures and captions are marvelous, Steve. I love how you shape the pantry, Mary, with people and places and poems.

  14. It is a feast in here today. Thank you, all. I am so tired this morning I am making the rounds flat on my back with my tablet. I hope autocorrect Behaves!

  15. Hawaii? I am SO jealous! Welcome back, Mary!

    I have some company today so I'll be late, but I'll get there!

  16. I love those pictures of Ireland. Looks like Stephen had a great time.
    I'm utterly jealous. You've been travelling so much!
    Not really. I'm so happy for you. You must be having a great time. Enjoy the trips, enjoy getting home, just enjoy Mary. You deserve it.

  17. Love the pics, Steve. I hope you had a wonderful trip, Mary.

  18. Calling Joon – I get a message at your link that only invited readers may read your blog. *Pout, sob.*


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